Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Christianity has no room for cowardice. Courage is a tenet built into the character of our leader the Christ. This is easily reasoned. The faith of Christ has a fixation on the performance of God’s word and the word of selfish desires defies God’s word. It therefore becomes impossible to avoid a circumstance where the demands of this world contradict God’s will. When a Christian arrives at that moment their identity comes into question. Your allegiance automatically falls in behind the report you choose to believe. To add to the conflict the world will normally bring to the conflict the pressure of suffering.

So suffering for the courageous is unavoidable but what benefit is hidden in its delivery?

Philippians 1: 27-29 tells us that God uses out suffering as a witness. When we stood before Alsup, Scott and I were not ashamed of the gospel. Alsup had within his power the ability to bring us suffering if we did not bow to his lie, we could not. Our co-defendants missed a great blessing by being servants to Christ. For our suffering it is said by this scripture was a witness to Alsup of his destruction and our salvation. If this witness is lost it injures both parties. If Alsup should fail to come to the knowledge of Christ in this life he will have this witness for all eternity that Christ loved him.

I know Scott and I believed in the truth of our Dorean efforts but that work is trivial compared to the witness to one soul. When the love of Christ transforms your spirit all your priorities shift and suffering is not to be avoided at all cost. People worry about witnessing for the Lord like it is some duty you have to perform. My discovery is that witness opportunities are ever present if you have the courage to embrace them. No regret comes of these events when you see how God moves.

No doubt in Alsup’s career he has seen hundreds of people profess a faith in Jesus Christ or many other religions. He has also watched most all buckle at the knee and piss themselves at the threat of his power. Then God delivers Scott and me before him. We rebuke him, tell him he’s a fraud and don’t make any choices of compromise. He has a firm witness of Christ and so do we. That is a win-win situation. Funny how many bemoan such a victory.

You want to be a witness of Christ shinning His light in the darkness? It’s not that hard, Don’t hide it when darkness approaches. Stand tall, stand firm, and place your light upon the mountain of courage and all will see it, a witness to all.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I remember at the beginning of this journey all the threats and temptations that assailed me. As I come to this journey’s end this tactic does not change in mode only content. What remains for me on the other side? Will I achieve the victory I have fought for and other questions? Of course these temptations have no basis in fact only an allusion of fact. In Christ there are not a series of disconnected events but rather a continuity of truth that threads through all events. In this truth I know my future is as comfortable as my present. All the uncertainty that lead to this journey proved false. Even the proclamation of 25 years was a lie the moment it was uttered.

The Supreme Court has by God’s hand supplied me with all I need to exit this mess. The bond case 564 US (June 16, 2011) and the Krieger case coming out in October assures my exit if they obey their own laws. This is a big IF among the lawless. Bond is a 10th amendment case proving that the feds weren’t supposed to prosecute me. Krieger is a reasonable doubt case reducing my sentence to less than I’ve already done. By either direction I am now in my last 12-18 months of incarceration. I do not understand as of yet why my appeal was stolen from me but I suspect God will reveal the benefit soon enough. If we were not subject to the lawyers an appeal we might have finished this journey by then. God allowed it for a reason. I can say even with the length of this journey I have no regrets. How great it is to be used of God. What more can a man ask for. There is still much spoil left upon the ground of this battle. It is my hope that God so thoroughly vanquishes the enemy that Scott and I are left free to pick this up and prosper His children. I await one more ruling to know the certainty of my speech which I will have by next week. I will keep you informed upon this development

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


In the apocryphal book of 1 Edras Zerubbabel was on attendant to the king of Persia. He and two fellow servants brought before the king wisdom of what they perceived the strongest. The first said wine, the second the king and Zerubbabel said women but most of all truth.

The many generations have not changed this fact. Yet each generation deceives itself more and more hiding from truth. Today I am incarcerated for my pursuit of truth and condemned by lairs of power. Power is not stronger than truth or the man proclaiming the king strongest would have prevailed in his arguments. It is true I suffer for truth’s sake but my accusers suffer for a lie. I prefer my suffering.

Here is an undeniable truth that underpins all I’ve stood for; God moves humanity and truth and if humans will patiently trust Him He will lead the in the truth.

I will admit that the power and corruption I’ve been subjected to far exceeded my imagination. But I must also admit that the power and love or God has always exceeded my imagination. It is because of God’s character always being aligned with truth that I can agree with Zerubbabel that truth is a supreme power.

It has been revelatory to me how quickly the power of a lie can move men into betrayal of themselves. Yet a Christian man cannot be so easily moved from the truth as the carnal coward. This is why men as God’s agents are brought to the fight. For victory over liars and lies cannot be obtained by those who will not trust the power of truth to prevail.

The fortitude to ride out the storms of tyranny is from truth. Scott and I are not the authors of truth only its servants and we trust it to deliver us from the inferior power of liars. If you really knew God and His truth you would not begrudge us our courage. Instead you would find yourselves vigilant at least in prayer to see truth obtain its victory.

We have laid our lives on the line for that defining moment that must arrive where the subjects of lie are separated from the subjects of truth. One will have suffered pain and loss but the other will possess the full treasure of vanity.

Truth is supreme because God is the supreme author of it. God’s patient tolerance of liars is not so they can gain advantage but rather He can bring more to the truth. May our lives be a tool of testimony for this purpose in Christ. No regrets bring us to truth!

Friday, September 09, 2011


We are currently in our collateral attack of our conviction. This is a process akin to a habeas corpus but neutered by statutory restrictions. Still with all advantage in the tyrant’s hands he lacks the power of truth. Facts do not matter which is what trips up most defendants. The only relevant battlefield in the confidence game they pass off to the dupe citizenry is hypocrisy. If I can expose a silver of hypocrisy that taints the imaginary confidence at the people then I become a liability to part with. Scott and I have placed ourselves in this position. Make no mistake Alsup will do all within his power to avoid giving us this territory. The power of a liar is not to be feared truth is superior.

If Alsup orders the government to respond to our collateral attack we are in the battle for our deliverance in present time. If he dismisses our petition we are back to the appellant court. This time without lawyers the knowledge of his choice will be possessed by time this is posted. If any of you are following the docket of our criminal case

OS-CR- 00611you’ll be able to know the procedural status we are in. I will update you as I get informed I can say that God has moved upon the Supreme Court to provide for us all we need to become that liability to their confidences racked called justice

If juries weren’t populated with dupes the tyranny could have been minimized but as it stands too many are doing the work of the devil with the vain imagination they are pleasing God. What crimes we perfect upon our neighbors in the name of justice.

We would suffer for less under complete anarchy. Tragic in its implications painful in its truth. Updates to follow soon, fear not for I am blessed and the lies have no power over me