Sunday, May 06, 2007

Betrayal (04-14-07)

Sometimes I wonder how friendship has become such a lost knowledge in society. As I reminisce about some of the comments made here I’m reminded of certain betrayals. Now some were never friends but claimed holy motives which I should suspect was intended for my benefit. People like fruity who knew God had placed her here to expose me, deliver me, etc. What is clear is that her God did not have the power even to deliver her with endurance. Scott in Vineland appears after 30 years and I think how fortunate for me; a bonus blessing in my trial. He post here for a season a small chance to rail on me but never writes to me directly. Did he just use his office of friendship to platform himself? What is friendship worth if it doesn’t have any friendliness? Angel of mercy has not contacted me. What was the purpose of his post? If he is the great prison minister and knows the ropes am I not currently the subject of his gift from God? Who needs this type of sincerity? Judas when he betrayed Jesus was not thinking he was doing evil. He made a selfish judgment that if he forced the political issues Christ would destroy the enemy and prove Himself King. I’m sure these people and others I’m not mentioning think they are kind by delivering their sage wisdom but none know the tender side of God. Being harsh is sometimes loving this is not what I mean. Setting one before yourself is God’s nature and tenderness. Cutting me down for the sole reason of making yourself look good is evil. A friend of mine was just arrested for crimes against the United States. He had already done 12 years on a bad law that was changed because of him. He’s exposed other bad laws still these idiots punish truth. This friend will never have to seek my help I will pursue him. That’s what friends do, not what you’ve seen on this blog called friendship. Relationships can be eternal opinions never last. Betrayal, blame are easy any coward can do them. Friendship is hard and takes courage. Few experience its substance. You real friends here are noticed and appreciated. Thank you!


sop4 said...

funny how life is??

those who you at first think are with you to "help" you wind up being aginast you and hurting you (not necessarily physical, but you cause)

and those who you think at first are agianst you, wind up helping you and beiong for your cause.

this is because the way the world is so convoluted today, god has given knowledge to the true helpers to know how to do what is right and suffer it thru until the truth finally comes out; ie., all turth shall be revealed, so those who are really helping can bear the abuse until the time for them to be exposed as helpers is revealed.

and also those in the begining as being too eager to help, can most likely be a plant on the inside, as no wars are won without inside help, whetehr it be a neighborhood war or the war in iraq or a world war II

light1rae said...

You are more than a friend you are a Brother in Christ! Love you all.

R&P :)

GYHOOYA said...

My self I have nothing to gain that could be seen as an act of my involve with your life in this. The out come of your fight is not going to gain me a thing.

but that said my time spent in rading and understanding to the bast I can your actions have broght with it and new and very needed inlightenment as to the country I live and the one who have been placed at its helm . For that I thatnk you both for you continued and ever staut roll you have plaied in my life.

To call you a friend is a bit premeture by my standards as to what I thinks is the very core of that word. I have in my life meet many and most have been well excepted with a good mine and offered what they might as I in our exchange we walk away better for it and could lok back and have that thought.
The mere act of passing it was but nothing I could call friend by my mind these were nevertheless persons for whom I am better for meeting

'A friend indeed is a friend in need'

or so the the story goes but the fact in my life and eyes are more so that it to mean a freind being someone who I share my life and its hopes dreams and acts with who understands without judgemnet of it who if willing jumps in with their support at a needed momment. Someone who when not of the same mind can share that with me with fear of my harsh word for doing so.

A freind in so many words these days is become a word use to discribe the person you have just meet and know nothing of their core.

A freind is one who has to in time be seen for who they are and enjoied for just the same one who there is no expectaions but just the comfort of their being and the act of their doing be only out of thoughtfulness and selflessness the same.

The person these words come to mind is one of witch are few and far between in one life and might you call one a true friend and no more than that you can for sure concider yourself a lucky man for having been give the chance to have meet them in you passing.

There are meny we meet throughout life who are very nice and we can share parts of are doing with as we pass this is all good and well but are these who we call our freinds in the true sence of the word ?

I myself can not see that way I can find a joy or inlightenment in these I meet as most doo but one whom I would place that title of freind on could only be that of veryfew .

