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Currently Alsup is playing the destructionist in my 2255 habeas petition. He is refusing to obey his law and denying Scott and I a hearing. We are returning his volleys with rule 59© motions to reconsider. Once he repents or refuses to we will go forward on our claim.

But behind these exercises in time is a timeless truth for too many of you are ignorant of. Across the board all my critics are ignorant of it. If you understood it, the spirit of whining and disappointment would never touch you concerning Dorean. With the fallout of the fraud we were addressing injuring the nation’s economy I’m sure most of you have concerns that have trumped Dorean, so you see a timeless truth is beneficial because it changes not with the fickle seasons of trial we face.

In Romans 8:29-30, Ephesians 1:5, 11 and 1Peter 20 the Greek word translated “foreknew” or “predestined” is prognosis. This is the forecasting of a probable course of outcome. Many have lost the essence of the true gospel message which is that a relating God chose to relate to humanity. Not humanity in general as our human justice would have it but rather to a few, on elect a chosen.

Men in their carnal nature make themselves the center of the universe. It is the trademark of pride Adam dispensed to us all. But when we learn of God’s election and filter it through our carnal thoughts we come up with this theorem that “God in His omniscience looked into all human history and saw who would choose to believe His report and selected them to know Him. What utter rubbish is the theorem? God is not and never could be the reactor to man’s actions. Only pride would conclude He was. A proper understanding at the word “Prognosis” would foreclose such nonsense.

The eternal truth is that God “knew” some of those whom He would create. This knowledge is akin to a husband’s knowledge of his wife. Now the criterion of God’s knowledge is not known to us. All we have is the effect of His choice. The first effect was His prognosis. Once God spoke His prognosis over a few whom He knew they were created to run a certain course leading to a predetermined destination of being (Rom. 8:-30) justified and glorified.

The choice was God’s and the beneficiaries were the elect. Mankind cannot present a valid complaint that God is unfair for they have no basis within their ignorance of His criterion to lodge a fact.

Election is a truth ever present throughout the scriptures. Jacob was loved Esan was hated; National Israel was chosen other nations were cursed, overage men were made disciples and the theologians were rejected. At the end of history the kingdoms divide on this one fact “depart from me I never knew you.”

When one is make aware of the prognosis of God spoken over their life then a Conqueror’s confidence overtakes your spirit. It could be no other way. For God to assure that His prognosis would become fact He must invest Himself and all His resources into that result. It is why the scriptures informs us that God has dispensed

All His riches toward us in Christ, (Eph 1:7,18, 2:7, 3:8 and Phil 4:19) It is why Christ had to enter history. When you get a grasp of this truth you’ll understand the spirit of prophecy, which is Christ. He come to proclaim the prognosis of His Father and present that “GOODNEWS” to an, a chosen man. So it is this spirit of prophecy that distributes to the elect partials of the course and destiny inherent in the prognosis.

What the devil offers from his kingdom through his agents and his system is merely a diagnosis. Which is a determination reached by the examination of the human condition of sin and death? The diagnosis is wholly ignorant of the prognosis and offended by those informed thereof. It is why the elect can never live in harmony with this world; Their destinies are polarized and divergent.

When an agent of the devil like judge Alsup in this Dorean trial offers a diagnosis based upon his complete ignorance of God’s prognosis over me it becomes impossible to take him serious. The confidence of the prognosis cares very little about the size of giants the devil slings at the rocks of your salvation. The elect always win It is a matter of course and determination.

When one begins to measure the riches of God sent to the elect of course those whom He has lavished such love under any circumstance will come to love Him and know Him as they have been known of Him. The prognosis becomes a fact of history and the bride made up of her many members is presented to the son for an eternal state of matrimony. Oh the unsearchable riches of His grace. Whom shall I ever fear? What diagnosis can ever annul or trump the prognosis?

