Friday, July 21, 2006


There have been a few of you who have stood out is God’s service to our needs. This battle has been a sacrifice on us all. Our heart felt thanks is really only the beginning of our desire to bless you. If it appears I comment on the idiots too much understand that I do that to show you their weakness and futility. They are no accident in their appearing. All truth finds ridicule and a hostile defense of the status quo caused by ignorance. My hope is always to point you clearly to the truth. I do it in advance of delivering it because I want you to have confidence in truth when circumstance defies it. I hope to encourage you to see past the lies and know that your individual effort for truth can make the difference or turn the tide. Evil men have a great weapon called divide and conquer. Truth is a great uniter that can resist this. There is a story of Daniel and a dragon in the Apocrapha that is clever in its simplicity. Daniel fed the dragon a little morsel of hair, pitch, and tar. The dragon exploded on the concoction. Sometimes using the nature of the beast is the fastest way to victory. The banks and government have always swallowed their enemy’s whole without chewing. If you prepare for this it can be used to defeat them. They are as fierce as a dragon on the outside but on the inside they are just a bunch of vital organs. Up close and personal to these organs the battle is completely different. I know we looked delicious when we appeared as plaintiffs before Alsup and that temptation was beyond resistance. Just perhaps not all things are as they appear. You will hear of their fury just before they explode. You deserve this display like the fireworks of your independence day.


believe or leave said...

I am a client who has been reading the blog since the beginning, and have not posted because of the childs play that some have indulged in.

I do not want to believe that some individuals have nothing better to do with their lives than to constantly make such rediculous comments and attempt to harrass people who truly believe in the Dorean process, Kurt and Scott.

If you do not believe in the Dorean process and what Kurt and Scott are attempting to do with total disregard for self (if they are sitting in jail for selfish reasons, they could have settled or made a deal long ago), you should move on and "GET A LIFE".

I refuse to believe that you can't find something better to do, even if that meant just playing with yourself. What is happening here is of historic proportion and your stupidity will have no effect if people understand that you are probably a "PLANT" and have but a few purposes; DIVIDE AND CONQUER, DISRUPT AND DISCOURAGE.


To Kurt and Scott; your work, sacrafice, strength and committment is greatly appreciated and just saying thanks and telling you how much we appreciate what you are doing is just not enough. I don't know if we can ever repay you but as you have said, your reward comes from a HIGHER POWER. Be safe.

provb1022 said...

I'm with you Kurt and Scott. The more I study and investigate the fraud the banks have perpetrated on all of us its disturbing to say the least. Thanks for your sacrifice for the truth again.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

TCOB just moved into my neighborhood. I know this because the judge made him tell me he had.

T ouching
C hildren
O n
B utt

Sorry swami for stealing your bit.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

By the way I was reading the report of the Shuttle Discovery trip. It seems the Giant Headed boy next door is visible from space.

Travelzoo is still offering discounted trips to Easter Island to view the boy for yourself. Just enter discount code: "GiantFNHead"

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I've actually wanted to have a wreck in a particular location. There is a 5 way intersection by me that has Har Avenue run north and south, Har Road run east and west, and Hardy street runs southwest. If you have a wreck there and your insurance company asks where the wreck could respond that you had a wreck at the intersection of Hardy Har Har.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Paul McCartney will soon be in a divorce court fighting for half of his belongings. In my opinion his wife doesn't have a leg to stand on!!!!!

~~The Swami~~~ said...
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Peanut Gallery said...


now that was funny. Thanx

mogel said...

For Tycob & others so confused that don't understand rejecting God's messengers, and His message, is rejecting God himself and having a problem with God too.

Those that are unsure who God's messenger is on the subject of bank fraud, can inquire of God: James 1: 5-6. That doesn't mean that you have a problem with God by asking a sincere question in prayer.

Again the burden of proof is on the individual, to ask & receive, not on the messenger.

Speaking on the Lord's prophets or messengers:

Math 10:40-41 "He that receiveth you, receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.

Math 18: 18 "Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

Luke 10: 16 "He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despieth you, despieth me; and he that despieth me, despieth him that sent me."

John 13: 20 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me."

99% of people won't pray, and do what's required to know, and receive an answer through the Holy Ghost, so that laziness does infer one has a problem with God.

Tycob, have you prayed and know by the power of the Holy Spirit that Kurt is NOT annointed to do this work?

Please give me your answers when you can confirm your answers to my other question and challenge I posed to you. I think you're confused on the "proven system" words you are quoting as the exact words that were said by Kurt. If you are confused on that, why can't we deduce that you are in general also confused and unsure of what you speak of.

neodemes said...

Those words don't need to be shown coming from your boy Kurt's mouth, moogie.

They were plastered all over websites sanctioned by him and run by his broker boys (hey, you were (are) one, weren't ya, moog?), touting a "Proven, legaal and moral" method to eliminate your mortgage.

So your point is what? He permitted LIES to be published to help him collect millions but didn't utter the lies himself?

Don't be a moroni.

Kurt's not a prophet, he's a PROFIT.

Peanut Gallery said...

neo said,

Don't be a moroni.

Now that is funny. Neo. You and brotherlove are on top tonight.