All the same I enjoy your thoughts and have been so inlightend by having come across your path . I have and am a someone who is truly better for this meeting if per chance one day there is a time and we speek and find this rare thing called friendship than I will so be better fore that chance I have no doubt.

By my hand I offer only what I can as in my suport of your doing in all I have only the understanding that is limited at best in that but I have so sen the act of some in to you and see only these as what one would do out of frustration or their own gain and wants , thier need to have you removed in all their action speek loud and clear to me that you have chosen a path that with what ever end is one that is far better than most of their action combined.

may your mind be clear and you intentions good as you follow through this deed and even to some who want nothing more for you than to fail at this I wish you welland hope at it end you have be so rewarded by many time that witch you have given and you have to chance to enjoy it without the distractions of these here who want nothing for you.

I heard this said once and it staied with me in the time we spend with person of our life we call family and freind I see that under these title the one that we have close to use harber feeling of want for are path in life to fail no to be that whatt they say by their word of support to us .
It would seem these would be the act of brthers and sisters and those close to us not want are success to out nuber theirs this is all to true in most as much as we may not want to think this way we do we act inside of the natuure that would not hel;p but could only harm are efforts to climb upward and have what would be deemed success by our doing.

sad to think this but it is true more so than not as for what I have seen but never the less you have found your self with what many would hope for that being a large group of persons that you have their hear so in so I hope that by the act you do you ubderstand the end results will carry far and long as I 'm sure you do for a man I know not and could only call a pssing influance in mmy life I see you as one who has all good intentions in what you do and will wish you well at so doing.

the rest they say is yet to happen and so give true to the best part of life the unknown and excitment of that a new day brings with it .

Remember all that with every new day no matter how down your are before it you have the chance to be the very core of what it will bring you by tits end you make you way in life and nothing of life will stop you if you have the mind to se through it's twist and turns as true as the phrase is "You hold your own faith and can direct the path it takes"

let know one man other than yourself set for you the path of you life and it doing you and no other have that chose and if you want these thing you do than go make them happen and in so you find these person such asthe two here than lend your hand to your hear and out ward to help as you can and then take up you bootstraps and carry on with you intended for you and them can be the better for you passing and in all will find it usefull to your own .

How other we hardly no can be the light that fills the void and makes the connection complete.

Good will and my support as it may be is what I offer to you bith and I'm forever better by our meeting.
I would only hope to someday be able to return in kind the same to you and who knows where you might find a friend of that title we shall see as time go by what it bring us

Keep the thing s that are enlighening to you self close so as they will block that of witch wants to bring in darkness.

and with that I'm out of here

one last thing a question to think about

once asked by someone to their teacher

Can light exsist without darkness?

Can good be seen without evil?

Is the measure of one life that of what we have or what we have grown to become?

How is one measured and by whom is this standard set?

these questions are for you no need to answer for post but if you want then by all means give them and share the thought about them but please no need to find harm or anything in them there just something to think about

unless your ND then by all means please do as you will the understanding of my words and type is nothing more than gibberish to you anyway so if there be anything to say i would think it would not be by your mouth being how could one without some understanding and all of my words herein.

lifes funny isn't it?
the angels of veiw are many and there interpet even more so take it all in and use what you need, then let the rest go for other to see. In so doing this you life will be filled with all that you need and nothing you don't and there you'll find a peace tha many just don't

Have a great day all


sop4 said...

i mean, you gotta be kidding me, right??


Crowd Packs Amphitheater For Man Claiming He's Jesus Christ Reincarnated: Christians Protest Event In Orlando: Millions of people worldwide have tattooed their bodies with "666" in recognition that the second-coming of Christ has already taken place


i mean if people really believe that yeshua is come, then forget about d g, we are in some serious d p s**t!!!

verrrrrrrrrrrrrry deeeeeeeeeeep!

i p freely said...

I saw on the news tonight here in Dallas that the guy that was selling poison ivy as celantro was arrested and charged. He was released on $ 100,000 bond.

i p freely said...

A note to Golden State Warrior fans. You live by the three, you DIE by the three. Go UTAH! I think Barnes stole the hubcaps off my car.

GYHOOYA said...

I P Freely

your name would that be of european desent or noweregowin
just wondering either wat it's finland with me Ha Ha! get it? fine with me, finland Ha Ha! lol

All right all right I know, I know
My last post was doubled up and more easily understood if you could have heard it in my head but the message was still there . I'm not sure where but it"s there.