If you become informed of the prognosis over you, you will understand the course of your Dorean involvement and the course God has Scott and I on to arrive at victory. Foolishness I know but truth to those who are known.


mogel007 said...

"The elect always win It is a matter of course and determination."

mogel007 said...

"And the voice of warning shall be unto all people, by the mouths of my disciples, WHOM I HAVE CHOSEN in these last days.

And they shall go forth and NONE SHALL STAY THEM, for I the Lord have commanded them.

Wherefore, fear and tremble, O ye people, for what I the Lord have DECREED IN THEM SHALL BE FULFILLED.

And the rebellious shall be pierced with much sorrow; for their iniquities shall be spoken upon the housetops, and their secret acts shall be revealed.

What I the Lord have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice, or by the voice of my servants, IT IS THE SAME."

mogel007 said...

"The works and the designs, and the purposes of God CANNOT BE FRUSTRATED, neither can they come to naught."

mogel007 said...

Indian teacher wins the bank lottery, and feels a need to tell. How can the bank miss 10 billion dollars?

mogel007 said...

DSK's wife defends her husband against the false claims made:

I remember when OMO said something to the effect that his wife must be horrified with his actions, as if she could even know anything on that subject anyway, because such things as the wife said are all "private matters" which the public should not speculate on.

Dr. Caligari said...

Are Kurt and Scott still in jail?

Wake me if they ever get out. Until then, I will ignore their blather.

mogel007 said...

Are Kurt and Scott still in jail?


Wake me if they ever get out. Until then, I will ignore their blather.


judge allslop said...

Dr, no need for a wake up call you've been comatose all along.

mogel007 said...

Robosigning Credit Cards: The Next Major Bank Scandal?

Joshua M Brown January 17th, 2012
Today we have a monster of a guest post from my friend the Finance Addict who blogs over at FA asks why all of a sudden JPMorgan and its legal representatives have seemingly disappeared from credit card collection judgments (as per a small piece in American Banker magazine). I have no special insights or opinions on this just yet but it certainly bears watching in light of how much the robosigning of mortgages has cost the banks.

The following statement scared me more than the thought of a Rick Perry presidency. From American Banker:

“If sloppy record keeping and problems with false affidavits is a problem with mortgages, it’s 100 times bigger in credit card accounts,” says Michelle Weinberg of the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago.

mogel007 said...

BREAKING NEWS: It’s the eleventh hour and the White House is about to strike a deal with big banks.

President Obama wants to be able to point to a big bank foreclosure settlement in Tuesday’s State of the Union as a measure of progress towards more Wall Street accountability. But the deal on the table is appalling, especially when compared to 2011 big bank bonuses.

Proposed total restitution for the millions of Americans who lost their home due to illegal foreclosure tactics: $20 billion.

2011 big bank bonuses: $144 billion.

Something is very wrong with this picture.

$20 billion is only a fraction of what is needed to reduce principal balances on millions of underwater homes; it is shameless that the White House isn’t demanding more money for principal reduction from the same big banks that crashed the economy.

Can you call the White House right now and tell them to launch a full investigation into Wall Street and make sure big banks are held fully accountable for the crimes that caused so many to lose their homes?

Right now big banks are sitting on an unprecedented mountain of cash: over $1.6 trillion. According to The New Bottom Line’s Pulling Back the Curtain report, big banks are set to award $144 billion in bonuses and compensation for 2011. The money is there.

mogel007 said...

How sad is this?

Appeals court upholds MERS right to assign, foreclose on a mortgage
Tuesday, January 24th, 2012, 10:14 am

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. has the right to assign a security deed and foreclose on a property that becomes part of the securitization process, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Judicial Circuit held in a new opinion.

In Smith v. Saxon Mortgage Services, the 11th Circuit in Atlanta agreed with U.S. Magistrate Judge Janet F. King in her finding that the language included in a Georgia security deed gives MERS the authority to act on behalf of current and future owners of the mortgage.