Sleep well

whyudothat said...

neo said ....They were plastered all over websites sanctioned by him and run by his broker boys (hey, you were (are) one, weren't ya, moog?), touting a "Proven, legaal and moral" method to eliminate your mortgage.

that much is true mogel, dorean was so careful in picking its agents, then dorean is responsible for their web content and dorean knew full well what the content consisted of. and that content was not true, you cant deny that.

provb1022 said...

"Proven, legaal and moral" method to eliminate your mortgage.

Did not Kurt and Scott prove this method themselfs? The point is they belived it to be proven, legel and moral or they would not have presented things so openly. That is what they want now. Open discussion and court to present the proven, legel and moral parts to their process verses the illegel and unmoral things the banks do to perpetrate this fraud of getting a loan from the bank. Want a lie that is. The banks have covered their tracks well until now. Kurt and Scott are doing well. A conference is trying to decide what to do with them. There seems to be a conflict of interest with Judge Alsup. Possiable they will send it to a higher court is my take. This is good.

son of a prophet said...

Peanut Gallery said...

"Still can't get over Florida 2000 can ya. Your environmentalist whacko lost! Move on buddy. Get some therapy."

6:27 PM

I have no problem with the florida i do not vote....just like i do not attend any church because they have all been corrupted; it follows logically tht i do not vote as the elections have long since been fixed.

and i am not a democrat either. i used to be a REPUBLICan, but not am not anymore and identify with no pol party as they are all corrupt also.

yeshua would not have voted nor belonged to any political party Himself; in fact, the jews wanted Him to be a political force until He told them that was not why He was sent by His father in Heaven.

tcob247 said...



So let me get this straight

If I reject Kurt I am rejecting GOD himself?

You are even wackier than I could ever imagine
No need to ask me any more questions...... I'm not going to answer a loon

By the love.

Infering that I am a pedophile is a really low blow and very consistent in the way Dorean supporters handle themselves
You sir are an asshole

son of a prophet said...


President Bush Aware Of 4.5 Trillion Wanta Settlement But Arrogantly Hides Deal Indicating Complicity In Hi-Jacking Trillions From The People

Former Ambassador Leo Wanta giving Fed's illegal blockage of settlement until July 31 to release money or he will pursue the entire 70 trillion stolen by Bush and Clinton crime families. Money now being held in Bank of America in Richmond, Va., as media continues to cover-up story of the century which could turn around the American economy.

By Greg Szymanski
22 July 2006


son of a prophet said...




Dead Bankers

Getting whacked in a lot of places. Remember, we had one Enron related banker killed a few weeks back? Now there's a dead banker around the Parmalat bankruptcy case...

son of a prophet said...

NatWest Three Bankers cannot return to UK

The three had agreed to wear electronic tagging devices in London

A US judge has refused to let three bankers return to the UK while awaiting trial, calling them "a flight risk".
The ex-NatWest bankers, extradited to the US on fraud charges arising from Enron's collapse, must put up cash or guarantees by 31 July or face jail.

The trio must post $1m (£541,000) or guarantees to secure full bail and must live in the Houston area of Texas.

The trial of the so-called NatWest Three is slated to begin in September although it could be delayed.


US prosecutors have indicted David Bermingham, Giles Darby and Gary Mulgrew on fraud charges but the three maintain their innocence.

At a hearing in a Houston court, US magistrate Stephen Smith said they would not be allowed to return to England pending a trial.

We are tough people but I am not underestimating the difficulties we face

David Bermingham

"The problems posed by allowing the defendants to return to the UK are very substantial," he said.

He expressed concern about lack of US jurisdiction if they left, so they "will be restricted to the US".

The three will not be allowed to live together and must remain within the court's jurisdiction, effectively confining them to an area stretching from Houston to the Mexican border.

Mr Bermingham and Mr Darby have to deposit $250,000 (£135,000) each in cash or credit guarantees with the authorities by the end of the month and a further $250,000 by October.

The three men must live within the Houston area

Mr Mulgrew must stump up a total of $200,000 (£108,300) over the same period.

It is not known whether the three men have sufficient assets to meet these requirements or whether they will be able to work in the US during the period.

Mr Bermingham said the bail conditions were tough.

"We are tough people but I am not underestimating the difficulties we face," he said. "It might be regarded as a form of psychological torture if you wish.

"We went into the courtroom this morning hoping and praying we would be able to go back and see our families and that was the first thing denied us."

The three had been free on temporary bail since their initial 14 July hearing, wearing electronic monitoring devices allowing federal officials to track their movements.

Fast-track extradition

Prosecutors say that, in 2000, the three men advised their former employer, NatWest, to sell part of a company owned by collapsed US energy giant Enron for less than it was worth.

They then left the bank and bought a stake in the company before selling it on at a significantly higher price and making a huge profit, it is claimed.

They were extradited under a new fast-track system agreed by the British government and face up to 35 years in prison.

During the hearing, US prosecutors pointed out that the three did not surrender willingly to American authorities and claimed they might not return to court if they returned to the UK.

The men's lawyers said in court papers filed on Thursday that, if granted bail allowing them to live in London, they would waive extradition and continue to wear electronic monitoring devices.

They also said they would remain under the supervision of UK authorities and post a combined $4m (£2.15m) in bail payments signed by friends and family members.

WillToFight said...

Let's See how many really care?