Hey they all can't be winners. Oh and I think we can leave the shot to me out on this I take care of that myself.

and the letter for the comedic bastardisation above will reach you soon if not please let me know and I'll resend it after a time has past without it shall we say two weeks for that.

All right I think thats all for me right now so I'm going to go and see if I can find a life out there and get just a bit more sleep before my next postings. if there is no one oppossed to this then I will be off now .

I hope everyone has have a Great Day!


GYHOOYA said...

Yes you to Nd.

But only if you spell check and correct the last ostings of mine.

Get a grip on something and go with it, Lifes is an has no plan so try and have fun well your on the ride through it.

Just remember to keep your hands and feet inside at all times

Ahhhh! Not a Chance!


GYHOOYA said...

I wanted to see if any of you remember a show that was on a few years ago and I think was called 'Love and Marrige' any way it was about a family made up of two kids a boy and girl about two or three years aprt and in the first teen year butwell beyond this in their life ED and street smarts.
there was the wife who was one who never worked or wanted to and spent her time tring to get any money she could out from the husband who was a shoe salesman at thelocal mall.
this said they were made to be the picture perfect simble of the american white trash family that had the home in suburbs of Chicago and nothing much else to show as success .

this bring me to the point and the head of the house Ali Bundy felt his exsistance to that of a ball and chain and was wait to have it end so he did'nt have to endure the life of everyday exfootball hero who endded up nothing but a shoe salesman from top to the bottom so to say he had alot but mostly looked the other way out of expecting more from where had statred his place in life as a winner now find everything he touches turn to crap& and a wife sucking the life that was left out from well the two kids were left to fend for them selfs.
This was the day to day of their household all figting for their s wants with little excuse to show any kindness to each other at anything if one turned their back what they had of worth was taken like a pack of dogs to a bone. Funny stuff realy as most is when it shows life as a mirror we can't help but laugh & I did this being some years ago and a time I watch t.v. it was one of my more favorite shows ( Can't understand why though lol) any way long way to get to the as i do were here now.
This poor sap of a guy only wishing to have it all end or return to the day of his past when he was king as a football Quarterback and life was good the day now with family that was worthless and bloodsucking selfish bastards all the way to the end excepte if anyone messed with one of them fromoutside their family that was the only time these pethdic bunch of people join in and for the better part of most shows would start with a group all hands in "Wow Bundys" followed by an all out nockdown grage out bare fisted fight where they usally would kick the crap out of whomever and the take there stuff or something to a have that momment of victory and joy of things they would never be able to have or whatever the idea was fore for the show that week/ realy funny stufand if you watched it you know what I mean, right?

I guess my point here is this as I readback through some of the postings at the start of this blog some two years ago + some there was a commen thread as to the same people here and the two who were fighting for the rights of many against a group of what most could not think to and where most don't when faced with even a little thing likea charge that shows up from the banks that they would rather pay than make the point in fighting it to say that it wrong and there is know way they would let it just be let go and have the banks profit by it .
that just made me think of the Bundys and how this white trash of a backstabbing family when faced with an outside force who would cause them or one of them harm wasthe only time they joined together and kicked some ass. Not here though what we see today is the same as from the start and if fact from the looks of it and the numbers that are post as of now it would go to say that the same are even become or were so stupid that alls that was needed for them to be removed from posting here was a little change in the blogs 'Sign in' and they could not or would not take the energy to get past it and post again.

If that dos'nt show the lazy asses that make up this country and the lacking there of to fight for them and the rest something that is wrong being done by the banks and many orther things that need some attending around this our Gov't and such. That even the Bundys could come together if needed and most in this blog and country can find it in them selfs to for the what lack of time or the thing that it might cause by doing OH know please check you panties and see if you have wet yourself out of your fear of thing not yet happening the chance that your closet door will be opened , so what think about this if more could find their way to stand up and all that you ever think that the ones who might open that door and cause you extra trouble just might lose their key and you just might have the same person standing next to you then say their will to stay and help because they won't let you be fight it out alone .

