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Billy Boy (05-03-07)

Bill is now residing with us in our default housing unit. He has retained an attorney so his tactics are individual to him. They may be compatible they also may not. Regardless the effect of delay is the only negative we are exposed to. We are excited for him as a brother because he gets this great opportunity to discover that his God is larger than his problem. Each man stands alone in his faith and we can only lend our strength but the individual must grab it on his own. For those of you who live by faith and have a prayer life accredited by God would be kind to lift this man before the living God and ask that He would nurture him and strengthen his faith so that he will endure his suffering until he receives his eternal prize. As a big brother I delight in his squirmy uncomfortableness because I know God’s grace is sufficient and nurturing and that He intends good for him. Bill doesn’t know it as well as I do but its time he learns. Wouldn’t it be great to have another join us in choosing eternity over temporal concerns? Scott and I are doing great and are not concerned about the October trial date. God knows the day this is over and man will not dictate it. We are about our business and excited about what’s before us. I’ll be giving a public announcement shortly that will effect a small number of you specifically and all of you generally. This may be 2- 3 weeks from now but if you know some who only visit occasionally please give them an alert when it appears. It will be time sensitive. This case gets easier as we progress. I wish I could truly inspire all of you to a knowledge of the historical significance of what’s happening but most of you will wait until your hindsight arrives. Those who see ahead will remain ahead I promise.


GYHOOYA said...

so what's the problem here I see that Goggel-gov't is looking to win out with just a small thing like changing the log-on. Wow if that's all it take's to get people to give up then might just as well call it a day with the boy's.

The one thing that make's it imp0ossable for the Gov't to win over them is the fact that they have been unable to cause enough od a wave in the amount of people that see the two as right and in that it self it has the whole normal process of braking down something like this (defuse) and then going ablout what kind of deal they are willing to make with the one's in charge.
In other word the Gov'y normal presure has not work in this case and is the bake bone as I see it to the very reason for the time delays and the issiue with the courts it all very simple you want to stop something thats has gather a large number of supporters and is growing fast with potencal to reck havic on the banking system of this country. You simplylock up the principals take everything you can worth any money from them and let the rest fall into place. Sit back and watch the masses fall away from one by one from lack of interest , knew news, changed beleif, or just plan time and understanding.

Lets face it when your out of sight , your out of minded and couple that with the attention span of about a day or two at best (unless it's something like reality T.V. that is) and it's not hard to understand how this is a verg good and affective tool for the Gov't to use to stop and rid it's self of any problem that involves a number of people and could blow up let alone if it were something that was just a couple of people .
In other words We forget things that are not stuck in front of us or have some kinda benifit to us very quickly without any reinforcement to keep it going.

Thats why this Blog has been such a thorn in their side from day one it put a wrench in what is normaly an easy going job to do andtake very little effort or time to get it done.

By the time this is through and comes to whatever conclusion it will ( my votes is that the bank are made to feel the sting for real as so they might start to back off from all of their fee based stealing and show some responce to the customers they do this to.) but thats just one thing amoung manythat should be put into play with regard to the banking system here.

So you see it would be to the best interest to have Bill not cut any deal and still I wondering how this person brought in at the last hour before a trail is to start and has never been part of the original charges placed against the two who have been locked up for two years is the leading edge of what stopped and now has place the date for a new trial off by over 6 months.

Even if we were to entertain the side of the Gov't here and say that Discovery is the key delay now what the hell is the to relay in discovery that is new for Kurt and Scott unless theree is some new facts brought to light in this after some tw years that anyone is not full understanding.
It the way the court is acted on this case is the way the system wwas set up to be as in the Time issue then why have one at all?
I mean weather you aggree or disagree with the base of the charges or this whole thing at all the very workings that have gone it to this have been at best the dog fucking the chicken and in hopes of getting any kind of logical path and right's ,proceedures, and law around it is about the is about the same result a biggg )0 caz your not getting a egg from that chichen and you not getting any right upheld by this court.

Thats a twisted way to look at it and all I sure there are plenty out there that can se the unfair doings of the sysytem and know that it's not right (by the law ) but are willing to turn there head to seeing it because they think that the end is justified by the means and as long as the two get what they deem as needed then there fine with stepping all over their right and doing what ever it take to get it done.

We have all heard them on here spouting off this and that but when faced with the truth and shown thattheirs is not the reakl deal and in factr there is no way to hide any more one thing or another that show the wrong being done, they either fade away or become someone else to post under.

The main deal here thettthse people stand on in most cases is how they were told about the facts that lead them to sign on if the marketing of it. But the whole point of that distaste is understandable when looking to point the finger of blame to someone other than them selfs for t out come .

The facts are had the law been the cae and point here the two found a loop hole and the banks were stuck in so dealing with it and went for help to stop ity once it wass clear the two were not backing down and giving up .

If you can sit there and say to the point of being honest with your self and all the fact in volved in this you have to say there is many many things that have gone on with this case that are not right and like I said just because you may like the outcome they reap and don't care how that is met is not what make it fair or right.