That distinction is significant since Reston, Va.-based company is the main recording system used to document the transfer of mortgages throughout the securitization process.

"A significant body of clear and specific federal case law is coming together with this decision from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, along with favorable rulings" from six other appellate courts and U.S. District Courts," said Janis Smith, vice president of corporate communications for Merscorp Inc.

"The 11th Circuit's ruling underscores the soundness of MERS' business model by solidifying the legality of MERS' role in the security deed, explaining how that role came about, and clarifying MERS' power to act on behalf of the lender," according to Smith.

OMO said...
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OMO said...

It's not sad news. It's horrifying news. They don't care about you. They don't care about law. There is no law. That's not news. When they come to your house and tell you to get out is when it will suddenly dawn on you that they really don't care about you.

Not trying to scare anyone. Only trying to say that you will not get to live in your house for free.

There is no law, and they don't care about you and your plight.

OMO said...

In California no attorney can file an unlawful detainer action against they have complied with the requirements set forth in CCP sec. 396(a). I'm helping a friend of mine with unlawful detainer action that was served on him a few weeks ago and the courts are completely ignoring their own civil procedures. To the courts, this code section does not exist.

CCP 396(a)

396a. In a case that is subject to Sections 1812.10 and 2984.4 of the Civil Code, or subdivision (b) of Section 395 of the Code of Civil Procedure, or in an action or proceeding for an unlawful detainer as defined in Section 1161 of the Code of Civil Procedure:

(a) The plaintiff shall state facts in the complaint, verified by the plaintiff's oath, or the oath of the plaintiff's attorney, or in an affidavit of the plaintiff or of the plaintiff's attorney filed with the complaint, showing that the action has been commenced in the proper superior court and the proper court location for the trial of the action or proceeding, and showing that the action is subject to the provisions of Sections 1812.10 and 2984.4 of the Civil Code or subdivision (b) of Section 395 of the Code of Civil Procedure, or is an action for an unlawful detainer. When the affidavit is filed with the complaint, a copy thereof shall be served with the summons.

Except as provided in this section, if the complaint or affidavit is not filed pursuant to this subdivision, no further proceedings may occur in the action or proceeding, except to dismiss the action or proceeding without prejudice. However, the court may, on terms that are just, permit the affidavit to be filed after the filing of the complaint, and a copy of the affidavit shall be served on the defendant and the time to answer or otherwise plead shall date from that service.

OMO said...
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OMO said...

CCP 396(a) has to do with venue.
There is no justice in our courts today because in ALL cases, they lack venue.

Venue. A neighborhood, a neighboring place; synonymous with "place of trial" It refers to the possible or property place or places for the trial of a suit, as among several places where jurisdiction could be established.

Why don't they have venue? Because the courts are NOT legitimate government. "In order to form a legitimate government, you need people, laws, and territory. The corporate states have people and laws but no territory of their own."

The courts cannot render justice to anyone simply because they can give no one a proper trial, because they cannot establish a PLACE for trial because the states have no territory of their own. " All territory of the Corporate States is borrowed from the federal government under the Buck Act. "

OMO said...

Like the IRC, most state and federal codes are constitutional, but that doesn't mean the corporate federal states are going to follow it, as most of us have learned.

Courts are supposed to be the place where justice is rendered, but most people don't realize that they will never get it, because the courts can't give it.

OMO said...

"De jure states of the union tied to specific "territory" have now become "virtual states" or "political states" rather than geographic states whose occupants are statutory U.S. citizens" residing on federal territory regardless of where they physically live. This transformation began after the Civil War, when most sates rewrote their constitutions to remove references to their geographical boundaries. In that sense, they became strictly political and business entities with no actual "territory" of their own."

OMO said...

"A full fledged citizen can only be found within a venue defined by Constitution and the common law. Statutory process only has statutory venue. Therefore, if statutory process is served upon a full fledged citizen, I consider it served without its legal venue, regardless of the geographical area in which is is purported to have been served."