To me the only thing that will change a system thats now being run by the very people that were to be watched and who left to watch them selfs would run amuck . Guess what they were and they have and Gov't who is base as we are with checks and balences that are to be used to make sure thing run right and know ONE person or group become what is seen and is a DICTATORSHIP or much like a king and his subjects.

this is why we have the piece of paper that some guys took a great deal of time to write down how things should go round chere but as any if you leave themin charge with out watch what they do they will take all they can before you turn around but take to long and what was once fear by them of being cought or seen turns to their carefree act of what ever they choose and they careless what you see and do because they now control you and tell you how whereand when tghings will be not the other way around as it is and should be.

Ask your self a few thing and see what it is you get for the results.

1 What is it that happen to have some who once were free to become enslaved?

2 where in the mind of the people of this country did it get said that there was anything or anyone that would be taking care of the need watch over the one we trust with its running.

3 What or who said to the mases go enloy your self we have thing under control here no need for you to worry about a thing we will take OVER EVERYTHING just give us a little time and make it when your not thinking we would and soon the deed will be done and they the page turn and a new age begains one witch only could be what if the people we trust but don't take care to watch become to powerful what then for the rest of us do we have to do to live?

4 what will you do with that closet door then?
How will you keep it shut when there is know say in the matter no more say by you what will you do then when your powerless told how you will do things and when what to think and without question stand then and be torn down and no one there tio help stop it.

If you think your freedoms so protected and ou never have to take the time to make sure these things or others don't seep in and invage its way then you are sadly mistaken and you should not have the enjoyment of the life you have if you can't see and stand up and help other's to see the wrongs or the need to watch your Gov't then sit please grab yourself another beer or soda put your feet up and tune that tube back on so that you can fine the next "Reality Show' comimg on and get back to things that your comfortable with and that you are of the ming are REAL . There not youknow but don't be in shock if one day as you watch it you see a sight of someone who see's the wrong and went to fight it but found them selfs alone in a large open pubic place well aome thing that you could never think to see here takes place and that young prson who had more the mind than you to see the bad and want to change it gets run over by a tank because he refused to step down from that place where he saw the right thing to do was fight to have some say as to his own life and to choose the way he want thing not to told how he will be by those that were left to police them selfs because it was not a good time for you to get up off your ass and right te wrongs with him or to understand the way you are and have been made to think already as to being just to busy with a confliting schedule of stand up and help fight the wrongs or at lease tak alook and stop thinking that someone else is taking care of that and all though it 's at the same time as that show you really like just maybe you might be able to tap eit and watch after you do something for the whole rather the one yourdelf just fro once you never know you judt might like it and feel good about it and yourself for doing

Ypu just never know what might happen now do you?
but if you do nothing than well it's kinda self expained the results from that now you have to agreee with that right.

"Nothing from nothing get's you nothing, You got to have something if you wanta be"
noy exactly the right words but close enough and with the meaning of them tha say's it all


just ask your self if you do nothing what will there be as the result how can a self run Gov't stop from becoming a Gov't thats to powerful and then has no need to please you or ask for anything from you . well these things take time to happen they do happen and if you want to undersatnd how they ge started well that you may have to find out on your own but if you do please share . the fact are that one thing is in place the fact of when we took the power from the Congress to control he money and gave it to the FEDS RES.Banks or Central Bank we put one part of that chnge in to motion . Rememeber that when there is the goal of wanting to control and concour a people or country there are three way in witch to go about doing that

1. BY force and use of weapons and such war like things to get it done

2. By curch and fear of the results if you don't do as they say well they don't say it but they have a real good book that tells them how it is to be done and they are just relaying it to you. and so there you will do as you are told.

3. Or last but not the least by the money and power it brings to control the money of a country give you the power to do nost anything you want and to get the things you want done by those in that country without the power.

those things are the facts and again I will say it if you think it won't happen here just look at the ones in charge of thing and the one who control the money and all in this country .

