Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pandora’s Box (05-10-07)

One thing Judge Alsup made clear was the loan activities were not going to be examined under his watch. The criminal threat he was certain would reassure this. Unfortunately for him he took that chance on a set of presumptions that have proven false. One being we would surrender. Two being that we were really con men. Three that we didn’t really know our subject matter. Four we would lawyer up to give him control of the outcome. Well in a Mens Rea case where your state of mind is on trial there are many ways to bring in evidence the prosecution does not want. Do you think how the bank does their transaction might be relevant to the state of mind behind my actions to further my artifice or scheme. State of mind is the key to the Pandora’s box of bank fraud, securities fraud, tax fraud and the myriad other crimes that are the practice of the government protected industry. Here is the cold truth about this subject matter. They have every lawyer on a leash not to come near the subject. If one appears they’ll make it too expensive to litigate. The only option of pro se is a trap they’ll wear you out with. They’ll use trickery forcing you through the discouraging labyrinth until you quit. Criminal is the fastest way to examine the contents of Pandora’s Box. You should all be glad it has gone the way it has. God heard your prayers and still you rail on Him for not answering them. He is smarter than His creation. Don’t you think when its time for a change He decrees He can get the job done even using the devil and his system? I do! What do you say we open Pandora’s Box on the public record and give Mr. Alsup the historical distinction of being the Judge who in defending its contents hurled the key toward us to scare us away? Now that’s a LOL even in heaven. Dorean was the perfect trap, the industry’s greed, the people’s foolishness, and the government duplicity have all merged in a once in a lifetime perfect storm. That’s what is appearing on my radar. How about yours? They don’t know my state of mind because they think their presumption were fact. By the time of this post they will get their first revelation that Pandora’s Box is within our grasp and that they were on the wrong planet that was a mindless wasteland with no institutions of Mens Rea. The party is just getting started.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I’m So Happy (05-09-07)

Well I’m back at FDC so that I can finish my job of winning this trial. The good news is they have just disallowed my wife to visit me. Whaw! Whaw! How much should I cry? I love my wife, her suffering hurts more than mine. She has sacrificed her husband for two years because she trusts God and believes in His plan. If I were like you I would sacrifice the goal for my immediate comfort because life is all about me. You are all going to pay me well for these unappreciated tortures. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you are paid well also. I’m not against you but for you sharing in your sufferings. My tears are as salty as yours. Even behind this pain I’m so happy. How many times does a man get the opportunity in a lifetime to practice deep spiritual truth in a practical and beneficial area that affects so many in his generation? I know many a men who have prayed for opportunities like this but in seeing the pain refuse the offer. How are we really going to look our kids in the face when our grandkids have to work to maintain the household? You watch it is coming if we remain idle. Pray for my wife and all those who are suffering that God in His mercy will give us all enduring faith and cut short our trial. I know we are all tempted to say we can’t take any more pain but here you are after having said it many times. You’ll make it and so will my wife and I. In the end when the severity gives way to gentleness we’ll all be happy!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Real Reality Check (05-09-07)

Client’s can be idiots and believe any hogwash they desire. My performance is not dictated by their foolishness. What are these fools going to do? Take an invitation from the prosecution and cry foul? Bring all your tears and sad stories. You are not relevant or have you failed to understand that in 18 1344 you are not the victim. Oh you think you are relevant for the mail and wire fraud? Bank fraud has to be real before these stick. I could even have been delusional and truly injured the victim lender but if there was no mens rea (intent) I am still not guilty. You all imagine a case that doesn’t exist. If you read the indictment and believe it than every client committed the crimes in conspiracy with us. Keep wishing my demise you retards and perhaps you will get the prize you deserve. Come testify but you better get immunity or hope I’m on my game. You ungrateful bastards wouldn’t understand a loving sacrifice where I’ve laid my life on the line to protect all of you. You ridicule me because I trust Christ who taught me to perform this service for people who will hate me for it. You want what you deserve? Well I’m not going to let you have it. I’m going to give you what you don’t deserve. Trustees who always had your interest before theirs, the equity of your home, the damage caused by every deceiver, and removal of your cynicism and lack of faith in humanity. Shame on all of you who abuse your friends. You foolishly think the civil case is settled yet hearings are still on the schedule. Check for yourself C-04-03724 WHA. Do you really think all the foreclosure cases that used our indictment, fraud alerts, the Frances Kinney case, and newspaper clippings are not going to be a fraud upon the court? The claimed fraud is settled by this trial. What if we expose the fraud presumed a valid loan? Is this res ajudicata to all those foreclosure cases? Does that also add malice to the fraud upon the court? Still you guys don’t know my intent or understand the why’s of my behavior. Only if you took the time to study would you begin to understand. I know where my feet are planted on contract law, trust law, commercial law, banking regulations, agency, estoppel, trial, and various torts. All your stupidity on this blog is unpersuasive. I have been honest about our procedure, did the work we claimed within our power, told you about the FBI raid, my prior felonies, my faith and this trial. If I did not know we were going to win I would have told you. Yes they will cheat but I’ve been trained for this. Look I wish there could have been an easier path to victory but reality had a different plan. I can say now near the end that this was the fastest and surest path to take. God is brilliant and made sure we were prepared. Did your God abandon you? Maybe he was the god of your lender and wasn’t what he appeared to be. Wake up people! Fight for yourself and don’t allow yourself the reality TV retard to be your label. Read the indictment carefully and then LOL! For those living in reality see you at the top. Blessings await you.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Half the Distance to the Goal (05-06-07)

