Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Father's Love, 12/3/09

I have the distinction of being the father of three children who neither respect or love me. My eldest son is Ethan Wade, my Daughter Shannon Michelle, and my youngest son Sean Travis. Life has been cruel and I did not have much time in their lives. Ethan was 3 1/2 when his mother moved away. After that my involvement can be measured in days. They probably have spent more time playing video games that with me. Sean came on this blog over a year ago to spit his venom and hatred. He is very ignorant of the events that have hurt him. Still, a father's love has not changed. This tragedy in my life has caused me to understand my Father God much better. My children reject and hate me without cause. Though I have a wealth of love for them, they run from it out of foolish pride. Even their sins do not move my heart to condemnation. Always do I desire the best for them. I am not troubled by their rejection, I am troubled by their pain. Though they can justify the rejection by their belief that I don't love them, factually this is a lie. Even the pain I experience from their behavior I do not charge to them. There is a special gracious standard applied to them that I don't apply to those who aren't my children.

I know there are only shadowy experiences in light of the revelation they lighten upon, but God is kind in using them as such. I have not always been a child enamored with my heavenly Father. Many times I have brought false accusations, misunderstood, and rejected Him. I have used my pain as an excuse to run from Him instead of to Him. Fortunately His lover never changed and His grace never brought a charge against me. In fact, every provision has been made to restore me to relationship. He is my example of a good father and I have too many examples of rebellious children to ever grow weary of thanksgiving for a Father's love.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Call to Promise, 11/30/09

I wonder at the lack of faith in a man's heart. It is so easy when we are cast down to doubt our future. Also, to look upon others in desperate straits and to have no hope, even gloom imagined for them. That phrase "misery loves company" comes to mind. What a miserable lot we creatures are.

When I read the Word or converse with God, I run into a direct confrontation with a truth that opposes this spirit within me. To those who know not God this appears a vain optimism. To those in the know it is the everlasting arms reaching below your troubles to raise you to your promise.

Israel at the time of Isaiah was in terrible shape. They were pummeled on every side and without an inner hope. To this heart God speaks in Isaiah 51 six calls with their corresponding comforts. The underlying theme being, "I formed you out of a miracle (Isaac's birth), can I not restore?"

I know my call from death to a new birth was no less a miracle. Can I not be restored? Even if I were the evil man portrayed by my critics would by hope in Christ be in vain? Consider the evils Israel practiced for generations before they were destroyed by their lusts. What contempt they showed upon their beloved. Still with shameless love, He calls and reveals the blessings of a relationship with Him. Your ridicule seems to defy the character truth about the God you claim to know. Wouldn't my restoration to God be the best hope of justice? I know with me that Alsup's coming to know Christ and His character and to become subject to Him as master holds the most promise for me being restored out of his injustice. It truly makes sense to love our enemies and to pray for them. Hatred and desires for vengeance only show a lack of God's power and grace.

I am getting to an age where people I love are dying and going into eternal damnation. This is a sobering time. All the diversions and waste of time in one's life quickly add up into a taunt and rebuke. Nothing in this life has the value of one soul and yet souls are perishing all around us.

Dorean on the surface can be about economics, fraud and truth, or even hope, or vanity. But to me I find myself bound to a course of action that I envision having eternal import. Showing by my life the character of Christ by following His lead will be a revelation to some that changes the direction of their soul. It is a mystery why Christ can be so openly displayed and yet remain veiled to the majority. But to those to whom He reveals Himself, what a fountain of life! For you, for your soul, Christ makes his demands upon me. Am I injured by the cost of your witness? Most certainly not! Christ is a debtor to no man. He gives me Himself which is the comfort promised throughout the scriptures, including our text. It is the example with countless others that the promise made to your souls are true. God can and will restore to you more than you could ever lose. Do you hear the call to the promise?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Naked Truth, 11/29/09

The apparel of blessing adorns me
though I am willing to be naked before you
All I possess is a gift of your grace
yet all I desire is to see your face.

Stripped down now without a regret
I only oppose for one single reason
Men must know that you are changeless and true
that whatever you speak you will do.

This prison can't hold me though I willingly stay
I could enjoy my life living this way
Only your promise bids me to leave
and its fulfillment just cause to believe.

For your glory, honor and praise I'm only content
when the way you prophesied it is the way it went.

Timeframe, 11/28/09

The schedule for the appeal court continues to push further into the future. The prosecutor had until December 6th to answer the original brief. The supplemental brief is due in January. Their response brief could chew up another 90 days. Once briefing is final, then they will probably go to oral arguments in another 60 days. A ruling generally comes down within 4-6 months but could take longer if complicated. Best case scenario looks like a ruling about October or November. There are 3 Supreme Court cases on this current calendar which most likely will be ruled on in the next 4-6 months. Each of these will clarify that the judge and prosecutor did not have the power they practiced upon me. We knew this back then and so did they, but rarely do they have to answer for their actions.
When I was a boy of nine I got caught shoplifting. In reality, I was more upset about the ramifications than the act. Stealing is wrong and an honest heart would be hurt by that violation more than just by getting caught. If I remained as morally foolish as I was at nine, what kind of man would I have become? The answer is not good, but even worse as there are at least two professions who seek and reward this immoral person. They may feel bad for getting caught, but none will be repentant. Adults as incompetent as children... what's the world becoming?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Beseeching (1-3-10)

The wrath of God used to run hot but times have changed. Though God is changeless the relationship with Him has changed. All relationships are not static but in constant flux. When speaking to Moses about the idolatrous nation God was angry yet soliciting Moses to beseech Him for mercy. (Es. 32 : 11,12) This situation after Christ can no longer exist because God's relationship to man had changed.

Still there is room for beseeching but of a very different breed. Mercy is a given having been completely dispensed through Christ. God's wrath no longer is enraged having been settled in Christ. Christ told us to ask the Father in His name. What is left to ask for since all provision has been supplied? To this I would answer opportunities of execution to be fulfilled. When we come upon sin Christ can address it. When we come upon sickness and death Christ can address it. When we come upon poverty Christ can address it presently with His completed work by a current body executing His power through faith.

Christ can touch on His own but using us as a conduit is beneficial to both parties. We take on His character and love and He receives a special glory from this exercise. It is part of our invitation into His life. A life to sweet for words. Greater in loving kindness than any imagination. So I beseech you brethren to trust the Lord to execute Himself through you at every opportunity.