Friday, August 12, 2011


I wrote a book called The Perfect Bride. The thesis was that God took the 8 virtues

found in second peter 1:5-7 and set them as a discernable trek for the relations between God and humanity. Further He uses these virtues over time to perfect His bride over the course of history through the seven church ages prophetically depicted in Revelations Chapter 2-3.

What this taught me is that a relationship with God is not mystical or ethereal but comprehensive. So comprehensive that it is discernable in the tempest of rhetoric practiced by most of humanity. One can know where they stand before God and interpret circumstance through that standing. This means that fruit inspectors can be easily identified as jackassas and that and that their voice is a fraud, contrarian to God. It also allows God’s children to recognize His work in and through every deception.

When you as my client jump on the band wagon of rhetoric you axiomatically condemn yourself. For if you were obedient to God you would have no complaint no matter what the truth of my behavior was, also if you understood the comprehensive nature of your relationship with God you would be able to judge me rightly. In your complaint you prove you are not properly relating to God. Not in the course His love has dictated for you to walk.

How much I would have liked it for my clients to understand the love of Christ working on their behalf through Scott and me to bring them deliverance and supporting that work in prayer. Then all of us could share in the glory of God’s mighty work. But thank God His love does not advance upon us because we have earned it. No by His grace He loved us while we were yet sinners. So even if you fought against your own deliverance, hated the source of God’s provision, doubted you choice or involvement in God’s plan, or ridiculed shamefully, Christ will finish the work His love began. It is my hope that when the testimony of His love is complete and all the frauds are embarrassed that next time you will discern His love advancing upon you and patiently trust its care.

A few have read this book and can now speak toward the revelation of the thesis being true of not. If it is true speak truth on this blog and encourage the wayward to find the discernable course of relationship with God. That is the hope of all my writing and why I have maintained this blog in the long delay of love’s course.


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habakkuk said...

Rick Perry calls Bernake "treasonous".

I've posted on this blog before and said that the moneychangers are about to get kicked out of the temple. Kim Clement prophesied and said "the death of debt" in America starting this year. We're close.

judge allslop said...

Nuff said. Write your trustees and thank them.

92% of Foreclosures in New York Lack Proper Documents -- Banks Booting People Without Proof?
There's a staggering amount of bad paperwork in citywide foreclosures -- not just in New York, but around the country.
August 15, 2011

Ninety-two percent. That's how many of the foreclosures on bankrupt families in and around New York City had no proof the creditors had the right to foreclose. In a three-month investigation, the New York Post—a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch and usually better known for its salacious headlines than its investigative journalism—found that in nearly all of the foreclosure proceedings, “banks have attempted to steamroll their way over sometimes-outgunned homeowners,” booting them out of their homes even if they didn't have proper documentation that gave them the right to do so.
The Post went through more than 150 Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings from June of last year, pulled a random sample, and:
“...unearthed claims riddled with robosigners, suspicious documents and outrageous fees. And in a stunning 37 out of 40 cases, The Post discovered a broken chain of title from the original lender to the company now making claim against a local family for its home and thousands of dollars in questionable fees. In other words, the bank or mortgage servicer filing the claim failed to prove it has any right at all to make a claim it was owed the debt or that it could seize the home in question.”

dr. ira gilac said...



dr. ira gilac said...


the ptb are just not going to let anyone win....

and these "layers" were probly infomants themselfs.

they got everyone to sing up and pay them $4000 knowing that they would be close down by the feds long before any nun see any of they $$$$

get 2 birds at once.

they feds can now scare ppl away from this by saying "watch out, it a SCAM"

and 2

they can use this as a legal case in case any nun still haf da b@@ls to do it anyway.

of course, it all works wit jug beans in they pockets too

otherwise, it dont work

dr. ira gilac said...

no matta....

by octber, it all CUM to a end.

even for jug beans.

he get cum in his end too

coss like they sayed..

what go round, cum round.

dr. ira gilac said...

earthquaks all ova da place...

in joy the rest of cuming.

dr. ira gilac said...

unless you think that jim mccanney is a bs artist, then





August 25, 2011 posting ... word just in with seismic reports showing definitive evidence that the august 23, 2011 earth quake on the east coast of the US was man made and caused by a nuclear explosion deep underground in what appears to be virgiuia ... more on this in coming days as i will investigate ... the sources also state that CIA/MOSSAD were responsible (as i have stated previously as have others that the japanese EQs were detonations and not natural) ... when are we going to put a stop to these thugs and criminals that have been pulling false flag and more recently "natural" events and clearly using the resources of the USA federal government and military ... be sure to catch my show live tonight or if you miss the live show then listen to the show on the archive sub-page as soon as the live broadcast is over ... jim mccanney

dr. ira gilac said... all gonna cum to end in '11

here dat jug beans?

judge allslop said...