This is a phrase used in football that sounds like a great amount on a 100-yard field. You would think it could be as much as half the field. The term is used only when the distance remaining to your goal is less than the infraction of your enemy. Yesterday my wife and I cried some heavy tears over circumstances that keep delaying our goal. I was reminded of the Abraham, Isaac and ram story again in a revelation of comfort. In the book of Jasher, Abraham and Isaac are at the alter crying heavy tears. Their love for each other being sacrificed for their love of God. The tears are sorrow, joy, fear, faith, hope and love all mingled together. We are all called to these alters in our life. The journey to the alter is long but at the alter the provision of God is close. You might say that the ram was, at the time, seen half the distance to the goal. Abraham had to get to the ram and bring it in equal distance back to the alter. In relation to the entire journey this last ruling of the official was miniscule but necessary to complete the journey, to reach our goal. As I desired for my wife to find hope that this last foul was taking us to the ram, I want you to understand how far you’ve come towards your goal. Turn to the ram and realize how close you are to memorializing in your history that your sacrifice unto God is a completed act, a score, a goal. That which appeared for us this week as a delay of game was really an assistance to the ram. As we march back with God’s provision our goal is a certain accomplishment. I would not be surprised that as I get closer to this ram by the official decree that I will discover it is without blemish, better than I can imagine and will leave only the joyous tears. As I free this ram from the thickets by my faith and prayer I look back at Isaac, my promise, and know it is safe and will remain with me.

Monday, May 21, 2007


As I wrote my book on Faith, Hope & Love I realized I’m going to have to deal with God as a subject. Though He is my favorite subject a valid description by averments is impossible for my finite faculties. All I can do to really get across an ascertainable concept fathomable to our reason is to state what He is not. He is not a figment of His creatures imagination. Not limited to time or any other limits of his creation. He is a separate personality because He is not me and relates to the me He is not. He is not a product of religion or any social herd collective. He is fearless of any threats of men or influenced by any demands by man. Master could be suspected by this behavior alone. He is contemplated by all men as a subject even if as an object of rejection. This makes Him a contemplative constant not learned by an educational constant. He is not the ethics or morality bantered foolishly upon this site. He is not cruel. I have found joy and benefit from all my sufferings so He can not be cruel. If He is not the one in control of my suffering even more so can I say He is not cruel because He took evil suffering and made me benefit. He is not a liar because everywhere I turn within myself I find condemnation by a truth standard whether I have found strength to keep it or have failed. He does not accept my dishonest weights and measures and proves it by a revelation of the honest standards. He does not show any fatigue or anxiety over my problems. He is not hidden though unfathomable. He appeared in reality so He is not a fiction. He is not subject to death so He is not of this creation or its flesh. He is not reasonably comprehended by creation or historical facts. He is not capable of breaching a contract since He can’t lie or be dishonest. He holds us to contracts and our breaches because He judges. Who is He to you? Have you put much thought into it or just accepted the herds opinion? It’s an individual question though we may share the answer.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Billy Boy (05-03-07)