Go look at this site!

w said...

provb1022 said...
"Proven, legaal and moral" method to eliminate your not Kurt and Scott prove this method themselfs?

do you not have a real understanding of the meaning of the word "proven" ?

any way you try and spin it...

a "proven system" does NOT = give me your $ and we'll try out our theory and one day it MIGHT come to pass, after years of court, just keep praying in the meantime to our religion, we'll keep coming up with something new with all the money we have of yours as we go along with our PROVEN system.

you cant deny that. no matter how many times you pull out your jesus and your god this and god that phrases from your hat, it doesnt change the truth that ppl were mislead, or justify for that matter.

Tony Tuba said...

I seemed to have hit a nerve with TCOB. Let me get this straight, you can trash everyone on here about their character and religious standing, but as soon as I joke with you call me an asshole. Well, you know the old are what you eat. And it appears I am eating you up - thus I am now Sir Asshole.

tcob247 said...

amen brother

tcob247 said...

the amen was for W

Sir asshole.....if the name fits...........

and it does

tcob247 said...


Link does not work

. said...

"The Dorean process is not about breaking any promise, NOR IS IT ABOUT A COMPANY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF CLIENTS. My goodness, a client will be mortgage free within 45-60 days & no longer have to make monthly mortgage payments!!!! What other company out there can boast this claim?"

Anybody want to take a guess at whose fingers typed this lie?

neodemes said...

I got to the site. It seeks to villainize Israel because they react to outright acts of war by factions within Lebanon who hide themselves among the civilian population.

The main purpose of the site, it seems is to collect 'donations'.

mogel said...

Tycob said: "You are even wackier than I could ever imagine
No need to ask me any more questions...... I'm not going to answer a loon"
How do you know that you don't have a problem with God? You don't even believe in prayer or
effective communication. I ask a simple thing & I get a character attack response. I rest my case with you. LOL

son of a prophet said...


just heard on prophecy today station that leaders of many world powers are going to soon be meeting in ROME to discuss the israel/middle east situation.


it doesnt get any BIGGER than that my friends.



now isnt that something!?

bible says..."and they shall confirm a peace treaty for 7 years..."

and then the END shall come!

mogel said...

W said: "you cant deny that. no matter how many times you pull out your jesus and your god this and god that phrases from your hat, it doesnt change the truth that ppl were mislead, or justify for that matter."
I agree. Everytime I pull out of my pocket, one of those federal reserve notes that says, "in God we trust", I feel the same way. I feel that I've been jerked around way too long.

mogel said...

Mr. Period:

People were mortgage free before they signed the mortgage documents and after they signed the paperwork because the mortgage company brought no equity to the transaction and in all legal reality you don't have to make the monthly payments unless you feel a need to donate more. Do you NOT believe that? You only make monthly payments because you have been lied and deceived to and are afraid of repercussions even after you know the lie. Don't you believe that also?

Is it a lie that the mortgage company is the creditor in the transaction and you HAVE to legally pay them? TAKE YOUR ANGER OUT ON THE ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE WHO IS PERPETRATING THESE LIES.

The Dorean process took title away to bring things back to where they should have been in the beginning. If you give up your rights, it's your own fault, no one elses. Your gripe should be with the System AS IT IS, not with anyone else.

mogel said...

W said: "do you not have a real understanding of the meaning of the word "proven" ?"
It's a PROVEN fact that the lender brought no equity to the transaction because the lender can't validate that. Every lender validated that fact through their silence about 4000 times.

Why that isn't good enough for you, is beyond me.

mogel said...

The lender cannot and did not validate the clients debt according to the legal definition of validation. The proof is in the Dorean Process throughout the paper trail. Only an unreasonable person would disagree. It is pointless to argue with an unreasonable person.

neodemes said...

Denial is not a river in Egypt, moogie.

That validation song you keep singing is the same tune the clients danced to when they fell for the spiel that a PROVEN method of righting the wrong you keep harping on had been found, tested and implemented.

4000 (if that, is even true) people need not have been dragged into this to challange the banks and create a precedent. 'Course, you can't and won't admit that. You'll just pour page after page of denial out to protect your own misguided and meaningless belief system.


mogel said...

bible says..."and they shall confirm a peace treaty for 7 years..."

and then the END shall come!
SOP: Where is the book chapt & verse on that?

mogel said...

Nemo said: 4000 (if that, is even true) people need not have been dragged into this to challange the banks and create a precedent. 'Course, you can't and won't admit that. You'll just pour page after page of denial out to protect your own misguided and meaningless belief system.
And you know that because you claim to be a prophet and that you know exactly what will happen in the future then? Do you base YOUR OWN BELIEF SYSTEM COMPLETELY on what's transpired in the past? You must not believe in the Bible then which contains not only prophecy but also history that has not happened yet. How Christian is that to base a belief system only upon the past?

Maybe you also deny the resurrection which is also an event yet to come or the Millenium, or even your salvation which you are so SURE OF? Could it be you're in denial? LOL

neodemes said...

Not everything that occurs is of biblical or Chritian significance or parallel, moog.

I don't believe for a moment that Kurt received any knowledge or purpose from the Lord. And I don't believe there is any basis for Mormonism, other than from the imaginings of Joe Smith.

