Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Christianity has no room for cowardice. Courage is a tenet built into the character of our leader the Christ. This is easily reasoned. The faith of Christ has a fixation on the performance of God’s word and the word of selfish desires defies God’s word. It therefore becomes impossible to avoid a circumstance where the demands of this world contradict God’s will. When a Christian arrives at that moment their identity comes into question. Your allegiance automatically falls in behind the report you choose to believe. To add to the conflict the world will normally bring to the conflict the pressure of suffering.

So suffering for the courageous is unavoidable but what benefit is hidden in its delivery?

Philippians 1: 27-29 tells us that God uses out suffering as a witness. When we stood before Alsup, Scott and I were not ashamed of the gospel. Alsup had within his power the ability to bring us suffering if we did not bow to his lie, we could not. Our co-defendants missed a great blessing by being servants to Christ. For our suffering it is said by this scripture was a witness to Alsup of his destruction and our salvation. If this witness is lost it injures both parties. If Alsup should fail to come to the knowledge of Christ in this life he will have this witness for all eternity that Christ loved him.

I know Scott and I believed in the truth of our Dorean efforts but that work is trivial compared to the witness to one soul. When the love of Christ transforms your spirit all your priorities shift and suffering is not to be avoided at all cost. People worry about witnessing for the Lord like it is some duty you have to perform. My discovery is that witness opportunities are ever present if you have the courage to embrace them. No regret comes of these events when you see how God moves.

No doubt in Alsup’s career he has seen hundreds of people profess a faith in Jesus Christ or many other religions. He has also watched most all buckle at the knee and piss themselves at the threat of his power. Then God delivers Scott and me before him. We rebuke him, tell him he’s a fraud and don’t make any choices of compromise. He has a firm witness of Christ and so do we. That is a win-win situation. Funny how many bemoan such a victory.

You want to be a witness of Christ shinning His light in the darkness? It’s not that hard, Don’t hide it when darkness approaches. Stand tall, stand firm, and place your light upon the mountain of courage and all will see it, a witness to all.


brassbird said...

Joeseph, Once again thanks for the
comments. Actually, I have been
looking into the quiet title action
but I am having a problem with
finding a lawyer that "get's it".
Maybe you could recommend one
you're familiar with. In regards
to the trust, I agree with what
you've said. My question is how
can Scott or Kurt function as
trusees in view of their situation?

Joseph said...

Brassbird: Maybe the question is what specific duty of the trustees do you need done since they've been incarcerated and is there a definite time limit for that task getting done? You have the right to add additional trustees too. I believe Dr. Fred has been helpful for many client needs and seeing to it that blogs get posted for Kurt. Hopefully the situation of incarceration is not as lasting as some might believe.

judge allslop said...

After the Federal action against Bank of America in April 2011, Bank of America has been actively engaged in lobbying State officials (Alsup?)in particular Calif State Attorney General ($200,000). The California Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris, even went so far as to have a press release within the past few months, where she shared the podium with Bank of America, a company under Federal investigation that has been sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the United States of America and various States Attorneys General and Federal agencies.Just this past week Sealink an Irish entity that oversees risky RMBS that contributed to the near collapse of Germany's Landesbank Sachsen AG has joined in litigation of BoA, now in death watch.

The state of California is pulling out of multi-state negotiations with large U.S. banks to resolve allegations of mortgage abuses, according to a letter obtained by Reuters, dealing a sharp blow to long-running efforts to secure a broad settlement. California Attorney General Kamala Harris wrote in a letter on Friday that she will pursue her own investigation.

judge allslop said...

The act of demanding the truth has become a revolutionary act. we know that the investors had their purse stolen, and the homeowners were used as pawns in a vast game of economic brinkmanship where the “loans” were secretly paid off or settled, let’s get the banks out of the game. Banks should not be servicers and they should not be pretending, much less allowed to make decisions on modifications of loans that were irresponsible, dead-beat proposals before any borrower signed for them. Nobody is saying the investors should bear the complete loss or that the homeowners should bear the complete loss — but that is what is happening under the Alice in Wonderland system we now witness: BOTH investors and homeowners have been burdened with the total loss. To make matters worse BOTH insurers AND taxpayers have been burdened with the total loss. So the total loss has been paid four times, so far and it is climbing. Now title insurers and probably rating agencies are going to bear some loss too. Who is collecting all this money? The mega banks and their puppet servicers and puppet trustees (known as SHAM TRUSTEES) are becoming the largest landowners in history and they are the largest holders of cash in the world.

BOSTON (AP) — Police have arrested two dozen protesters for trespassing during a demonstration against Bank of America's foreclosure practices at the banking giant's offices in downtown Boston. The Boston Herald reports that the event was an act of civil disobedience that the organizers intended to send the message that the lender's practices were unfair.Organizers say about 3,000 people joined the protest. Bank of America spokesman T.J. Crawford dismissed the demonstration as a publicity stunt.
There was no mention of Bank of America's planned debit card fees, which recently have generated headlines and frustrated customers nationwide.

TS said...

Still not taking any ownership for the LIVES your RUINED!! Eh?? I followed everything you told me to do and I lost my home AND $300,000 in equity! (The people who bought my foreclosed home after the Dorean group jerks did their "thing" sold it 3 months later and enjoyed ALL MY EQUITY) Today I have NO job and am LITERALLY homeless. Oh but your mighty cause is so wonderful! You jerks took YEARS of hard work (paying my mortage on time) away from me. I don't care HOW you try to justify your actions. You are NOT men of God. Men of God don't DESTROY other people's lives. Hopefully you are BOTH someone's girl in prison. Often.