Monday, July 31, 2006


The Man of the house is God, the house is Christ, and the door is the faith of Christ. The windows are the ideas of revelation the locals (man) perceive are a view of God and His ways. God is kind from His superiority but limits that to His single path of welcome. Those who are arrogant in their approach (like the spirit of Cain) will find death like a common robber.

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Parable

There was a foreigner, a man of renown, who built himself a large mansion. The people of the land knew of His kindness and wisdom. He never left his house but welcomed all who came to his door. The house was unique in that it had many windows but only one door. He was feared and revered by the locals in that he was superior in all ways. There was one local who talked of this man as though he knew him and his ways. He desired all this man had and desired to possess it. He spent all his time peering into the windows. Finally one day he devised a plan to enter the house through the bedroom window to obtain an audience. While the master of the house was resting the man began to enter. The master perceived the unwelcomed guest as an intruder and pushed him out to his death. The man was presumptive, arrogant, disrespectful and greedy. Though in his heart he perceived his intention pure he lay dead no different than a thief.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Liability Sponge

I heard some agent was requested a refund by a client and could not pay. Soon he was visited by a fraud investigator. I want to make it clear I am here for any of these liabilities. If a client wants a refund give them my address. If an investigator wants info send him to me. That was how I set up the business. I am the hope or the problem solely. I’ll even take your tax liability. Send me a contract that offers me your tax liability in exchange for the damages I have caused you and I will sign it. Send it in with your returns or to tax court and your liability is shifted to me. Think of me as a liability sponge. Every Attorney who has represented the banks, every judge who has issued trespass orders, and every bank will soon learn I have preserved all my remedies in the midst of this storm. Someday you will know how things really work and not think I’m crazy. You will see these bullies as clowns and get a sense of humor about their offers. No one will ever be able to instill fear in you again. Your reasonable mind can function without worry and make sound decisions that benefit you. Even big bad felonies, 30 yrs – to life will appear as mosquito bites, noticeable but not a concern. Hope this helps some of you.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You are Free to Contract

I have displayed a contract to teach you to think on your feet. Contracts are the world’s lifeblood. Every action towards you is by contract. You and a friend want to play golf. You negotiate the terms and conditions and agree, then perform. Because our bureaucrats come towards us with such volumes of crap we become intimidated and give them everything they desire without negotiating our interest. I urge you to put away the tv or any other vice that is tapping your mental capabilities. Start thinking on your feet again. Look to the mundane in life and see if you can identify the contract. Think it out in words. Practice until you can handle deceptive contracts. Dorean in its simplicity was to identify the true contract behind the deceptive one and to codify in print the actual terms with the client’s interest fully expressed. Sure that offends the one who is use to bargaining advantage but who really cares if their feelings are hurt? Do they ever show up in your need to assist you? Oh you don’t want to make waves. Swimming makes waves drowning does not. Nobody is going to care for you more than yourself. Contracts can be in average terms with average vocabulary and you can be competent with a little practice. Don’t start with a chief executive. We have been at this a while and tested on many smaller issues before this. Remember I have a duty to protect all the interest that were pooled behind my skill set and that is why I must be willing to contract with any and everyone who tries to assert a claim. This is the most powerful tool to retain liberty bar none. Not even the gun is close. All wars were over breach of contract. Good contracting removes violence. Study my contracts not for plagiarism but for technique and content.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Prayer for You

Father the time has come to show the power of your mighty right arm the Christ. As his follower in faith I ask for that same power that raised Christ from the dead, which is your integrity and faithfulness to your word enter into our trial. I ask not for myself alone but for all those who have suffered in their hope of our truth prevailing. For thy namesake and thine glory raise us all as instruments of praise. Let your renown be on the lips of this generation as it was with those past. Give us all the courage to trust you in this final hour. Let those who mock you find the shame they deserve and those who trust you be honored as the men of Hebrew 11. Strengthen us in our weakness and comfort us in our fears, for we are feeble and blind when it comes to comprehending your trustworthiness. Open our eyes to see clearly how unjustified our concerns are. Restore the damages and plunder those who in wickedness defy you. Let your peace overwhelm us and your victory overtake us. Men and their hearts are your tools. Display your handiwork that all may know and understand you have been in control from the inception. Many have come not knowing why, bless them with understanding of your call and destiny in their lives. Make us all friends who delight in you and your ways. In victory let us comfort those who will suffer with our testimony of your faithfulness today. Be glorified in our hearts, our words, our deeds, and in this fraud’s exposure. For thine is the kingdom and the glory both now and forever more. AMEN!