Obviously, you and everyone else are free to believe whatever you want.

son of a prophet said...


the 7 peace deal is talked about in Rev.

i dont know the exact ch and verse.

and it doesnt say that the end shall come (notice i didnt put quotes marks around it) but the end will virtually come because the 7 year deal will be during the tribulation period. so the end will come within 3 1/2 years after the deal.

good thing that i wont be here!

rapture baby!

mogel said...

"Denial ain't JUST a river in Egypt." -
-- Mark Twain

There's a fine line between denial and paranoia. It's called reality.

w said...

mogel said....It's a PROVEN fact that the lender brought no equity to the transaction because the lender can't validate that.

no no no mogel, dorean didnt say we can PROVE the banks dont have equity, they took ppls money claiming they have a PROVEN process.

try to keep up now. no spinning. just the facts.

w said...

you would make a good politician with that mentality.

mogel said...

Nemo said: "I don't believe for a MOMENT that Kurt received any knowledge or purpose from the Lord.

How many MOMENTS of your time AND PRECIOUS LIFE have you devoted to your strong belief in pursuing this VANITY and LIE OF IMAGINATIONS? What good purpose could this serve for YOU? Obviously, you don't have much self esteem or care for yourself. You say you believe this to be a sham, yet you serve and worship this philosophy by giving it your PRECIOUS time, a commodity even more valuable than money. With your point of view, doesn't this constitute an addictive behaviour that is not emotionally healthy, and constitutes from your point of view, a waste of valuable time?

How much time do you spend in pursuit of truth then? Maybe the pursuit of truth doesn't hold your attention and interest you too much! Maybe you suffer from ADS too along with having an addictive personality, you think?

I think the demon called DENIAL might be more of a problem or vice for you than me based upon our different beliefs.

If you know something to be wrong and do it anyway, or give your time to this god, you have an addictive personality and are most probably having problems with denial also, since you can't be honest with yourself because you don't know how to be fair with yourself, giving yourself what you need and giving your time to worthwhile pursuits. Pursuing a lie and wasting your time with a lie is definitely fanatical, especially if you believe something to be a lie.

When you know something is true and conform accordingly by giving it your time and full energy, that's called commitment and dedication which is healthy, and is not fanatical.

I don't think you see or understand the difference. Rave on in your denials of your addictive personality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mogel said...

W: Name 3 GOOD politicians, I dare you!!!!!

mogel said...

W: Don't you see that the paperwork trail which Dorean provided is necessary to prove and verify your claim and legally justify your clear title due to rules and laws that already exist?

I still believe Kurt has the right idea to see this fight until the end because a bully always has a weakness or many that will cause the bully to lose if you can only infiltrate these weaknesses.

If a bully takes your clear title away by bluffing you into thinking it isn't a clear title, and making you believe he's stronger than you and that fighting him will only make your cause worse, then, in a sad way, it may be argued that in a strange way according to the doctrine of personal responsibility, there is some justice in what you received, if you were too lazy and didn't exert and demand all of your rights and didn't give it your best fight. You can't know all of your rights without education and great effort.

I also understand that most people don't want to do that. They prefer being a slave and prefer being manipulated because it seems to them to be an easier road, the road mostly traveled.

Do we live in a fair world? Course we don't. We can't expect people to automatically be fair with us, unless we enjoy disappointment. People won't give you any more respect than you demand and even 2 year old children will bully adults and will test parental boundaries. If you maintain your boundaries firmly, it is human nature that people generally will respect those boundaries.

Those that are in jeopardy financially need to determine where their boundaries are and how much fight they will put up when a thief comes to manipulate and steal from you in a foreclosure situation.

You can only win if you believe you can. The Dorean process forms a basis to fight the good fight and I believe in the end, they will perform and make their clients more than whole.

neodemes said...

Wow, mogel, so many words to say so little.

The sad fact is, you cannot differentiate between truth and lie in your little fantasy worlds.

Not to worry, good buddy, my time is not so precious that I will give up steering you in the right direction, or, failing that, providing a beacon of truth so no others crash and burn on your rocky shoals of confusion.

I think you have helped do enough damage.

mogel said...

SOP said: "so the end will come within 3 1/2 years after the deal."
What is your perception or meaning of "the end?"

w said...

mogel you err thinking i dont agree with the situation being corrupt, i do agree, there is no question in my mind.

it is the deceptive way in which dorean went about to get the ppls $ to start the process that has always been the issue of fact. dorean did not have to mislead the ppl even if their intention was in the right place, that is not honorable to deceive to justify the means.

my heart can be in the right place all day long, but if I take ppls money by knowingly misleading them it doesnt make it right, regardless of the cause.

neodemes said...

The "7 peace deal" is talked about in Daniel - but it is referred to as 1 week.

neodemes said...

Hey, mogel, since we such good buddies, I'm gonna do you a favor and save you from typing the same stuff over and over to make your ME points.