You know its things like the bank telling you they womn't reverce acharge they put on you for over draft when you had a check that was on auto deposit that was the same everyweek a oayrole check and you were un aware of the fact that your acct had gone over do to anothe charge that was made by means of automatic Bill pay system and realy all happened at the same time when you charge $21.00
at 10:30 p.m. nd then cross the street to the bank and through the atm you see there is a balancethat shows you overgrawn so you then even though you know there is a auto deposit that will happenthat night as well you take cashand depositit so to cover it and then the banks as this wa made at 11:30 p.m. one half hour past the banks so called cut off time for deposits that will post that day but in reality the bank is closed and knowone will oick up those deposite or withdrawls intill tomorrow any way by they still charge not once but twice do to their own charges puting you back over the limit and the you check come in and they take that 2nd fee for overdraft for a total of $70.00 or there abouts and when you ask the to fix it or reverse it they tell you to kiss off you were over the atm cut off time by the 30:oo min. and thats taht the cahrge stays but funny when 6 month before there ws aproblem on that acct bu yu hd $30,or 40 K in the bank they hd no problem fix something but thta not even the point the bank don't give a shit aboutthe right or wrong they setit up as a system to cuse faults so they may collect these fees and could care less what you want and fear not you reprisal if any forth coming so if that is not justone way to show you that slowly your right to have thingthat are just not right fixed or anything that would have some time ago lead to your getting it done but not now that is your first clue that the mopney might be the path taken to gain control here in this country and it only gets worse just don't think that someone els has the need eyes on your appointed people tha we trust to do the right thingcause tha will for sure get us screwed .

Buy hey don't you have soem t.v. reallity show to get watching instead thas more important than your freedom of chose and the rst of the thing that someone gave a great deal for you to be enjoying so easyas with out a care to what keeps it .

You know don't be such a dumb ass all your life . If you think for one min. that I don't understand the fact that not evetthing falls into the wrong area but I do and I also no that not everything Dorean did and dose is right if you think me so onesided as the other in this case like the judge as to have mind made up with ever tkeing a good look at all the facts you would be wrong. ther eare many things but one thing is for sure the bank do thing that areunderhanded to get your money anbd all in all in this case I have seen thing take place that are nothing short of the power use and act to get the end results that the banks and the Gov'y wants .

and if anyone can not see this then they truly are the stupidest and they should saty sitting down before they fall down after they have somw thought like getting an ice cream and all the blood leaves their head and they black out .

come on be real for one second and see the goings on even if you have know expertise in the law r crimes and jail time you would have to have something wrong withyou to not see the shit that has gone on..

and last one more time I know that the banks can not be let to give every loan back and all that and the damage it would cause but still there is this thing that has alway bugged me if you make the rule and then someone comes along and beats you at your own game you don't get to change them to suit your need right in the middle of the game that a bully and never have been much for bullies and cheats I think it one of the lowest thing someone can do.
and wwith every thing that has happened the fact from the start how scott was held and then sent to utah without ever having his right read to him ore an arrainment as to what he was charged with and many thing the like through out this case say loud and clear the buch of crooks are doing what everthey want as per and don't even give a shit if you see it becasue they either think your to stupid to ubdersatnd it or don't care if you do cause theres nothing you can do about it in their minds.

now I'm done

I hope tha you don't think t to ong there ND nd that you might see the meaning in it realy I do that & I don't give a shit se I hard to kep lie /

except for the bankers

GYHOOYA said...


Or was it the 'Red pills'

Oh well know matter, now where was I.......Oh right!



Dam it! I new this discount alert button was a bad idea.

I'm screwed! at least i got the extra's like built-in t.v. remote. That way I can still find some entertainment well stuck on the floor.

That's right best $50 peso I've spent in a long time.

Ahh.. Now let's see what's on the old tube click! click! click!...... click!...CLICK..CLICK..CLICK..CLICK..CLIIIIICCCK..CLICCCK .................................................................................................SLAM...BANG! BANG...BANG...BANG CLICK ...CLICK CRASH BANG SLAM BANG ....................................................................ITCH'"",,, ITCH.........SCRACH....

.... ITCH .........BANG............................ SLAMN CLICK ...........SCRACH ..............................................................Great not only am I stuck on the floor as in snap!click!
I'll try pushing this button one more...time ..

