Friday, July 29, 2011


My Title 28 section 2255 was filed on 4-21-11. Resolution has been deemed reasonable by the Supreme Court at 18 months. This is not a rigid mandate only a desirable target. This is what I am looking at.

My argument has been selected to precludes the government from using their favorite pardon. That being we did not follow the law but it was a harmless error. With our chosen arguments the will be forced to rule giving us relief or saying something that will be appealable. Rarely is an attorney supplied for these procedures do I have a good chance now to finally defend myself. Many would say I had a chance at trial but they have a fancy not based upon any reality. The trial was a sham a purposeful, orchestrated sham. Only fools would lend it the credence to seek to justify itself.

We are quickly approaching that moment where more than 50%of adults are convicted felons. This is up surd, walk down the street, go to church. A ball game, a concert, etc, every other person there is a criminal according to this insane government and its stupid steeple. This number is an indictment on all of us. If there truly is 50% criminals in this nation factually than we are all criminal in our guilt, the number should be 100% because there is no way 50% can be factual. It has to be fabricated, manufactured, by people with too much power that they are robbing the populace of their integrity, reputation, and wealth.

I am a small voice but determined to challenge all these retards. I’m not fond of the price but cowardice is even more expensive. We are way past the injuries that justify a violent revolution and yet this prohibition has not changed anyone’s behavior anymore that hell prevents you from sinning. But the love of God taking root in a man’s spirit empowers him to conquer the evil of sin within him. Pray for a revolution of God’s love and we just might see a reversal of this criminal abandon. My prayers and life are dedicated to seeing this in my lifetime.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


If your spirit is in a relationship with God you will have learned of our nature. Man is unique among creation because he was made in the image of God. Our makeup is of body, soul, and spirit. One needs to be informed of all their areas of their existence. Looking to the temptation of Christ you will see the first addressed His body, the second His soul, and the third His spirit. These were the three vehicles of pathways but the object was the same in each instance. In each case the devil was trying to temp Jesus into an identity crisis. In this way He shared completely in every manner of temptation we face except without sin, (Heb 4:15).

Jesus was baptize and upon His ascension out of the Jordan a dove landed upon Him and a voice from heaven declared “This is my son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased”. This was given Him before His temptation to secure Him in His identity . No less has been done for us because God’s scriptures are His words to secure us in our identity. You have seen many fools who profess Christianity come on this blog as agent’s provocateur for the devil attacking my identity in Christ. Like their father they would like to see me confounded by my circumstance and to fall prey to an identity crisis. But the devil’s tricks go back to Adam. By the same mechanism Adam was bluffed out of his identity. This is why faith is so important. It keeps your eyes viewing your spirit properly so this deceit cannot harm you. Look at how Jesus wrought His victory; was it not by the word of God?

My critics don’t know what it is like having a long string of trust victories to draw from. That is why I can stand firm in my identity and their own accusations rail against their status. So know who and whose you are and resist every temptation whether it comes by body, soul, or spirit for you are a new creation in spirit to destroy the works of the enemy (Jn. 3;8).

Saturday, July 16, 2011


When one is comfortable with themselves in their relationship with God expect provocation. Hannah Samuel’s mother was provoked by her rival. She did not defend herself but took her injury to God. She is a type for the bride of Christ who is ridiculed by this world. They wonder if God has blessed you as you say why are you barren, where are your children? This is an assault upon your identity. How does it differ from the temptation of Christ? Whose report will you believe the worlds or the Lord’s who calls you His bride? Hanna was comforted because she sought God’s work on the matter. Samuel was the result. What a great treasure he was and what a powerful and timely intrusion on the works of the devil. Your calling is no less, let God’s view of life control you spirit and direct you will.

My sister now battles her 3rd bout with cancer. As I witness her struggle the greatest warring is over her identity. Because she is too ignorant of God’s view of her she is easily moved by every medical report or worldly advice. She doesn’t even know she’s entitled to healing. How sad to be robbed by deceit. Questions that should never be asked plague her mind. Why does God heal some and not others? Question of this ilk, can you see the identity crisis in the question? She measures herself against others because she doesn’t know how God views her. We have all done this but can we stop and recognize it for what it is?

Why does cancer kill the Christian? Tragic to say but if you knew the answer you would destroy the question. I will say that truth can be possessed but not without truth leading you to it. The journey determines the destination and the destination determines the journey. They are inseparable. Provocation on the journey can hide the destination from your sight; Faith sight begins at the destination and reaches back over the entire journey. Anything less is blindness. Open your spirit that you might see who you really are!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is considered a hot new crime. It is the oldest crime. For preceding every sin is on identity theft. Lying is identifying with Satan and not Christ. Stealing is becoming a taker instead of giving. Murder is thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought. If you are sincere about a relationship with God you will know that the spirit given you at your new birth only identifies with God. Look again at the temptation of Christ. How did His spirit respond? He identified Himself with God. In His first temptation of the body He kept His flesh in subjection to His spirit, in His second He was not insecure in His soul and kept His mind and emotions identified with God’s view of Him. In His third He understood that a righteous spirit worships God alone. Our new spirits are modeled here by Christ.