Friday, July 21, 2006


There have been a few of you who have stood out is God’s service to our needs. This battle has been a sacrifice on us all. Our heart felt thanks is really only the beginning of our desire to bless you. If it appears I comment on the idiots too much understand that I do that to show you their weakness and futility. They are no accident in their appearing. All truth finds ridicule and a hostile defense of the status quo caused by ignorance. My hope is always to point you clearly to the truth. I do it in advance of delivering it because I want you to have confidence in truth when circumstance defies it. I hope to encourage you to see past the lies and know that your individual effort for truth can make the difference or turn the tide. Evil men have a great weapon called divide and conquer. Truth is a great uniter that can resist this. There is a story of Daniel and a dragon in the Apocrapha that is clever in its simplicity. Daniel fed the dragon a little morsel of hair, pitch, and tar. The dragon exploded on the concoction. Sometimes using the nature of the beast is the fastest way to victory. The banks and government have always swallowed their enemy’s whole without chewing. If you prepare for this it can be used to defeat them. They are as fierce as a dragon on the outside but on the inside they are just a bunch of vital organs. Up close and personal to these organs the battle is completely different. I know we looked delicious when we appeared as plaintiffs before Alsup and that temptation was beyond resistance. Just perhaps not all things are as they appear. You will hear of their fury just before they explode. You deserve this display like the fireworks of your independence day.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Time Has Come

There was a time and hour that Christ could know was the right time. He had to die on a Passover that had 72 hours between it and First Fruits. That may have only occurred once or twice in His lifetime. Our timing is not as precise but it is believed by us that our hour has come to put an end to this cause. We have done the work we were sent to do. There is nothing left to say that we haven’t said already. God may be hiding some information from us that will change our view but it has not arrived as of yet. We are at that cold-turkey choice where placing our lives into the hands of the living God is our only option. All of our training and study these 20+ years had led to this moment in history. Our beast is corrupt and without authority. Will it go completely to piracy or find honor at the last moment? The answer to this question is impossible to know and what we must wager our lives on. If they go pirate we have no protections but the living God and that is enough to take the risk. If they go to honor we have no way to discover except to wager our lives since they will pretend until the end. We know some of you have lost home, family, and reputation, which we understand is painful. We have done likewise and even more by placing our natural lives at risk. Regardless of the outcome we know that the Word of God is forever settled in heaven and is reliable for our trust. We had no choice from the beginning of this battle to see it to its full completion. The bankers have long since purchased these protection agents but I do not believe they are the omnipresent evil of their reputation. They are mere men who are riding the crest of a fraud they never thought would last this long and are doing all within their power to keep it on life support. They have a cold-turkey choice also. Do they go pirate, which exposes all their booty to piracy, or hope honor can still reign in this interruption in the status quo? They are not used to being placed in this position since the average men would have long since chickened out. Having finished our work it is time to plead guilty and go to sentencing that is expected to be 30 years to life. This is our cross and no one can comprehend what it takes to subject yourself to this unless you have a pattern of faith. Ridicule, ignorance, and stupid judgments really are insignificant. It is only on the other side of this grand display of commerce that we will win the reputation of the victor to complete out duty to the trust clients. Abraham in a little noticed scripture told his servants that he and the boy would be back, believing in faith that even if God was requiring the life of Isaac he was the promise and had to somehow survive death. Our promise has to somehow survive its threat of death. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He was trustworthy then and is trustworthy now. So dear friends we give you our lives. Pray the Lord returns us to you as your champions to restore, and recover the damages you have suffered. Let us finish this race giving God the one thing we know pleases Him and that is faith in His word. Thank you for all your support this is the only way we truly know how to repay you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chime In