HELP I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP! Scrach-Sniff caugh! Scrach ..Itch! ....... ......................itcch............................scrach! click ...........itch!.. scra..itc...Cau-sn Scrac..Chooo!hok......... GREAT WHAT NEXT SCRACH!.... Boy I'm not feeling to well itch... scrach! That Toco I had for Cough!.. grrrump Gulllp.. Snif...Scrach Itch ....Oh shit not that to click click CLICK ..HELP HELP..I'VE ITCH SCRACH CAUGH! ...FALL...ITCH..SCACK CAUGH PLEASE ANY ONE I'VE FALLEN CLCIK!...CLICK!CLIIIIICK..SLAM SLAM SLAM SCRACH SNIFF CAUGH ITCH CLICK SLAM


CRACK! OH SHIT NOW SCRACH ...ITCH! ....TAHTS..ITCH SCARACH...GREAT I've not omly fallen and CAN'T GET UP! Oh what's the use.
But the dam remote won't work and has the t.v. stuck on that dam movie with maty poppy and the wacked out flying car .. what's was the name?....Humm m ... Oh who cares Sceach itcch! ... I think i broke the calling button on it ..Scract ..Caugh! ..spit! itch scrach!
to top it off I that restraunt i had lunch at Scrach! Itch bought some of that bad mexican celo..scrach! ... what the hell else could happen .... click! what 's this ?...Oh well good at least the t.v. is change from that movie m.. scrach ..Itch .. cough!.. Oh it's a special report Cough! itch!
..............................................................What the! oh thats it I should of bought me a dam button to bring my gunn to me ! Not this piec...Scrach .. of .. Itch....CRAP! cAUSE NOW i'VE HEARD EVERYTHING NOT ONLY AM I GOING TO END UP WHO KNOWS HOW STUCK ON THIS FLOOR IT LOOK'S LIKE I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME BAD EFFECT OF THAT LUNCH.




OH SCREW-IT! Maybe if I aim real good and hit that alarm button on the wall i can still make it to Orlando and get Christ to do something like laying his hands and getting scarach itch rid of the bad effects of this Toco... Yea! I can do it! there still hope to pull this out of the old crapper Yea! O.K. ....Itch snif ..scrach .. all right now scrach ..itch o.k. just have to line scrach! Cough! just line it ..Itch up! with that buttttto...Coaugh scraxh! I think I've got ... it. Here goes nothing...Cough! itch! .. CLICK! ......................Oh know! ....Shitty chitty ...Bang-Bang! ban!g

...... Graet! mist the alarm but got the bounce and hit the t.v. and got that dam movie back ......Cli.. Oh tha's right I throught THE ONLY HOPE OF ANY ONE EVER FINDING ME ...........ON! THE! FLOOOORRR! AND CAN'T GGEEET! UP! .................................You no what some day's it just nothing going go right not even when the Man him self has come down ... Nope some day's your just better off just cutting your losses and ...... Wait was that the was That was'nt Christ ... The big 'J' man that dude had an tatoo of 666 on his .... well at least I did'nt miss that! what a releiff that isss. ..

That was a close one.....What the 666 graet not the savor nope That s the other endf the stick well maybe I'm not so bad off here after all...

Cause if thats who it looks like and all then I better off RIGHT ... HERE ON THE FLOOR CAUSE THE REST OF YOU WATCH OUT THE SHIY SHIY BANG BANG IS ABOUT TO HIT THE WALLL AND GOD.. HE.L.P. OH! i'm sorry I forgot ...



That's for that informitive ..ah.. welll anyway .. lets get back to the real story ...

and ... Jane you iggnerant slut you could'nt fine your way out of......................

and thats when T.v. was something to watch!

what do we get today? Body counts and and some ex-con turn self appointed anti-Savor and thought it be a nice touch just to make it all real to tatoo himself with the '666' number just to make it clear what side of the fence he was working!

At least know one can say he was'nt be up frount about his work and all .. Cause if you goung to buy that this guy is the one and only Jesus Christ 2 act then your in for a big eye opening but go on get one of those tatoos that the thing to do..

You know what I am starting wonder why it is I work so hard to get by. I mean with the amount of poeple out there tha will beleive and buy just about anything i should just check on that old 'Pet rock' thing or something like it and shune it up and ... then let the money start rolling in

I mean come on people has everyone been teated with some kind of stupid drug and are we all going to end up this way or what?

Hey that s it maybe that is what that little rocket was off loading before it blow up a few years back ..? Hummm..