Bill is now residing with us in our default housing unit. He has retained an attorney so his tactics are individual to him. They may be compatible they also may not. Regardless the effect of delay is the only negative we are exposed to. We are excited for him as a brother because he gets this great opportunity to discover that his God is larger than his problem. Each man stands alone in his faith and we can only lend our strength but the individual must grab it on his own. For those of you who live by faith and have a prayer life accredited by God would be kind to lift this man before the living God and ask that He would nurture him and strengthen his faith so that he will endure his suffering until he receives his eternal prize. As a big brother I delight in his squirmy uncomfortableness because I know God’s grace is sufficient and nurturing and that He intends good for him. Bill doesn’t know it as well as I do but its time he learns. Wouldn’t it be great to have another join us in choosing eternity over temporal concerns? Scott and I are doing great and are not concerned about the October trial date. God knows the day this is over and man will not dictate it. We are about our business and excited about what’s before us. I’ll be giving a public announcement shortly that will effect a small number of you specifically and all of you generally. This may be 2- 3 weeks from now but if you know some who only visit occasionally please give them an alert when it appears. It will be time sensitive. This case gets easier as we progress. I wish I could truly inspire all of you to a knowledge of the historical significance of what’s happening but most of you will wait until your hindsight arrives. Those who see ahead will remain ahead I promise.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Tangibility (04-29-07)

I think the thing I’ve tried to din into your heads more than anything is that God’s word can be trusted. The exercise of faith is this action. For a long time this action may appear vanity but there comes a time in history when the promise becomes substance. It’s when the eternal breath of God takes on life in the temporal historical procession. We are right on the brink of a tremendous tangible display of this truth happening upon us. I cannot tell you what it is but mention it for documentary purposes. I will be sure to put it in the book. Mentioning it now is to encourage you to hang in there until eternity overwhelms your existence. Most people never get the joy of this discovery because as cowards they quit way too early. Like you I have said I can’t take another minute of this or bear another hardship, but here I am writing about it long after these thoughts. We are blind to God’s plan except in faith. Add a little tenacity and you will discover that truth “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” God is making us tougher, like beef jerky better suited for a long journey. The sweet bread of comfort may satisfy for a short season but it will not sustain you on a long rigorous trek. In a future blog I will tell you the good news that faith has obtained its tangible prize. I’m not special anyone can receive the same attention from God. His word being forever settled in heaven makes it settled forever here on earth if your faith will hold onto the promise until it arrives. Yes every delay is to wear you out and destroy your faith, but every faith opportunity is designed to make you strong and to wear out the enemy. Scott and I are doing this and soon we’ll declare our tangible prize so you can say “Amen.”

Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Goose is Cooked

I wanted to take a couple of quotes from the cites used by the prosecution in their in limine motion. I have quoted the actual text in context not the motion's pretext misquotes. If you read these I am wondering if you suspect our goose is cooked. If you do then you have been brainwashed and would not understand what your Trustees know or how it will benefit you. Let's have some meaningful conversation on these cases and see if any sense arises or will we forever be blessed with ignorance.

Demmler v. Bank One NA, No. 2:05-CV-322, 2006 WL 640499, at *3-4 (S.D. Ohio, March 9, 2006)

*3 Plaintiff alleges that the promissory note he executed is the equivalent of "money" that he gave to the bank. He contends that Bank One took his "money," i.e. the promissory note, deposited it into its own account without his permission, listed it as an "asset" on its ledger entries, and then essentially lent his own money back to him. He contends that Bank One did not actually have the funds available to lend him, but instead "created" the money through its bookkeeping procedures. He further argues that because Bank one was never at risk, and provided no consideration, the promissory note is void ab initio, Defendants' attempts to foreclosure on the mortgage are therefore unlawful.
*4 Plaintiff offers no authority for this patently ludicrous argument. Similar arguments have been rejected by federal courts across the country.

I agree with this opinion, his argument was ludicrous. Can you see it?

Carrington v. Fed. Nat'l Mortgage Assoc., 2005 WL 3216226, *2-3 (E.D. Mich. 2005); Rene v. Citibank NA, 32 F. Supp.2d 539, 543-44 (E.D.N.Y. 1999)

*2 Plaintiff is protesting the payment of his debt based on allegations that the nation's banking system created money by its ledger entries and that the money needed to be paid in gold and silver coins. This contention is patently meritless and has been universally rejected by numerous federal courts.
*3 Plaintiffs contentions relating to the validity of the United States monetary system and the way in which banks "create" money, arguments that have been found to be without merit. His presentation is fundamentally absurd and obviously frivolous.

I agree with this opinion that it is patently meritless. Can you see why?