July 18 is the court date that will be pivotal. This day will expose to us the best exit strategy. It will not be the end only the doorway to it. They think they will be going to trial that will end in December. Even if that was a reality they are too optimistic. Our plan is much faster and will be over in the next few weeks. I will explain after the hearing. I know I’ve confused some of you but remember I am not confused. I’ve studied my subject and battlefield for decades. You will not be able to reach comprehension in real-time. After I’ve wrapped this package I can deliver the gift of understanding. Until then keep us in your prayers for God’s wisdom and strength.

This might be the right time for everyone to chime in by answering a few questions.

Is it God’s plan for Scott & Kurt to be convicted?

If they win is it a victory for justice or defeat?

Will the outcome change your opinion?

Thanks for your comments.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Law is Dead

Man has an ability to use regulations as a vehicle to abuse power. Even one will abuse themselves with constant condemnation for a failure to uphold a code of conduct they believe to be beneficial but cannot maintain. Man will gravitate to codes fearing that their absence is anarchy. This is a spiritual truth as well as social truth. There are over 60,000,000 statutes; codes and regulations Americans are supposedly responsible to. This is impossible yet we strive to make them relevant. God’s law is equally impossible with a harsher penalty of death yet all want to be subject to it. God issued His decree, covenant, testament, contract of law that no man could keep. He himself had to keep it and offer a new testament, covenant, contract to with a hope. This is the contract of faith in God’s word. Christ being the first goer and finisher of this faith. The law (the torah) is now completely irrelevant. A great chasm or gulf now separates these two contracts. The prior law is of none affect. The Fruities, Tcobs and Neos of this world look to condemn others using this irrelevant law while violating the relevant law of faith. In society we are doing the same thing. The relevant law is the law of contracts. This is the law behind the irrelevant law of codes, statutes, and regulations. Without a contract with the sovereigns these agents have no power. A delegation of power does not remove power from the principle (sovereign) only assigns a use. The minute they breach this duty they are powerless. This is the same in the spirit. Once you demand the obsolete law you become powerless because you have breached your duty of trust to the sovereign. The sovereign has no obligations to you. We need to learn these truths in this life and for the next. It is time to place these agents of contempt into their proper place of irrelevance. In street language we need to tell these ogres to take their irrelevant laws and stick it. I’ve told Fruity and the like and I’m telling these imposter agents of the United States by the law of contracts that I’m sovereign and you are irrelevant. The new covenant was a gospel of power, the power to change and receive the mind of Christ. In society you need to stay within the mind of sovereignty and live with power to change. It will affect every transaction of your life once you foreclose on the power you lent to abusive agents. The law of contracts is the core to any law spiritual or otherwise. If you don’t control life at this level you become subject to the whim of others who have stolen your power. You are free; a gift from God, and that, which enslaves you, is a lie. Faith is not cheap grace but a courageous action of trusting when all hell is against you. The parallels are impossible to avoid in my current circumstance and will be made clearer once I have exposed the irrelevance of the judiciary, congress, and the executive. Force is not equal to authority, or power. We began at DOREAN to show the nakedness of one whore and got the twin sister exposed for free. Though these fools din into your head with a constant barrage of court TV, legal advice, accounting, tax advice, tainted media, education, and spiritual foolishness, get to the contract, stay on your feet, and enter, execute, and perform on contracts that maintain your rights, title, and interest.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Banker Relationship

