Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Tangibility (04-29-07)

I think the thing I’ve tried to din into your heads more than anything is that God’s word can be trusted. The exercise of faith is this action. For a long time this action may appear vanity but there comes a time in history when the promise becomes substance. It’s when the eternal breath of God takes on life in the temporal historical procession. We are right on the brink of a tremendous tangible display of this truth happening upon us. I cannot tell you what it is but mention it for documentary purposes. I will be sure to put it in the book. Mentioning it now is to encourage you to hang in there until eternity overwhelms your existence. Most people never get the joy of this discovery because as cowards they quit way too early. Like you I have said I can’t take another minute of this or bear another hardship, but here I am writing about it long after these thoughts. We are blind to God’s plan except in faith. Add a little tenacity and you will discover that truth “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” God is making us tougher, like beef jerky better suited for a long journey. The sweet bread of comfort may satisfy for a short season but it will not sustain you on a long rigorous trek. In a future blog I will tell you the good news that faith has obtained its tangible prize. I’m not special anyone can receive the same attention from God. His word being forever settled in heaven makes it settled forever here on earth if your faith will hold onto the promise until it arrives. Yes every delay is to wear you out and destroy your faith, but every faith opportunity is designed to make you strong and to wear out the enemy. Scott and I are doing this and soon we’ll declare our tangible prize so you can say “Amen.”


sopforever said...


MATT 6:33

sopforever said...

latest world reports says someone stole all the QUEENS gold, $4.5 trillons worth.

says that it was done by DVD, dutsch vertungs dienst, dachau.

knowing a little bit of history of WWII, cant help but wonder if these so called nazis are attempting to get revenge on england for what they claim that england did to them in WWII

germany claims that england and the usa also, but mostly england firebombed '000000s hudreds of thousands of innocednt civilans in dresden germany

non military cities with with torch bombs desighned to light fires to houses that they knew were all made of wood.

many, many innocesnt men, woman and children dies a horrible death of being a human torch.

as evil as the nazis were, and they were truly evil, how shameful for what are supposed to be a "chirstian" nations to do equally as evil.

mans inhumanty toward man.

the nazis were evil, what was englands excuse? or usa????

"...for we know, that judgement must start FIRST in the HOUSE OF THE LORD..."

christians will be held to higher account for their evil deeds.

its not like its an even deal, 1:1

evil is expected or evil people, not of gods house and they punshment will be very severe.

god judges equally, and i am sure that those responsible today would rather forget what they had done.

they forget, god doesnt.

notorial dissent said...

Kurt hope you’re comfy in your new digs, you’re going to have years to enjoy them.

So Julian isn’t quite as dumb as your are, eh Kurt, he knows he is going down and is trying to soften the landing. The question is just how much of a deal can he work out with the Feds in light of his own problems from trying to copy you.

sopforever have you had your meds checked recently, if not you should, your delusions are getting worse, and your critical thinking has deteriorated further.

GYHOOYA said...

Hey Notorial dissent

I see your into giving out advise to everyone. How ablut you take some of it for your self. I say this because of your postings, more so your last one .

What the hell are you talking about?

Your posy is more nonsence then anything real.

How would you know what Bill is doing or wat kinda deals he might be entertaining.

Leavee it to the go old naysayers and gov't plants to jump up every other day with some kinda bull shit here.

Be nice toi see theGov't play a fair game for once and not try stacking their deck to get the win . I mean they already have the power of many when it comes to these thing and can use those things like thge : New, and other tried and true ways to get the public to beleif them and make the one s they want out to be the bad guys.

you hang in there pal and will see how this fairs out in the end , if theree is one att the rate the Gov't is going wiith all the bull shit and their delays that may never come 2 going on three years without a trial what kinda crap is that . and let me set the record straight it was'nt brought on by the guys in jail and their filings it was the court that has made for the delays .

So where are all the big shots who were running their mouths tellling the same as you are again how this would be over in march and Dec. if you know so much why did'nt you have the mind to know they (the court ) would dump ity again.

Your a joke!

GYHOOYA said...

I see the Gov't has got old Goggels doing their work for them these days.

If they don't want you to find it or access it then when you try Goggels will just a divert you some where else or make such a pain for your trying use that you give up on it . As we can see here on this blog after they changed the password and accunt settings

As I can atest to from doing searches and getting false return that lead me somewhere completly different from my search.

Was'nt this called Free America as in you choose what you want and don't as long as it hurt no one else.

This whole crap around the fact of if we get some things we want and then later because of them need the Gov't paid serves to help[ us that its an burden on the country and that is good enough for the Gov't to say what we can have and what we can not have.

Do seem to Free Chose to me.

seems like a lot of control for things that it sould'nt be. The fact is the Govv't should be spending its time more on the thingss like how their going to make up the sort coming of the Soc Sec program for all the baby boomers coming up here shortly and how about lookingh on ways to stop spending so much of my money and hoe about they get their over paid asses to work and do some good

I read some place the other day that there was a senetor that put up a Bill for a law that made it a crime if you spank your kids to be punished by either or $1000.00 /1 year in jail.
and just like that over night there is something in the works for this because this person is bug by it .

But it take forever and to never to get thing that have sonme good like the change in the banking laws and getting it to be so that the banks and broiker can't steeal fro the public so easy.

Noooooo that would take some money out of their pockets now would'nt it?

notorial dissent said...

Poor kafooey, makes next to no sense at the best of times and none all the rest.

Your village hasn't missed you yet, but please go home anyway, you are wasting band width.