You have to ask Why would the Gov't be acting n such a way with this regard?

Why is it so important to keep these two locked up all this time without bail being set.

(they have most of he money and realy where are they going anyway ? Panama where Bill was that helped him not much.

Just take a good look around atthe thing the court and Gov't have done or not done and ask your self what was the reasone for that if ther was not some kind of legal need or rule they were following. You have to se the use of power to gain a ends result here there is just no other wat to explain the goings on by the court system tha tplays this game every day and should by now have a the system down as to how things work so as not to delay anything.

That coupled withe the fact that the court has a personal dislike fror the two in this case would be the nail in the coffin would'nt you think?

as the time gose on the banks have writen new trems to cover this kind of thing and senty out amendments as to them I read some different terms bieing added every other day by the banks

Ask yourself this: If the banks were doing thing the way they should or in fact the Dorean group did not hav a legal backing in their wiorkings to them then why is so needed to rewrite their terms coverinng or changing these thing in them ?

anyway think about that if you would with a mind hat might have you open to a few things that culd being goiung on here that don't look at all right.that is if thee is anyone out there these days ........

GYHOOYA said...

Oh, I almost forgot

I'm first I'm firstto post again and your wern't so neiner nener niener!



whats up Toco you trying to bite your tonge or is it your post ing under aanother name (doubt that ) so either it's the fist one or tou just to stupid to figure out how to re log on to this ssite and post.

So witch one is it?

If know responce I'll understand and there will be no more needed O.K. ?


GYHOOYA said...

I have to say again that the simple fact that someone did'nt put enough thoght when they named their kid as to what the the name might get used as or have a stigma to it like in the case of
Bill Julian: B.J. or for the hard of sight here

Blow Job witch I'm sure was not realy nessasary to spell out but yet it seemed to be the thing to do .

So who should care any way it would lok as if I have the run of the place now anyway with the soon to be new owner SOP-1679 as the website the dream comes into reality and within their grasp. Could this be another hostle take over or what?

The name thing realy is not a shot at Bill as more so the example of what peoiple do everyday without thinking as to the outcome of their actions and how they might effect the varyones they mean to never harm at all

I mean what couple (mom & pop) would ever do something thatthey knew was going to put their kid up for people to make fun of them ... none I would think so then we can only access from this that the couple was'nt thinking when they named Bill Right and ther by goes the fact as to why theis country is such a sad case of walking talking dip shits when it come to things of even greater thought or need to be given understanding and why the ones who have this understanding are the ones that are running the show and making all the gains by so doing the simple things that are needed to take whats your in form of your labor and make that into their full pockets,

Globle one world ecorp you bet why not that way they stop all of that exchanging of different currency and track just the one along with everything you do soon enough.

Thats another story for anouther time but you watchout and see if you can understand the how's and why's as to the forever moving foces of the Gov't to get you to do and be where they want.

It not to hard to do these days not much in the way of anyone that s of the needed to see it or understand it let alone stop it.


GYHOOYA said...

Let me ask anyone here this question.

What do you think it would take to complety remove the Federal Reserve Banks from their place of power and there by return tyhe money hadleing to congress and the people?

This is just a question that I thought would be interresting to bounce around if anyones up to it and all with the mind that too do this would be a good thing not bad .

so what would it take to get rid of the fed res. bank and take control of the money here again ?

Oh one other thing just for thought.

Why is it if the Fed bank was set up in a way that said all profit from their work that was in excess of the cost of running themselfs (Profit) was said to go to Treasury Dept. and there by back to the people and if this was the case and is the way things are done then why is it that there is any debt to be paid them on our counrties behalf?

Imean if we were to look at in the basic one would see that theFEd make a river of interest from not only us through banking and all other forms of lending but the outside, other country lending that goes on and the interest that they make as well or has it become one on to it self and there by has done away with that little law?

If the river of money were to be paid back into the work of things from the fed's doings we could not be in debt there is no way for that to happen

Being we go to the feds to get money and pay interest on it (something witch was put out there as kind of a dog bone to show some kind of comtrol opf them when in fact was never going to control anything with such a little add as that.

let fact facts the persons that were the start of this country were'nt perfect but they did have enopugh about them to write down what would be a problem from what they could ssee had happened throughtout the world yup to that point and how could they ever know how crafty the banks could get or how lazy we would be by ther esimple doings of gain and control

We are by far the most spoiled lack ing nothing wanting everything lazy bunch I could see anywhere in the world today.

What is interesting about that is that we have been that way for most of the time except for some points witch were set in to play I'm sure by the looks of thing around they by the bankers to get a step forward to thier set now .

but in all of that doing we as a country are only somewhere in the neiborhood of 400 yeras old and the younger of the worlds land masses ane groups that have for the most part been a controling force from the start.
Ever wonder about why it was that england gave in so easy when we started to protest and gien the fact that it went to war and troops were set into play around this and from a country that was not a custom to giving in or losses without results.
One would haveto see this as something that would be of more deepth as to why?