I’m going to appeal to some of your common sense. If you use it the relationship you obtained with the banker will be obvious. It is important to understand this relationship especially when there is a lot of propaganda to have you believe contrariwise. When you arrive at the bank seeking a loan it is in response to a solicitation that they have money to lend. This is either true or a false advertisement. Once you’ve agreed to terms of a fully disclosed transaction paperwork is generated. Both parties operating on knowledgeable informed consent. Of course we know this part is not true so let us look at the actual facts verses the presumed set. When you create the promissory note it immediately is given value by the surety, pledge of the maker’s labor and word. It becomes a financial asset and consideration from your side of the transaction. Now the cash/credit is suppose to come from the banker’s side. It should already be present in their portfolio before you arrived. It is not! Therefore the transaction is going to take on species not like a typical borrower/lender relationship. If the bank had the funds they would have put up consideration and brought their own set of rights to the contract and would have no obligations to you except that which was binding in the contract. Since they do not use their capital/credit and are precluded by Revised Statute 62 from doing so they must enter the relationship obligated to the one they are obtaining benefit from. In this case it is you. Your financial asset now being the only consideration in the transaction is the source of all rights, title, and interest. Since the banker’s have no rights, title, or interest in this financial asset they can only attach to it as an agent. Agents are like fiduciaries in that their obligations are to another for the benefit of the principle. They are to now use their skill and connections to move your financial asset into the commercial market place and see if they can get a liquid purchase. They are successful and place the funds into a deposit account without your knowledge bearing your name. This is known as the transaction account that will be depleted to fund the real estate transaction that was the instigator of this relationship. When they open this account with the funds obtained by your financial asset they add a fiduciary obligation to their agency obligation. When they fail to disclose this account they have breached this fiduciary duty and conflicted themselves. They have catered to relationships and duties outside their obligations to you. They have made themselves the beneficiary instead of account maker. Once they have taken the benefit to themselves by an act of conversion they begin to assert rights of a lender as though they put up these funds. They record a security interest, obtain fees, for creation, servicing, selling your asset. This is fraud pure and simple. In the normal lending relationship you would enter the bank that had cash/credit of its own to lend. You would create a financial asset called a promissory note and exchange if for the credits. Over a protracted period of time you would reverse this exchange with an interest benefit to the lender. Your financial asset would remain in their possession the entire time as evidence of the agreement and security for the loan. Once you return the cash/credit they return the note unaltered to the maker. There have been no mediators or interest conflicting the parties. If this is the type of loan you received you are obligated to pay it. There is no fraud; everyone is informed, knowledgeable, and consenting for mutual benefit. You did not have this relationship because in a debt-based fiat currency economy the bankers are precluded from consideration. They can only steal the wealth of victims in exchange for their licensed ability to convert all assets and credit worthiness into unredeemable credit. Are these crimes new? Certainly not but they have become more blatant and in a secured transaction there are too many pitfalls that these crooks have overlooked that expose the nature and method of their fraud. A successful challenge will have them running scared and putting their 1000 lb. Gorilla called the purchased UNITED STATES on those exposing the truth. Remember this, gorillas are under the domain of man according to God. Man is smarter! As a test for your own verification call your lender and tell them you would like to view your original unaltered promissory note and will go to where ever they possess it. Offer to cover your own expenses so they have no excuses. If they do not possess it they are precluded from making a claim. Should be simple, right? Get ready for a surprise. You have a right to view this. Do not accept a certified copy, only the original!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Shocking Truth

Truth is shocking when a society discovers that one of its foundation pillars is false or flawed. Many societies in history have discovered their idols false, which revamps the religious segments. In Tel Aviv today you have the zealots who want the Torah (spiritual law) to be the civil law. This was the same in the Jerusalem of Paul the epistle writer. Imagine when he said to them that God has established a new gospel covenant apart from the law (Torah) without the law based on righteousness by the power of faith. Fruitty 2000 years later still can’t let go of a law that condemns her more than her victims. This is a shocking truth. We are about to reveal another shocking truth to America that will shake the foundational pillars of finance, law, common sense and even religion. It is coming in a way not expected and you will see all the adjustment pains of a society reluctant to change. You might even find it uncomfortable. Work through because blessing is on the other side.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We’re Guilty