All your stuff is preserved for posterity at:

son of a prophet said...

well, i see whre you going with wont be the end, i guess, but the the end, evil will have been destroyued; so for some, it will be the end, and for the good folks,it will become the beginning.

at the end of the 7 year period, the real 'millenial' will be here; the one that is ruled over by yeshua Himself. 1000 years of peace and real prosperity. wont need DG type groups as every bleiver will be prosperous as if they were partners in a trust; and in a certain way they will be. the greatest turst that anyone can have they name on; Yeshuas trust for the millenial kingdom. but you wont even be thinking about any form of money or anything but happiness for you will have access to "THE MAN". NOTHING ELSE WILL BE NEEDED NOR WANTED.

but the trib will be 1260 days times 2 or 2520 days or about 7 years.

halfway thru it or 1260 days, the a/c will go to jerusalem and desecrate the temple; prob put a pig on the alter and demand that the jews worship it (the abmoination of desolation) or demand that they worship the a/c as god.

"when you see the abomination of desolation, stand in the holy place..." (outside the temple) for the temple is now left desolate

habakkuk said...

"halfway thru it or 1260 days, the a/c will go to jerusalem and desecrate the temple; prob put a pig on the alter and demand that the jews worship it (the abmoination of desolation) or demand that they worship the a/c as god.

"when you see the abomination of desolation, stand in the holy place..." (outside the temple) for the temple is now left desolate "



Tony Tuba said...

Who Gets Last Laugh In Wanta Story
Trillions Waiting For American People As Idiots In American Press Show True Colors.
23 Jul 2006

"Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your HONOR. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons who failed at ditching and shoemaking and fetched up in journalism on their way to the poorhouse." --Mark Twain

By Greg Szymanski

A person might as well spit on the sidewalk, write the story with left over saliva and then go have a stiff drink because no one in the land of the spineless writers and the home of the gutless news broadcasters is ever going to alert the America people about the importance of the Leo Wanta story before it is too late.

Twain had it right when he called the American press ignorant and self-complacent. He had it right when he wrote an article entitled Advice to Youth, saying: "The history of our race, and each individual's experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal."

Wanta told the truth to the American people for the better part of 30 years, but the American press is poised and ready to kill it once and for all. In an effort to head them off, listen to this:

Wanta's truth telling over the years resulted on June 12 with an agreement to repatriate 4.5 trillion to the American economy. The money now sits in a Bank of America account in Richmond, Va., illegally held up by the Federal Reserve Board so they and the idiots in the press have time to spin the story and concoct some gigantic lie about the origins of the trillions, which most of America will eventually believe anyway.

But in the absence of Twain's insights, let's set the record straight so everyone can understand the truth about the origins of the Wanta money before the barrage of lies permeates the landscape, taking over as truth.

The story begins with Wanta, a trusted servant of Ronald Reagan who amassed large amounts of cash at the end of the Cold War, trying to put more than 27.5 trillion back into the U.S. Treasury more than 14 years ago. However, he was back stabbed by Bush Sr. and Clinton, who wanted the booty for themselves and their rich friends.

Records, in fact, link Daddy Bush to taking at least 1 billion illegally, making him liable for criminal charges for depositing the money for his own private use in a Panama bank.

Further, banking records complied by investigators in Europe, with account names an numbers, show almost 750 billion pilfered for the Bush and Clinton's crime family's own use, including records showing Vince Foster, special White House counsel, was given 250 million two weeks prior to his untimely murder in a Washington D.C. park, the money never being accounted for or even mentioned.

The killings and the rip-offs didn't stop with Foster, mounting like dead flies over the years and over the trillions of dollars made by Wanta and his group of financiers, including Wanta's Chinese business partner killed 10 days after the pair met with Bush Sr. in a Singapore hotel when Bush was President.

Simply put, the whole sad story revolves around a good man like Wanta wanting to return the money to the American people and the Bush and Clinton gang wanting the trillions to remain offshore for their own personal use.

And for Wanta's service to the people in this supposed God-faring country, the spineless idiots in the press ignored his story, allowing the gutless idiots in the government, like Bush and Clinton, to humiliate and jail him for the better part of the last 10 years, including a wretched stay in a Swiss dungeon for 133 days.

Further, he was nearly killed in jail several times by CIA operatives, trying to get him to cut a deal so crime bosses, Bush and Clinton, could get their dirty hands on even more of the money, money put into accounts by Wanta in order to return it to he people not the neo cons.

Wanta then got out of jail about a year and a half ago and since has been trying to recover what has been estimated to be more than 70 trillion dollars. He recently entered into a 4.5 trillion settlement being illegally stalled by the Fed, the details of which can be found in the Arctic Beacon archives.

He also said he is giving the Fed a July 31 deadline or he plans to go after the entire booty, a move the powers that be will never let happen since they have either stolen it or plan to continue using it illegally.

One thing for sure, though, the Wanta story neatly pins the tail on the real 'donkey-criminals' in this country. It also clearly reveals how the American people still remain a financial super power, the only problem being the people let a select few donkeys steal their money.

Further, the Wanta story reveals how the jackasses in the American press remain jackasses.

It also reveals how Wanta himself had to accept a smaller deal, fearing he'd get a bullet in his head if he didn't.

But most importantly the whole story is about to reveal how Americans just don't care anymore. It's about to reveal how the Bush and Clinton gang can be caught red-handed stealing trillions from the American people and still live another day to rape, pillage and kill even more.

And finally it's about to reveal how the human race has really one effective weapon and that weapon is laughter. And it will be interesting, as the Wanta story unfolds, to see who gets the last laugh this time.

Greg Szymanski

Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site

mogel said...

