Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The work communion for most conjures up thoughts of the bread and wine ceremony in remembrance of Christ’s body and blood. But for me, though, I love that ceremony communion is a daily event. In fact it is my life. I am amazed at how many religions experts there are who know nothing of communion, or also said fellowship with God. Though I study God’s word it is the relationship that possesses my spirit with truth.

Many can have a theory of faith but have never reasoned it out with its author and finisher. My Dorean struggles is a faith challenge. When I hear my Beloved Christ say “AMDEN!” to the words I discuss with Him that is my comfort and strength. My conscience and moral ethics as an extinction of my carnal nature do not bring me to righteousness. They are susceptible to religious notions that placate and absolve but also shame. God started with my progenitor walking and talking. How great it is that the great God desires fellowship with humanity.

Out of this communion a spirit is set at peace no matter the trial. On July 14, 2011 Alsup denied my 2255 and denied me any leave to appeal. Left unmolested this would sink any hopes of victory and allow me a very prolonged stay in prison. Tomorrow is my 6th anniversary which would leave only about 16more years.

When one is faced with such overwhelming wickedness where do you find the strength to keep the faith, do you think piety or religious devotion, or perhaps tradition will cause you to rise? No I have never seen anything exceed the strength delivered through Christ. I have no fear of this ruling. In all honesty I didn’t expect this ruling because I apparently thought too highly of Alsup. I thought he was so proud of his jurist record that he wouldn’t stoop to such blatant vindictiveness. I over estimated his character buy that will not hurt me as much as him under estimation God’s provision for me. Our legal arguments thoroughly trump his rhetoric, I expected all his arguments buy not from him. He stepped into do the government’s dirty work. That is apparently a habit for him.

Recently the Supreme Court issued an opinion on June 16, 2011 for a Karen Anne Bond concerning the 10th amendment. You only have to read the first sentence to refute what Alsup used to deny me relief. He limited that ruling to one particular statute. If he is correct why did the government file a brief after the ruling to ask the court to rewrite it to narrow its scope? Alsup must have missed that. A judge is Sacramento already sees it different that Alsup since he is hearing a Bond claim heard and granted against Alsup’s opinion.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Currently Alsup is playing the destructionist in my 2255 habeas petition. He is refusing to obey his law and denying Scott and I a hearing. We are returning his volleys with rule 59© motions to reconsider. Once he repents or refuses to we will go forward on our claim.

But behind these exercises in time is a timeless truth for too many of you are ignorant of. Across the board all my critics are ignorant of it. If you understood it, the spirit of whining and disappointment would never touch you concerning Dorean. With the fallout of the fraud we were addressing injuring the nation’s economy I’m sure most of you have concerns that have trumped Dorean, so you see a timeless truth is beneficial because it changes not with the fickle seasons of trial we face.

In Romans 8:29-30, Ephesians 1:5, 11 and 1Peter 20 the Greek word translated “foreknew” or “predestined” is prognosis. This is the forecasting of a probable course of outcome. Many have lost the essence of the true gospel message which is that a relating God chose to relate to humanity. Not humanity in general as our human justice would have it but rather to a few, on elect a chosen.

Men in their carnal nature make themselves the center of the universe. It is the trademark of pride Adam dispensed to us all. But when we learn of God’s election and filter it through our carnal thoughts we come up with this theorem that “God in His omniscience looked into all human history and saw who would choose to believe His report and selected them to know Him. What utter rubbish is the theorem? God is not and never could be the reactor to man’s actions. Only pride would conclude He was. A proper understanding at the word “Prognosis” would foreclose such nonsense.

The eternal truth is that God “knew” some of those whom He would create. This knowledge is akin to a husband’s knowledge of his wife. Now the criterion of God’s knowledge is not known to us. All we have is the effect of His choice. The first effect was His prognosis. Once God spoke His prognosis over a few whom He knew they were created to run a certain course leading to a predetermined destination of being (Rom. 8:-30) justified and glorified.

The choice was God’s and the beneficiaries were the elect. Mankind cannot present a valid complaint that God is unfair for they have no basis within their ignorance of His criterion to lodge a fact.

Election is a truth ever present throughout the scriptures. Jacob was loved Esan was hated; National Israel was chosen other nations were cursed, overage men were made disciples and the theologians were rejected. At the end of history the kingdoms divide on this one fact “depart from me I never knew you.”

When one is make aware of the prognosis of God spoken over their life then a Conqueror’s confidence overtakes your spirit. It could be no other way. For God to assure that His prognosis would become fact He must invest Himself and all His resources into that result. It is why the scriptures informs us that God has dispensed

All His riches toward us in Christ, (Eph 1:7,18, 2:7, 3:8 and Phil 4:19) It is why Christ had to enter history. When you get a grasp of this truth you’ll understand the spirit of prophecy, which is Christ. He come to proclaim the prognosis of His Father and present that “GOODNEWS” to an, a chosen man. So it is this spirit of prophecy that distributes to the elect partials of the course and destiny inherent in the prognosis.

What the devil offers from his kingdom through his agents and his system is merely a diagnosis. Which is a determination reached by the examination of the human condition of sin and death? The diagnosis is wholly ignorant of the prognosis and offended by those informed thereof. It is why the elect can never live in harmony with this world; Their destinies are polarized and divergent.

When an agent of the devil like judge Alsup in this Dorean trial offers a diagnosis based upon his complete ignorance of God’s prognosis over me it becomes impossible to take him serious. The confidence of the prognosis cares very little about the size of giants the devil slings at the rocks of your salvation. The elect always win It is a matter of course and determination.

When one begins to measure the riches of God sent to the elect of course those whom He has lavished such love under any circumstance will come to love Him and know Him as they have been known of Him. The prognosis becomes a fact of history and the bride made up of her many members is presented to the son for an eternal state of matrimony. Oh the unsearchable riches of His grace. Whom shall I ever fear? What diagnosis can ever annul or trump the prognosis?

If you become informed of the prognosis over you, you will understand the course of your Dorean involvement and the course God has Scott and I on to arrive at victory. Foolishness I know but truth to those who are known.