On June 13, we entered guilty pleas, which the court rejected. By the time this post we will have attempted this again. Before you all freak-out there is a very good reason to do this. I will deliver you victory precisely because I am not boxed into the average presumptions of the public. Americans are trained by their captors to behave in the manner necessary to remain enslaved. If government is telling you to remain silent, speak. If they are telling you to plead not-guilty and even doing you the favor of entering it for you, plead guilty. I told you there would be no trial. They do not try the guilty. Many of the small minds who judge me here can use this opportunity to throw in your rhetorical “I told you they were guilty” but enjoy it for a brief moment because intelligence and history are about to overcome you. Fruit-cake who defies God by every utterance is too stupid to understand how God trains a man for this shadowy battle. This is a world were black is white and focus is blurry. God will train a man on a full spectrum of knowledge then reveal in the peak of trial that it is all a division of one truthful light. I have needed my training in contracts, trust, love, history, law, courtroom experience, prison experience and the deep spiritual truths in Christ to survive and prevail in this battle. This is not a personal boast but evidence that God always equips a man with what he needs for his trials. When God calls you trust He has done so knowing in advance you can get the job done. Let that enhance the courage it will take to overcome the masses who descending to hell on the slippery vomit of their foolish opinions ridicule you endlessly.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Civil v Common

The Roman Civil Law is a law of statutes in a democracy. The Common Law is one that honors man in a Republic. They have this in common in that contracts are the substance. When there is but one man he is not a law unto himself. Law is the agreement of fairness in a covenant relationship. It is a social development. The foundation of the Common Law is the covenant law of God that developed and perfected the ideas of fairness when dealing with our neighbor. It is not necessarily written but understood as an internal agreement. It is not statutory but more parental. Our fist understandings of right and wrong come from parents. Society like a parent nursing its next generation has an agreed general set of rights and wrongs we hold in common. The Roman Civil Law has an elite class who dictates ethical standards based on their subjective point of view. God is not the source of inspiration, man is. Total agreement or even majority agreement is not possible because there is a selfishness designed into it that harms others. Force and penalties are coercive tools to secure agreement. Both have trust contracts but one is a privilege and one is at right. The court system is Civil Law using a dramatic portrayal of statute and force to coerce you to agree. The Common Law is what regulates men most specifically in this country but there is no elite when men are held in common. By the help of banker elitist these lawyers were fostered upon us to make themselves relevant. They make you an offer of civil law to which they are the trained ruling class and hope they can get you to consent to this change of venue by acquiescence. This is a non-disclosed contract that isn’t truly enforceable but in civil law which is a standard of fairness flawed in its foundation this is acceptable. In common law this would be fraud because the self-interested advantage is not considered fair. Both still function or exist by agreement of the people. Put simply that means you are still the power. By controlling your agreement you make the law. We have refused the civil law and will have common law which will not tolerate this case. Our case is all about an elitist class that saw us enforcing our common law remedies of fairness and tried to make themselves relevant. They are very persuasive, but one trained by the source of the common law who is a God of covenant agreements is not easily moved. 30 years now having to deal with the father of lies who dresses himself as an angel of light is much more difficult to decipher than these neophyte lawyers. We the people need to start trusting the law we hold in common and stop being bluffed into an inferior arbitration called American jurisprudence.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I was asked to describe the Utopia of the mortgage industry. I liked the challenge but had to admit it an idea not possible. As long as the industry is built around debt based currency there is no Utopia. The Federal Reserve Note or digital equivalent credit are of no value and not redeemable into any value. Here’s the problem; if something has no value and is beyond redemption what is there to salvage let alone perfect? Is there a compromise, a coexistence of truth and a lie? There can only be movement one direction at a time. If the truth is prevailing the lie diminishes in equal proportions. Can Dorean bring absolute truth, I think not. I do think it can change the prevailing directional flow. Is this Utopia? No! Perhaps it is a necessary step for more powerful champions to leap from. I know it is destiny for this moment in history and that is the extent of my vision. Utopia must wait until evil has completed its course. We will see this in my lifetime. Do we sit like corks subject to every whim of the evil current or like a rock make our presence known and make a few ripples or back current? This is no Utopia but to me appears as duty. Utopia is not built on confidence but builds confidence itself. It is valuable itself and not a token, chit or note absent of value. Utopia may be dream in the land of fiction but exist in reality. Perhaps the entrance to Utopia is the same gate that exits fiction.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A few words on training

This blog intended to post before the contracts encountered a month delay therefore it is being posted post contracts.