Judge Orders Procedure for Relief from Dorean Group Tranfers (and Case Update)
Judge William Alsup signed an order on June 21, 2006 providing a procedure whereby homeowners that deeded their property to the Dorean Group as trustees may apply for modifications to the injunction to allow them to cure title defects cause by the Dorean Group debt elimination scheme.

The order provides that homeowners seeking to modify the injunction must file a Request to Modify the Preliminary Injunction for Property Address. The request must state the reasons for the modification and describe the proposed transaction. It must be served on Dale Heineman, Kurt Johnson, lenders with secured interests in the property and counsel for the government in the criminal case. After a time period for opposition, the magistrate shall make a ruling which may be subject to de novo review. Please review the Order Setting Procedure for Requests to Modify Injunction for Borrowers to Seek Return of Property Interests Conveyed to Defendants Heineman & Johnson for specific information on the procedure.

On our last update of the status of the criminal proceedings, Dale Scott Heineiman and Kurt Johnson had been ordered to undergo psychiatric examinations. In the Order Requiring Mental Examinations, the Court stated that Heineman and Johnson, who had refused counsel, had made multiple statements ‘that give reason to believe they may suffer from a mental disease or defect that renders them mentally incompetent to the extent that they are unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against them, to properly conduct their own defense or to assist potential counsel in their defense (or that the record might suggest incompetence to an appellate court.) The court referred to statements suggesting Heineman and Johnson ‘believe that they were in communication with Jesus and that he had told them he was burning down three judges’ homes.’ The court noted that in issuing that order, it was not implying or finding that Heineman and Johnson were mentally incompetent.

Although the psychiatric examinations were sealed by the court, Heineman and Johnson were not found incompetent and the case is proceeding. The court held a Faretta Hearing to ensure that the defendants were, in waiving their right to be represented by counsel, making a knowing and intelligent decision that represented an exercise of informed free will. Heineman and Johnson are each acting as their own attorneys and the court denied the government’s request to appoint ‘stand-by counsel’ for the defendants.

The court recently issued an “Order re Capitalization of Defendant’s Names." Apparently, Heineman and Johnson requested that the court free them and dismiss charges because they spell their names “Dale Scott Heineman” and “Kurt F. Johnson” and the indictment files against them sometimes spells their name with only uppercase letters (i.e. “DALE SCOTT HEINEMAN” and “KURT F. JOHNSON") In the alternative, they requested an evidentiary hearing ‘on their identities’ or requiring that the indictment be amended to change the capitalization.

The court wasn’t overly impressed by the argument and found that the disagreement over capitalization didn’t provide a basis for the requested relief and denied the request. The court also rejected the defendants’ arguments that the capitalized spellings denote to “Cestui Que Trusts” and that they are therefore being held for the alleged crimes of the Cestui Que Trusts in violation of the Due Process Clause and the Sixth Amendment.

The court noted that the argument is a ‘creative endeavor based on a formalistic but fanciful distinction’ and that the ‘emptiness of this argument must be clear by now.’ The court went on to state:

"It is time that defendants turned their considerable intelligence toward viable defense strategies.”
Some of the documents that have been filed by the defendants include:

Constructive notice and demand for abatement; demand for court of record; request for stay of proceedings; affidavit of truth by “William Franklin Julian”, Sui Juris, points and authorities

CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE of notice of refusal for cause without dishonor the order for psychiatric examination under U.S.C. 18:4241 and order taking case off e-filing by Dale Scott Heineman

MOTION for summary judgment or in the alternative a settlement by set-off or by acceptance of unconditional tender of defendants affidavit in support order by Dale Scott Heineman

NOTICE by Dale Scott Heineman, Kurt F. Johnson of acceptance of oath of office

NOTICE of corrections of caption of superceding indictment to refelct the removal of the ens legis for the placement of the natural man by stipulation of the parties by Dale Scott Heineman, Kurt F. Johnson

DEMAND for surrender of bond verified blaim and notice and dishonor contract by Dale Scott Heineman, Kurt F. Johnson

Posted by Rachel Dollar on 06/30/06 at 04:25 AM
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mogel said...


The above end part of the URL got cut off in the cut and paste.

getalifebankers said...

it is amazing to me that the people who are benefiting the most i.e. the bankers and their cronies are here and try and respond like they are walking in the general public's shoes.they wouldn't have a clue what kurt and scott are attempting to do for people like myself and others,they are hidden behind years of legal scamming and lies perpetrated by the foe fathers,who i am sure they hold in the highest regard,and they were oh so honest!!!..i will stay the course because no matter what the out come the lies are not going to be so easy to hide and if they are not careful and cover their tracks their hidden treasures won't be worht squat..god i hope the self appointed kings of the world get brought down to size..

mogel said...

SOP said: "well, i see where you going with wont be the end, i guess, but the the end, evil will have been destroyued; so for some, it will be the end, and for the good folks,it will become the beginning."

If that's true that it will be the BEGINNING for the good folks, why
then are the good folks being RAPTURED to another place and missing out on the great millineum which is the beginning of the 1000 years of peace with Christ reigning on earth, ASSUMING OF COURSE YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THE RAPTURE IS CORRECT, THAT THE RAPTURE PROTECTS 100% OF ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE FROM ANY PHYSICAL HARM.