If you a strong holed of a contry and you have the backing at the time oof the centeral banks that have steped in at a time when you were fighting with France and feed you the money to keep up the fight there why would it be any different when it can to their wants and need s overt here. The disagreement from England being in part How the tax was paid and not if it was as the reasoone for waring with us.
They wanted payment in Gold not our money at the time it seems not everyone wanted to jump on this shipp right away but it still seems a bit odd that the bunch would justr give in like that with their back ground on the way they did things not so much the bending force when it came to King and country you had a chose of doing things their way or pay the price for not and put that with the fact that they fooed the bill to find the dam place or at least to settel it you again would think theey would like there investrment to pay off for a while longer than it did.

Just food for thought when you want to look into the whys ,ways and how s of the banking in the world and how even dispite the stong and very clear message given in the bylaws and way of this country we still were let to give control of the money here in without much fighting it.

Now in what would it take to get them out or is it something that could never happen given todays wrking of the system and would prove to be more harmful at this point than to try and rework it fromm with in?

can it be worked into something that moight serve better then now or is it olny the machine its making and that s that??????????

telll me what you think as we start to looka t the bamnks around the country that have over estematted the rate of fall out from loans and the goings on around new law that is much more fast pass in the light of cost to the banks then it is when it cost the public it would seem.

in the face of haveing a return of a bust in this country that could be as easily distructive as what the Dorean groups process was going to be the Gov't better get in there and start something going in the other direction before there faced with the same depresion Econ as we had that started the banks control .

Oh lets not forget the banks are here out of the gov'ts greed to control and spend anyway it see fit and more then not is the conntroling factor at the time that makes these chooses that take affect here and around tge world ..

Such a powerfull country in such a short time make you wonder how don't it?

why not some other place why us it just don't add up that all?

or was it just easier to start freash instead of dealing with some who already knbew what he deal was when it came to banking the same way that our founding fathers hed seen it .

We should see the facts around the workings in th feds deal but yet not why iss it that with the schooling of 12 years we get that most have to take your basics to get a passs from the collage they attend they must take the basics IE: math ,reading history and still with rthat most are so under ed in hethings thaqt most see as the need for a good rounded ed.

just wonder why about these and others


G-FORCE said...

---Seeing if it works now--

G-FORCE said...

----A change of dispensation is coming anywhere between May 23-June 10. This is going to be FUN!! It's the forty year thing with the 1967 6-Day War, Jerusalem taken back from the Gentiles, 400 years since Jamestown and the first Godly colony founded on North American soil, and also it is Pentacost. It is time to start WHOOP-DE-DOING-IT-UP!! Praise the one true God for our deliverance and the vindication of our enemies! It is time to "cross the Jordan River" and take the "Promised Land" and fulfill our God given destiny on this Earth!! Kurt and Scott---see ya on the "other side"!

Lou M. Inardi said...
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Lou M. Inardi said...

And dont forget my cousin too,


B is for BLACK

Lou M. Inardi said...

This power belongs to the Pope and
Bishops, who exercise it either by themselves or by their delegates."
p.203; "The civil laws (of Christendom) are binding in conscience so long
as they are conformable to the rights of the Catholic Church."p.278
"Abridged Course of Religious Instruction for the Use of Colleges and
Schools" by: Rev. F.X. Schouppe (Jesuit);

federal judges controlling the
juries to the extent that they have no choice but to rule the way they
say, or overruling them and passing his own judgement on the defendants
(which moves sovereignty from the people to the courts), e.g.

Walter Smith Jr.(Judge Roy Bean)

of Waco Texas.

The list of federal agency
violations of "citizens rights" is a bottomless pit. Like the threat
made on myself by an I.R.S. special agent from Pikeville Ky. in the
I.R.S. office in Ashland Ky.(28 April 1995) when he laid a loaded snub
nose cal.38 revolver on the desk in front of me, with the barrel pointed
at me, while being witnessed by collections agent John T. Yewell.

neodemes said...

Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life here.

I. P. Freely said...

GYHOOYA said...
I have to say again that the simple fact that someone did'nt put enough thoght when they named their kid as to what the name might get used as or have a stigma to it like in the case of
Bill Julian: B.J. or for the hard of sight here

How do you think I feel? Last name Freely and my initials are I.P.!!!!!!

I know a woman named Kay Sadillas(Quesadillas). That's no picnic either. I have an Uncle by marriage named Warren Peace. These are problems much larger than some mortagge elimination that hasn't struck gold YET!

notorial dissent said...

Poor kafooey, makes next to no sense at the best of times and none all the rest.

Your village hasn't missed you yet, but please go home anyway, you are wasting band width.

near the end said...

"Bruce"; I mean "Neodemes".

Why did you file "BANKRUPCY" and cheat your creditors out of there money?

That was low man really low, and your here bashing people;

and you stole from your creitors

that's low man; "my little balded headed friend".