The Rules of Special Appearance, by LRG (Law Research Group)


There is only one kind of venue and that venue is Common Law venue, where REAL people (not artificial all capital name spelling people) are found.

Statutory venue is NO venue at all.

OMO said...

Now I know why Alex Jones calls them SCUM. The word is very fitting.

All lawyers, I don't care if you defend foreclosures, you are SCUM. It's a good thing Ed Rivera got out of that racket. To be a lawyers, you've got to be the lowest form of life, especially after you've found out that in order to be a lawyer, you've got to be a liar. There is no such thing as a non lying lawyer. All are liars and all are SCUM.

OMO said...
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OMO said...

Venue. A neighborhood, a neighboring place; synonymous with "place of trial" It refers to the possible or property place or places for the trial of a suit, as among several places where jurisdiction could be established. See 132 N.W. 2d 304, 308; and 257 F. Supp. 219, 224. "Jurisdiction deals with the authority of the court to exercise JUDICIAL power. Venue deals with the place where that power should be exercised. Jurisdiction over the subject matter cannot be conferred by the parties, and that lack thereof may not be waived. Venue, on the other hand, is bottomed on convenience, and improper venue may be waived." Green, Civil Procedure 64(2d Ed. 1979) Venue "is the right of the party sued to have the action brought and heard in a particular JUDICIAL district." 249A. 2d 916,918. In a criminal trial where the publicity surrounding the crime would virtually preclude a fair trial, the court will direct a change of venue, or removal of the proceedings to a different district or county. Barons Law Dictionary 3d Ed.

Venue is the court's jurisdiction over the person (in personam).

A defendant can waive improper venue but that's normally done by his attorney, and his attorney knows only statutory venue. Only a defendant representing him/herself can defend him/herself only if he/she understands the court is operating under statutory venue, which is no venue at all.

"If you plead in any way to the merits of the case (matters that address innocence or guilt) you are asking the court to determine those matters and have already waived any argument against venue of the process and personal jurisdiction by acquiescing to the court's alleged authority to determine the matters in controversy and make a personal judgment."

"The merits cannot be addressed until such time as you have completely challenged the venue of the process and the personal jurisdiction of the tribunal and those questions have been addressed and determined. ... a plea of not guilty waives any argument against the venue of the process or the personal jurisdiction of the tribunal." Rules of Special Appearance by LRG

There are over 2 million souls languishing in prison right now all because they unknowingly gave the court personal jurisdiction over them, or, their attorney inadvertently put them there because he/she has only been taught one kind of jurisdiction- the legislative kind.

OMO said...

Someone should send Kurt and Scott a copy of this:

OMO said...

From another book entitled "How to Refuse IRS Process" (1994) because they have no venue. Unfortunately the book can no longer be found for sale on the Internet. I purchased it about 8 years ago and never used it because I never understood it. That's not the case today.

The words, grammar and punctuation have been changed slightly by me for clarity:

in part:

I am not a resident of a Federal or State District within a National or State regional area.

I am not a citizen, resident, or subject of United States of America or District of Columbia residing in the regional district State of California;

I am not a member of a foreign body politic as established through the Social Security Act 1935 or as amended;

I am not a member of the armed forces of United States of America;

I am not an entity subject to service of process by any member of the California State Bar when said service’s venue is within a legislative regional district.

The California State Bar Association’s (CSBA) jurisdiction is purely territorial or legislative, and does not extend within the boundaries of the state of California. When a member/ officer of the CSBA cannot establish a territorial or regional jurisdiction to serve process, such member / officer of the court, exceeds his/her authority if the process is served;

I am serving this Notice of Venue in order to inform your office that I, ___________, am not a citizen within the regional or legislative power of United States of America or District of Columbia or regional district State of California.

OMO said...

Another point is that Kurt and Scott should have never been tried in a Federal court, because the incident did not occur on federal territory. It occurred on the city of Fremont, county of Alameda county, state of California.