So in your view, are there any good people that endure the tribulations or are all the bad people enduring the tribulations period only?

Are all the bad people and remnants of all the bad people left going to "inherit the earth" then? Doesn't the "meek inherit the earth ACCORDING TO THER SCRIPTURES? However, aren't all the good & meek people gone somewhere else so how will they inherit the earth?

Why is it that the word, "rapture" being as important as it is to some Christians, isn't even a word that can be found in the Bible?

Wouldn't you think those "good folks" would have like to have been there to participate in the 1000 years of the millinium and what goes on during that period of time rather than being transported somewhere else?

After all, isn't that where Jesus is going to be, here on earth again, and not SOMEWHERE ELSE where these good raptured people are supposedly being transported to, free from the battles, pestilences, and harm of the destruction of the wicked?

wantobefree said...


mogel said...

"Without a contract with the sovereigns these agents have no power."
Does this lack of power include any sentencing of punishment
by an imposter agent, named Judge Alsup? Does this mean that the guilty pleas are in effect meaningless with no power in and of themselves? Are the guilty pleas revocable or void simply because there is no jurisdiction by the Court that was ever proved and established in the court record through real law?

If the reason for the guilty pleas were to speed up the time in order to reach the finish line and fulfill promises to clients because everything needed to be said has ALREADY been said, can one also assume that everything needed to be said and that is legally necessary for the best defense is NOW in the Court record too?

A while back it was said that the agents of the Court would be the LAST TO KNOW that a financial settlement had been reached behind the scenes. Is this still a realistic expectation at this point in time in light of the government still pretending and not giving an inch? When is sentencing expected to be decreed by Judge Alsup? Are there any court guidelines saying that sentencing must be decreed within so many days of a guilty plea that is accepted? Has a guilty plea been accepted with no conditions of the guilty plea being unresolved at this point in time? If constitutional issues have been violated, does this also negate any guilty plea acceptance by the Court?

Questions are only thrown out there to cause people to respond to all of this with their point of view and expectations.

climax said...

"You will hear of their fury just before they explode"...

you've been climaxing for a very long time , Kurt. a lack of explosion soon could mean you are impotent.

son of a prophet said...

mog said...

"If that's true that it will be the BEGINNING for the good folks, why
then are the good folks being RAPTURED to another place and missing out on the great millineum which is the beginning of the 1000 years of peace with Christ reigning on earth, ASSUMING OF COURSE YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THE RAPTURE IS CORRECT, THAT THE RAPTURE PROTECTS 100% OF ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE FROM ANY PHYSICAL HARM."


the rapture will take place before the a/c takes his seat as the ruler of the world from rome.

this will be during the trib period, so why would ANYBODY want to be here???

i would rather be with yehsua thank you.

only non believers will be on earth at that time.

true, the bible never uses the word rapture, but then again the english bible doesnt use any of the words in greek or aramiac or hebrew either, if you know what i mean.

the millenial kingdom will begin after the 7 year trib period when yeshua comse back with the saints, ie., the believers who were raptured up before the trib period, so they wont miss out on the millenial kingdom. they already have their spiritual bodies at tht point so they cannot die anymore, but those on earth who survive the tribulation period (some 144k jews who have not been defiled and others) will be born and die as usual.

Peanut Gallery said...


A few posts back you asked mogel to give you chapter and verse on a scripture. Could you please provide us with the scripture that backs up all this rapture crap. I too once believed , falsly in a rapture, but when I could not find scriptural evidence of such, I realized it was a fabrication of the church.

neodemes said...

The term 'rapture' was coined in Scotland around 1830.

You can argue about rapture itself and pre or post tribulation until Jesus comes in His Glory and it won't make a lick of difference who, if anyone, is speculating correctly.

The focus should be on the Lord and in telling the Good News of the Gospel to as many as possible between now and His return.

Jesus tells you all you need to know in Matt. 24 and 25.

Yetter said...

I just recieved an up date from Richard Bernstein,chief strategist for Merrill Lynch that the Dollar has no way but down.A lot of you know this already, but if you own metals and or stocks, hang on.The action in the face of all that is positve for the metal(similar to what is happening here)can be called Uncle Sam versus Mt St Helens before it went boom.

neodemes said...

next hearing date,
September 5, 2006

neodemes said...

Seen the latest order?

Take a look

I love the part about the seal.


son of a prophet said...


2nd Thess 4 13-18

believe it, there WIIL be a rapture of the saints.

the tribulation period is Gods wrath agnaisnt man, and

"I have not appointed you to wrath, but to salvation..."

agian, if you want the techincal details, spend $4.99 and get a used copy of "THINGS TO COME" by J. DWIGHT PENTECOST

Peanut Gallery said...

First of all it is 1st Thess, not 2nd.

You really have to stretch this scripture to have it comply with a rapture.


Sure sounds as if we will all be here when Messiah returns.

mogel said...

Seen the latest order?

Take a look

I love the part about the seal.

What good is a Court seal without a proper court signature. What could the duo have accomplished with just a Court seal? What exactly are you saying Neo?

mogel said...

next hearing date,
September 5, 2006
With witnesses being possibly subpoened, and more hearing dates, it doesn't sound like to me there has been an ACCEPTANCE of any guilty plea.