Nope it could'nt have been that . I been seing stupid like this for way longer than that ... OH well who know's. Who care! If I can find that old rock polisher of mine and beat this , Posion Ivy Toco stuck on the floor thing .I'm going to rich! so then maybe I can open my own bank ya thats ....

The amount of complete and utter lacking in the country has me thinking that there just might not be enough people left that have the needed smarts to pull the rest out of their stupidness and back to some kinda reality without the reality t.v. being what they think it to be ..

You all have a great day !

hope you got the funny part.

and could someone please send some one to GET ME OFF THE over done .... Got it!

I'll I can say is I hope people wake up soon or it's going to be a bumpy ride in about 10- 20 years by then your rights we speak about here should be a thing of the past and won't be worried about or debated any more. You'll just do as you told and thats will be that..

Again if you think the world can't change in a blink of an eye where you'll wake up one day and hear how someone just took over with a funny haircut and a heavy accent telling you that thinging will be done his vway or you'll pay the prrice .. Zeck Hiel!

How long was it took old Adolf Hittler to have a large pertion of European countries and was about to move forward and get more .

that guy almost won that war people you should think about how little it takes to wake up and have thing in you life be turn up side down from the night before.

the country is in danger of the very core and workings that make it a good place one of the best in the world to have been lucky enough to be born but we all take that way to much for being something we are owed . We might want to change that around and start to see about protecting that witch brought to the level in the first place .

Or do you really think that it's best to sit back and say "Someone is taking care of things that are need to be" Cause if thats what you think then were screwed! or the next group is . but some how I think we will just be here long enough to be those old people that are'nt living to well and are "expendable" I think tha we have such blind eye when it comestoi things that might have some work involved to get them right.

we sit back and watch movies that turn into real life but were no more than a Si-fi at the time the were made .
what make it that only the good movies that prefect the future are the one that will become real to life . How vcan only one sude be with out the other.

Unless your in judge Alsups courtroom that is . lol

l8r I think thas enough from me for a while . Now you just think about what you,ve do... not-done and will see about it later


much l8r... Where are those Dam pill's? I really need one ... Help! help!

Oh hey check out the dumb ass went abd insulted the Queen right off the plane.

Now thats the way to show daddy. He's not the only one that can puck on heads of other countries you tell them Jr.

The world is laughing at us and we don't even know why . Now that is sad of this young once great nation but I guess like the ones before us all great nations have their day and then their gone, right?

You ready for that or you going to get up and make yourself heard for once.

The people are the power but given some bone to keep them busy and out of the way the place goes to the dogs or something like that . yyou get it

even all of you people saying right now oh look at him he 's just way off the dep end or nuts or the many things tha could be easy to say and are easy

the hard parts getting up and seeing if I'm wrong or if I'm right about it now isn't that the truth?

did'mt I say this a few time aready



not so funny realy it's not there are alot of things that point in the direction of what I've said here look and do so with an open mind ..

I said this before I have nothing to gain here by Dorean winning or lossing so if you think I'm doing this for anything other than I se a big problem from what a small example here that is going to effevt this country ..Just to many things that have been Noy said I guess thatmake me think Why ?

and too many thing said that were see as bad or wrong and made for the soul act of hiding or making us think some way so to give way to what ever .

Oh well something you can change and some you can't

I will say this for the two guy they got the balls to make a stand more so than most wheather you beleive in what thier doing or not you still have to give them creidit for that not many would kep going after the feds stepped in and ask you to stop. would you have ?

right so there you go. think it don't hurt that much.

GYHOOYA said...

Funny how this whole 'Username change thing came up and was made to be a real pain to get it right just about the time the courts need to divert the need to extend the trail again

Goggles is a company that has no problem helping the Gov't if they ask.

The fact that they block search returns because they don't like the company or the gov't asked them to is enough to show that .

so whats so hard about disruptig a blogsite to help out if need be. right?

Right! cuase remember the whloe point to all of the delays and crap don't just fall on the two guy and their few motions as being the cause for delay. THa Feds ahave done plenty . and this could be one hey I'm not on that inside so I can only look at it and see what I see and that 's is a big effort to go for these guys by the Gov't and if you go back and read through all of the pass posting you can'y help but see it.

we should have the return of many old faces and new all hammering on dorean soon I would have to bett.