Rene v. Citibank NA, 32 F. Supp.2d 539, 543-44 (E.D.N.Y. 1999)

The plaintiff's allege in their Complaint that they applied for a mortgage through Citibank for "lawful money of the United States." Instead of lending them such funds, the plaintiff's content, Citibank fraudulently, and in breach of their contractual obligations, gave them a check. The plaintiffs contend that this check did not represent legal tender because it was not backed by "lawful money" (i.e. gold, coins, Federal Reserve notes). In essence, the plaintiffs' claim is that Citibank did not have an amount equal to the face value of their loan in their vault, so that Citibank did not loan plaintiffs legal tender but merely "transferred some book entries."

This one is the most stupid. Can you see it?

US v. Schiefen, 926 F.Supp 877, 880-881 (D.S.D.1995); Strickland v. A Mortgage Co. 179 B.R. 979, 981 (N.D. Ga. 1995)

Schiefen also pleads insufficient consideration securing the promissory note which is the subject of this suit because Schiefen alleges Farmers Home Administration loaned funds by "creating money" of Intangible [sic] value by a bookkeeping entry.

Talk about cutting your own throat, would you make this argument?

Can you figure out the prosecutions strategy from these quotes? I can. Perhaps you should have kept your entrance fee into our program and faired better on your own. To me this strategy is a joke, adolescent at best and I'll bet most of you are overwhelmed. Perhaps I work too cheap. I have every intention of agreeing to the prosecutions motion but I don’t think any of you would except the few I see on here who are thoughtful.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Time and Again (04-25-07)

On the 24th Mr. Julian was in court. The day before he retained a lawyer which created a very long delay. Our trial date was moved to October 20th. Don’t panic, there is much transpiring that makes that meaningless. The case is framing up nicely. Actually I couldn’t be more content at this moment. Bill will be moving over to Dublin soon and will look at the evidence to see if he wants to take a deal or come along for the ride. I have a desire for him but each man walks alone before God. Regardless of his choice it does not affect our plan. He does bring with him some interesting pieces of evidence that verify what we’ve been thinking about our enemy. I truly wish I could garner one bit of the concern I see on here about our well-being but I can find no factual basis. I am so underwhelmed by the threat that I struggle more with boredom. Why is it so hard for you to imagine that if God calls you to a battle He will equip you. He is not like the US begging the bankers for more debt so they can give their army supplies. He has all the resources He needs. 30 years ago I began asking God for opportunities to impact my generation with the truth I was discovering. This prayer was not vanity. All my lessons were to train me for when that opportunity arrived. I didn’t have to look for it, it found me. I trusted God in the training and I trust Him in the battle. I am not or yet have been dazed or confused by any event in this course. That doesn’t mean I know the future or understand everything God tells me to do. What is sure is that this voice can be trusted. Soon I learn of His tactical brilliance, which helps remove the temptation to rely on my skill. My skills in the employ of God is the enemy defeating weapon. This will work for you also. Enjoy the next blog “Our Goose is Cooked.”

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Knock on Wood (04-21-07)

I just finished the book of Jubilees. I had read it a few times before but it has been awhile. What intrigued me this time through was a list of woods that were acceptable for use in the burnt offering. Jubilees covers the same history as Genesis for those unfamiliar. The burnt offering I’ve spoke of before. It is allegorical of how we are to walk with God. In the burnt offering God gets everything consumed for Himself and for His pleasure alone. Think of yourself as a sacrifice unto God holding nothing back completely exposed to His good pleasure. In this context these woods spoke to me a truth. All of them were soft, supple, and fragrant. Hard woods burn hotter, quicker and are not fragrant. In this firery trial I realized that I have to be flexible to God’s dictates and direction. That I need to keep the moisture of faith and the oil of obedience within my members. This keeps me fragrant, burning slow equal to endurance, and acceptable. Does God not have a right to determine what He’ll accept? The old Cain and Abel story was a first instance of man imposing his opinion upon God and discovering God was not going to go for it. Do you not see the bitter hard wood flash burning their opinion here as God’s acceptable offering? They are only fooling themselves, they are bitter and stink. Their lives are not a fragrant offering there is no faith and no obedience. The lamb, the bull, the life God supplied but the wood came by our effort of toil. This co-op is a clever allegory to real life. Your victory can be proved by your fragrant enduring offering, as is Scott’s and mine. When God is pleased your hope is endless, valid, and devoid of vanity. That is what we call a win win acceptable to both parties. Hardwood is better for graven images that seek glory only in this deadwood world. It’s a cross born for us so we can remain tender and useful.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Betrayal (04-14-07)