Let's look at the definition of "conviction":

"One who has been determined by the court to be guilty of the crime charged, or one is convicted upon a VALID PLEA of guilty, or a verdict of guilty and judgment of conviction entered thereupon."

Has the Court determined anyone guilty? Can't do that without a full trial and a judgment of conviction. Where's the judgment of conviction if guilty pleas have been accepted? Has anyone posted it or is it of any public record?

Has there been a VALID plea of guilty accepted? Doesn't appear that way with continuing evidence trying to still be put in the record or witnesses still being subpoened as if preparing for a trial.

With all things considered, it appears the guilty plea is meaningless at this point. Court didn't like the 1st guilty plea, apparently, they didn't like the 2nd guilty plea either with the conditions imposed.

To me it seems there can't be a VALID PLEA OF GUILTY because constitutional rights have been violated. The Court can't put themselves into a precarious situation as this-- that would nullify the guilty plea. The Court can't make any guilty plea stick any way that you look at it, due to their apparent conflict of interest, hence they can't convict and punish.

I'm waiting for the beast to explode or give up and settle and stop pretending.

mogel said...

First of all it is 1st Thess, not 2nd.

You really have to stretch this scripture to have it comply with a rapture.


Sure sounds as if we will all be here when Messiah returns.
Not only that, the tribulation period that the RAPTURITES think they are avoiding and think they don't have to endure is BEFORE Christ returns in the clouds.

Leslie Neilsen said...

I have sent a recommendation to Kurt and Scott, to have the law firm of Dewey ,Cheatham, and Howe, represent them.
I suggested that they use the "Mr Poopypants" defense, where they plug their ears and repeatedly call the judge "Mr Poopypants" until he drops all charges. At this point, what have they got to lose

mogel said...

Neo: Did someone from the jail plant a "razor blade" in Dewey Tobias's cell to suggest mental instability? Is that what you are suggesting?

mogel said...

The “Orders of Dismissal” filed by Heneiman and Johnson WILL BE filed with a cover sheet stating that the seal on the “order” was NOT affixed by the Case 3:05-cr-00611-WHA Document 142 Filed 07/21/2006 Page 1 of 2 United States District Court For the Northern District of California undersigned or his staff but INSTEAD BY DEFENDENTS THEMSELVES.
Will BE? No other possible way? Is this order by the Judge in conflict with the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States that one should not be compelled to witness against himself? No big surprise!!!!!!!!!!!
This must be an indication that Judge Alsup's hero might be Pres. Bush that allegedly said "the Constitution is just a god d*mn piece of paper".

mogel said...

SOP: "I have not appointed you to wrath, but to salvation..."
Can't this scripture refer to the next life in Heaven, rather than the mortal life? The tribulation period refers to the mortal life.

mogel said...

Definition of Seal:

"At common law, an impression on wax, wafer, or other tenancious substance capable of being impressed.

The purpose of a "seal" is to attest in a formal manner to the execution of an instrument."

Didn't Kurt say in times past that some Court & Judge in California wouldn't enter some evidence or paperwork into the Court record because it would be damaging to the Judge? Maybe that was in reference to the Civil lawsuits against the banks.

Doesn't a seal make attestation that the Court knew of the paperwork that was intending to be filed, so the paperwork can't get lost, so to speak, by the Court or lost in the shuffle as in times past?

mogel said...

Nemo said: I love the part about the seal.

Here's a few questions for you good buddy: (1) Do you perceive putting a seal on the paperwork as a deceitful or evil act, or an act of protection?
(2) Does evil cause your heart to delight with joy and laughter which causes you to uncontrollable roll all over the floor?
(3) If the answer to question # 2 is yes, can we also fairly conclude that you are evil?
(4) How do you reconcile the rolling on the floor with your great concern for Dorean victims and hoping for a victory as presented by your previous statements?
(5) How conflicted are you really?
(6) Have you ever been diagnosed with a split personality?

neodemes said...

It would have been more appropriate for the dim duo to have used the seal from a Cracker Jack box, rather than the court's seal.

Any clients who are still counting on these twerps pulling their fat out of the fire need more than compasion.

Why the *bleep* are you asking me about tobias' razorblade?

mogel said...

Why the *bleep* are you asking me about tobias' razorblade?
You made an inference on your real estate website recently. You know your real estate website that is real one sided, kind of like the press when they discuss the Dorean Group. Did you FORGET ALREADY about your comment you made ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE?

Maybe your doctor should check for possible alysheimers disease developing too after he checks for the split personality disorder along with the ADS and bi-polar disorders. It never hurts to know exactly what you are up against.

I'm realizing that possibly more compassion should be exerted toward you due to the many challenges you currently already face. I'm beginning to realize how serious your symptons really are. I didn't realize until now.

mogel said...

Nemo said: "Why the *bleep* are you asking me about tobias' razorblade?"
"And again, it is writtten thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths;

But verily, verily, I say unto you, SWEAR NOT AT ALL; neither by heaven, for it is God's throne;

Nor by the earth, for it is his footstool;

Nether shalt thou swear by the head because thou canst not make one hair black or white;

But let your communication be Yea, yea; Nay, nay; for whatsoever cometh of more than these IS EVIL."

robbinshood said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.