I have published some contracts recently developed. I am not recommending you do what I do without the knowledge I have. I do want you to study these and get your brains to working. Congress can pass no law impairing the right of contract. It is free from infringement if exercised in an honest nature. Perhaps you can learn from these how to understand this freedom tool to pry back some of your freedoms. The tyrannical government we currently have did not obtain its power by gun but by pen. They kept making contract offers and we kept accepting. They may have been clever enough to control education, media, religion, and finance to obtain our acceptance without any mental wrangling but they still got it none-the-less. What kind of world would we have now if they didn’t get it? What kind of world can we have if we become better with the pen than they are? What if we get so good and so free that the tyrants view us as an overwhelming tyrannical force? These guys are infringing at every turn from snack tax, sin tax, to taking kids and splitting families. If they don’t understand the emphatic “No” because they’ve become intoxicated by their abuse of power then give them a contract “Yes” that is more painful. These contracts are not offered as the silver bullet that kills the enemy in one shot but an arrow in a guiver that eventually helps you secure a reasonable agreement. Consider it a negotiation tool. Stated with a better slogan “How to friendly win and influence people.” I think you’ll enjoy these. Talk them up, think them out, and use your wisdom to make this tool work for you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I can name that tune in 1 Note

Since musical chairs is played with the promissory note in a mortgage transaction I thought I would take a little muse at its value. The average person doesn’t understand the mortgage transaction if done honestly and therefore has greater confusion in our fraudulent system. The entire transaction pivots on the promissory note. Without the note there is no transaction. That should be the first clue it has value. What makes the note valuable? It is the promise. A man’s word is his bond. Bonds are promises, surety, and financial assets. Everyone knows a T-Bill has value. The Federal Reserve issues no currency except in trade for these bonds. What backs a T-Bill? It is the good faith and credit of the United States. Do you know what the good faith and credit of the United States is? It is you! Actually it is your promise. Your promise consists of your labor and intention. If your promise is enough to float the largest transactions of the world, it has enough value for a real estate transaction. When you sign that note the value of you and your promise attaches giving it value and making it a financial asset. That value belongs to you and no one else. It can only be transferred at law by consent and just compensation or what they call consideration. If something has value crooks can be found. Unfortunately these are government licensed and sanctioned. They steal your value and even convince you to pay for it. We deserve it too since we are more interested in convenience than wisdom. What you think of as debt is really taking your long labor and selling it short. Don’t get short changed in your short sale!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Justice of the Highest Order

We all have our selfish sense of justice. The evil of this perceived virtue is the vigilante we all love made popular by Bronson and Eastwood. God though has a justice of a higher order and it is a good thing otherwise we would all be eternally condemned. What if in His brilliance He designed a justice of this kind into our evil judicial system? Think about some of His truths. You become great by service. You live by dying. You prosper by giving. You fall by pride. These are not Aristitilian Logic of A cannot be A and not A at the same time but paradoxes. You can’t give with the intent to prosper or go up by going down. You are going up by going down. It is this kind of truth that misses most people and may not be caught if hidden in this beast design. What if pleading guilty was freedom? Not pleading guilty to be freed but truly recognizing your guilt and being sentenced. What if losing your identity was the best way to obtain it? Perhaps accusation and shame is necessary to receive honor and glory. It certainly worked that way with Christ. I’m beginning to suspect there is a deep truth hidden here that goes behind the STRAWMAN, jurisdiction, business and all the other obvious arguments. I believe I’ll have something to teach on this soon. In conjunction with this topic I want to thank you all for your week of prayer. It was timely and generous. We are very close now our case is settled in August the latest. Let us all rally our faith for the finish. Christ who authored our faith also finishes it. Blessed men go THROUGH their valleys of weeping PS. 84:5 they don’t get stuck there. Our journey has been tough and tearful but it was never permanent. Our detractors ridiculed and hoped it would be but the terrain is changing.