I started Dorean in righteousness by the guidance of His spirit. It attacked the works of the enemy in accordance with the will of the head and nature of Christ. Shall I tremble because all hell broke loose? No, I am delighted, I will continue down the same course that got the ire of the devil. If I am secure in my identity can I not see myself in this battle as God sees me? Whose reports will you believe? Some retard who knows not himself and has already been a victim of identity theft or your creator? The answer to me is clear and so is the course. Trusting God’s love and His word is the nature of the new spirit I received in Christ. My body and soul shall not be given governance over my spirit.

Scott and I know how to do the things the spirit requires of us and in this our unswerving confidence is justified. We know what God has said and we recognize the liars and their source. Day by day in cooperation with spirit we will be led to victory. If you can’t see it then someone stole your identity and can only imagine I will choose to lose mine. Rather let me encourage you by my faith to find yourself again.

Monday, July 11, 2011


In the federal system they have tried to coral all your Habeas Corpus rights into a restricted privilege through Title 28 U.S.C. section 2255. This has to be filed within the year after your appeal is final. That is about early August for us. I have already filed mine though I don’t suspect it will be readily received. There are still some games they wish to play with their procedures.

I learn quickly from these pirates. They have a fantastic confidence game going that they call justice. The facts at issue in any case brought to the game are for game proposes whole irrelevant. So right and wrong means nothing, truth and lies mean nothing, facts don’t matter. So if you have any intentions of winning the game you need a couple tools.

1. Willing to suffer loss, check 2. Be able to disconnect from the facts, check. 3. Study the game and nothing else, check 4. Develo0 a strategy to win the game while forgetting the issue that invited you, check. 5. Be patient and vigilant, check.

The four questions I posed to Alsup’s court in the 2255 are all about the game. All the facts I’m concerned with are game procedures. Not trial procedure or any fact mechanism. All I want to know is did you invite me improperly to your game? If you did it tampers with your image in the confidence business. So if you want to keep the game going you have to let me quit.

The next four blogs will be the questions I posed. The first three deal with the right of the government to bring me to the game. The last only deals with the ridiculous sentence. These are not the argument just the questions.

While everyone tries to make moral arguments about facts that don’ matter these perverts laugh at our foolishness. You might not understand the game but perhaps the questions will help.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


God is a king. He is supreme in power, dominion, and virtue. Yet He allows His subject the freedom to reject His sovereignty. There are many soapbox sovereigns who promise wares of good fortune and claim they have the power to deliver them. Like Israel in Samuel’s day they want to turn the hearts of the people away from God’s civil governance. This is where the separation of church and state began, in the heart of fools. They think God’s domain is solely spiritual.

Mankind is body, soul, and spirit see if you can separate just one of these characters from your own personality governance and succeed. Yet the folly that we can separate God’s concerns and succeed pervades our thinking. When Israel sought a king they rejected God. All the institutions of America have done the same and yet Christians continue to place confidence in them. If God would have redeemed Saul I might say it was possible. He did not He killed Saul and brought in a new institution that sought God with all his heart. Let us no longer dissipate our blessings by sharing them with that which is cursed, let us allow that which must die to die. Only then can we see a revival in the nation. This course is easy to discover at the alter of love. One must withdraw from the clamor of media, world loving preachers, education, and civil associations sold out to the dings of this world. Every vote, every tea-party insurgence only prolongs the inevitable death of denying God’s civil governance. That which is unredeemable should not receive resuscitation from those who possess life. Even a corrupt prophet like Balaam knew you can’t bless what is cursed or curse what is blessed. History will repeat itself if we let it. I’m ready for the key of David to enter our civilization. It’s been promised to this age.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

VICTORY 4/10/11

Hanna proves that the alter of love brings victory. Why should it not? The very existence of the alter of love is victory over the knowledge of good and evil. Her petition received love’s answer and time brought her victory.

The scripture does not make clear how long Hanna suffered under the circumstances of barrenness that allowed her rival to chide her but the indications are that it was for a prolonged season. Most circumstances that allow our hypercritics to gloat are prolonged, giving them some sense of justification in their ignorance. But patience can settle in for the distance once it accepts God’s love is trustworthy.

Hanna learned as we all should that God’s love is attentive, kind, merciful and giving. If we learn to fix our eyes and ears upon God the clamor of our judges will fade into the whispers of wickedness they are. She got to deride her enemies when God turned the tables. Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him.

My own experience at this alter is that it makes you see things of reality that cannot be viewed by the eyes of human understanding. Love is a victory, not by the paths of retaliation, vengeance, or retribution but by itself. It takes its own course which the world cannot foresee. It recognizes the value of each soul in the battle for truth and righteousness. Even the souls in the self-righteous villains of fraud, circumstance would sat that our actions brought us before justice and we have been righteously crushed and condemned. But this is what I see and hear at the alter of love. God wanting to address the wickedness that doles out so much injustice by the device of civil authority brought two men who would trust His love to secure a victory. There is no fear in us as we take the course love dictates. As Hanna we will have our moment when love turns the tables and that which made its hypercritical boast is silenced. Anyone who goes to this alter will become confident of the Victory love always obtains. Do you see what I see, or does you vision need to be a heard?