Sometimes I wonder how friendship has become such a lost knowledge in society. As I reminisce about some of the comments made here I’m reminded of certain betrayals. Now some were never friends but claimed holy motives which I should suspect was intended for my benefit. People like fruity who knew God had placed her here to expose me, deliver me, etc. What is clear is that her God did not have the power even to deliver her with endurance. Scott in Vineland appears after 30 years and I think how fortunate for me; a bonus blessing in my trial. He post here for a season a small chance to rail on me but never writes to me directly. Did he just use his office of friendship to platform himself? What is friendship worth if it doesn’t have any friendliness? Angel of mercy has not contacted me. What was the purpose of his post? If he is the great prison minister and knows the ropes am I not currently the subject of his gift from God? Who needs this type of sincerity? Judas when he betrayed Jesus was not thinking he was doing evil. He made a selfish judgment that if he forced the political issues Christ would destroy the enemy and prove Himself King. I’m sure these people and others I’m not mentioning think they are kind by delivering their sage wisdom but none know the tender side of God. Being harsh is sometimes loving this is not what I mean. Setting one before yourself is God’s nature and tenderness. Cutting me down for the sole reason of making yourself look good is evil. A friend of mine was just arrested for crimes against the United States. He had already done 12 years on a bad law that was changed because of him. He’s exposed other bad laws still these idiots punish truth. This friend will never have to seek my help I will pursue him. That’s what friends do, not what you’ve seen on this blog called friendship. Relationships can be eternal opinions never last. Betrayal, blame are easy any coward can do them. Friendship is hard and takes courage. Few experience its substance. You real friends here are noticed and appreciated. Thank you!

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Gift (04-14-07)

I think the spirit of rebellion is really one of thanklessness. If one would truly pay attention to their existence they would notice they are sustained by gift. God has a fundamentally giving nature. Life, environment, sustenance, reason and eternity all were extended offers from our creator. Do you acknowledge the value of your health before you lose it? Do you covet things not given to you? Learning more about my God has me more and more aware of the precious gifts that permeate my existence. This may seem like a strange comment from one incarcerated against his will and sense of justice but it is true. How much more should it be true in your life? Do you in a trial of losing your house thank God that you have a family or life to concern yourself with? Could you be going through this alone without Scott and I putting our lives on the line for your vindication? Could God allow you to suffer without a hope? Look into the love of God and see if you can find anything but gifts emanating from it.

These last two weeks have been very frustrating for my wife and I because the things we must do keep getting what appears to us needlessly delayed by situations out of our control. In this frustration though is the gift that God is in control. That our love is intact. That revelation and wisdom are still flowing. That my case is better than I could of ever hoped for before trial. That the spiritual is overpowering the material temporal problems. My trial is a great gift. Through it I discover the depth of my wife’s love, the power of God over my enemies, the endurance of faith, the joys of eternity, the knowledge of evil and the end of it’s strength, wisdom that can only be garnered by experience, and the authenticity of Christ and all His promises. I can tell you these treasures are not discovered by the cowards who run from trouble or blame others. There is one truth ingrained in your soul. A desire in your relationships to be trusted and loved. God shared His desire with you. The test of real love and trust is the trial. There is no better gift than their appearing.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Lure (04-10-07)

A couple of times in my life I’ve had the pleasure of being in the presence of great fishermen. I recall one opening his tackle box and there being lures of every kind. Some that culped, slapped, shimmered, wiggled or skimmed the water. Some were fast, fat, floated or sank. What was clear was that no matter the instinctual habits of the fish he pursued a lure was designed to tempt that fish to swallow the fraud. Now having about 95% of the discovery it has become clear that the lure of “vapor money” has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker and has set so deep in their jaw they cannot break loose from it. Notorial dissent, Justice 777777, and all of you who bit on this lure take comfort in knowing that we concur with you and the prosecution, the opinions of the courts that just because banks (lenders) create money from thin air does not mean it is devoid of consideration or is not legal tender. Of course this is a very cursory view but I don’t expect much more from creatures of habit. After 2 years and who knows how much spent on investigation we are more than delighted they still do not know our legal theory. Though I did hide it right in front of their face the lure of “vapor money” has made them blind to the real meaty flesh of viable substance swimming right before them. It now helps me understand the stupidity that has confronted us. Pay attention to the in limine because I will be saying a lot in what I don’t say in them. Those who know and have studied will not get lost here but you lazy apathetic will continue to find support for all your fears. If you could see all the evidence proffered you would find your faith giving way to a certainty that even in reasonable logic our enemies have lost. In the battle of wits we have won. How much more the spiritual battle. God has been very gracious to us all and deserves our highest praise. He secured our victory by designing the lure long ago.