BREAKING NEWS: Seismologists have confirmed that it WAS an earthquake and NOT the 14.6 trillion dollar check bouncing on the East Coast.

OMO said...!

judge allslop said...

They know,we know and they know that we know.So what happens if the court knows.

Biggest Case In Ohio F’closure Law In A Century’ Takes Unusual Turn; Homeowner’s Mtg. Debt Mysteriously Disappears; Banksters, Lawyers: ‘No Comment

The Ohio Supreme Court is getting ready to take on what some are calling the biggest issue in state foreclosure law in a century. The question before the justices is what paperwork does a lender need to force an owner out of his home? Like many mortgages during the real estate boom, Duvall’s loan was bundled into a bond and sold on Wall Street to a new owner. And like so many loans, that transfer was never recorded in the county recorders office. The Duvall case seemed like a good one for the state Supreme Court to rule on to settle the issue but it has taken an unusual twist. You might even call it another bank snafu. The homeowner, Duvall, now owes nothing on his mortgage because - in an action unrelated to the Supreme Court case - the loan servicer cleared his debt completely in June. Duvall doesn’t know why it happened and neither his loan servicer nor US Bank’s attorneys are commenting.

OMO said...

Nobody gets a DL without a fingerprint now. Yesterday had to go to DMV to get copy of my lost original DL and was told to put my thumb in the verifier box and keep it there until the red light stops beeping.

So if you ever get arrested, the only thing they need now is your thumb. They do not need your name, they do not need your SSN- only your thumb. You don't have to do anything but give them your thumb and they have identified you as one of their JOHN DOE corporation with Taxpayer I.D Number blah blah. How convenient.

OMO said...

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

The FEDS sue the largest 17 banks for securities fraud for 196 Billion plus. This should create a financial storm in the financial world that is expected only to get worse:

Mortgage free said...

OK so when are we getting the settlements now?

dr. ira gilac said...

settle mints will be serve right afta dinna...

dinna be served around 2025

so dun be late fo dinna.

make sho yo on time

settle mints cum in choc, or vanala or pepamints

judge allslop said...

Kurts release date 7-11-27, be ready for phase one. Dr Fred and and I bequeath our proffering.

judge allslop said...
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dr. ira gilac said...

geex, yo meen dat i gotta have hotburn until 2025 when i can get my afta dinna settle mints??

better of taking sum alco slitzer...plup, plop, fiz, fiz o wha a release it is...plop...

dr. ira gilac said...

no matta....

olny 54 mo days until it cum, oct. 28, 2011

dr. ira gilac said...

then yo can put some mayan-aisse on yo tunfish....

along wit yo settle mints dat wont be hear yet.

dr. ira gilac said...

i no, i no...yo thik dat the mayonaisse calenda is fake...

soon, yo wont....

dr. ira gilac said...

becoss it not made of may nays, right?

it made of stone.

dr. ira gilac said...




dr. ira gilac said...

lets see if yo can learn nuthin?

do yo see why the dg and ALL the other patriot procesess MUST have been made to fail???

because if they were not made to fail, then what else, the zonists would have used the process fo themselfs now that they are being cornered from every side.

once they have finally and totally lost they power, then these processes WILL be allowed to WORK.

ie., prove the note, UCC-1, strawman redemption, etc.

until that time, forget about, all these processes will and mo dan dat, CANNOT BE allowed to work.

rember, the zonists always find and take the easy way out. now that they are almost compleety cornered, they can be allowed absolutely NO means of excape, eeven if it is a real legal or admin process.

no tell me nothin, yo dun reely bleef what i just wrote, do yo???


dr. ira gilac said...

yo thik dat da zonists wood start using admin remdees and start using it for demselves on everythins that they own an get filthy rich all ova again.

sh8t, they could even put in an admin remdy on the twin towels of 9/11

ho much dem billdings worth?

now multiplea dat by waht, 200x the amount of da loan.

yo talking trillions here???

see wha yo means??

da zoinistas wood loose power in one sytem only to gain it in anther. and dat cunt be allow to hoppens or we all wood still be iin shit we already in. nothins wood change.

it cunt be allowed to hoppens...not yet time.

now yo lerns somthings.

y yo nedded me to tell yo this and cunt figur it out fo yoslefs beeefo??

coss yo dun have the sprite if trooth in yo...yet.


the HS is the sprite of trooth also. so all thins can be figure out.

dats why da dg was doom to fail from the very beginning.

its not that the dg was wrong, but that if it in fact had workded, then yo wouold have had all da zonists use it to make trilions on all the propty they already own and this wojld have allow them to still stay in power.

get it?

dr. ira gilac said...

now, ho wood try to refuste, wha i jus writted???

only jimmy NOONE can.