Friday, September 09, 2011


We are currently in our collateral attack of our conviction. This is a process akin to a habeas corpus but neutered by statutory restrictions. Still with all advantage in the tyrant’s hands he lacks the power of truth. Facts do not matter which is what trips up most defendants. The only relevant battlefield in the confidence game they pass off to the dupe citizenry is hypocrisy. If I can expose a silver of hypocrisy that taints the imaginary confidence at the people then I become a liability to part with. Scott and I have placed ourselves in this position. Make no mistake Alsup will do all within his power to avoid giving us this territory. The power of a liar is not to be feared truth is superior.

If Alsup orders the government to respond to our collateral attack we are in the battle for our deliverance in present time. If he dismisses our petition we are back to the appellant court. This time without lawyers the knowledge of his choice will be possessed by time this is posted. If any of you are following the docket of our criminal case

OS-CR- 00611you’ll be able to know the procedural status we are in. I will update you as I get informed I can say that God has moved upon the Supreme Court to provide for us all we need to become that liability to their confidences racked called justice

If juries weren’t populated with dupes the tyranny could have been minimized but as it stands too many are doing the work of the devil with the vain imagination they are pleasing God. What crimes we perfect upon our neighbors in the name of justice.

We would suffer for less under complete anarchy. Tragic in its implications painful in its truth. Updates to follow soon, fear not for I am blessed and the lies have no power over me


judge allslop said...

Billy Alsups (add Calif AG Kamala Harris to that long list) employer problems continue to escalate. A few weeks after every money losing firm in the US and the kitchen sink disclosed it would sue Bank of America in an accelerating attempt to salvage something through litigation, the worst case scenario for Brian Moynhian just got worse. Norway's Government Pension Fund, which is another name for its Sovereign Wealth Fund, has just announced it is suing Bank of America for mortgage fraud. Not only that but it is also going after Countrywide and KPGM the auditor on the Countrywide transaction.If US bank analysts were busy quantifying the damages from every bank in the US suing BofA, just wait until the calculation is expanded to included every firm that bought mortgages from Bank of America... the entire world.

OMO said...

Real money doesn't say "Federal Reserve Note":

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