Thursday, September 22, 2011


I remember at the beginning of this journey all the threats and temptations that assailed me. As I come to this journey’s end this tactic does not change in mode only content. What remains for me on the other side? Will I achieve the victory I have fought for and other questions? Of course these temptations have no basis in fact only an allusion of fact. In Christ there are not a series of disconnected events but rather a continuity of truth that threads through all events. In this truth I know my future is as comfortable as my present. All the uncertainty that lead to this journey proved false. Even the proclamation of 25 years was a lie the moment it was uttered.

The Supreme Court has by God’s hand supplied me with all I need to exit this mess. The bond case 564 US (June 16, 2011) and the Krieger case coming out in October assures my exit if they obey their own laws. This is a big IF among the lawless. Bond is a 10th amendment case proving that the feds weren’t supposed to prosecute me. Krieger is a reasonable doubt case reducing my sentence to less than I’ve already done. By either direction I am now in my last 12-18 months of incarceration. I do not understand as of yet why my appeal was stolen from me but I suspect God will reveal the benefit soon enough. If we were not subject to the lawyers an appeal we might have finished this journey by then. God allowed it for a reason. I can say even with the length of this journey I have no regrets. How great it is to be used of God. What more can a man ask for. There is still much spoil left upon the ground of this battle. It is my hope that God so thoroughly vanquishes the enemy that Scott and I are left free to pick this up and prosper His children. I await one more ruling to know the certainty of my speech which I will have by next week. I will keep you informed upon this development


judge allslop said...

The truth shall set you free?

One by one, local government is getting the message the banks owe them and they have nothing to fear from the banks.They have a good case too. Because the trick the banks tried was to use some end user, the final nominee of the securitization process who would claim that they were the holder and owner of the loan so that a foreclosure could occur and another house could be stolen by a party who neither the loaned the money nor purchased the obligation. But now the banks have stepped on a rake because in order to give the “final nominee” the right to foreclose they must claim multiple transfers of the loan, none of which were reported on record. They want to use the county’s facilities to foreclose, but they don’t want to pay for the intervening transactions that they say gives rights to the the party foreclosing on behalf of this fraudulent scheme. And ultimately, the banks are going to be cornered, not being able to foreclose because they did not pay their fees. The banks were and are the deadbeats. The banks will be left naked in the wind, revealed as common thieves who never loaned any money and who never purchased an obligation but managed to create an elaborate scheme to steal the homes in violation of the rights of both investors and homeowners.

Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., along with Bank of America Corp., was sued by Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins over claims its mortgage-tracking system violates Texas law.

Merscorp Inc.'s MERS, which runs an electronic registry of mortgages, cheated Dallas County out of “tens of millions in uncollected filing fees,” Watkins said in a statement. MERS tracks servicing rights and ownership interests in mortgage loans on its registry, allowing banks to buy and sell loans without recording transfers with counties.

dr. ira gilac said...


WTF da FEDS fillin out UCC-1 fencing state mints?


they lookin to eat sum settle mints to??

14 trillon doolas worht of settel mints...


they like pepamints too?


It's a UCC Financing statement (File #0000000181425776) AMENDMENT which was done on August 12th of this year. And you know who the debtor and secured parties are?

Name Address





And the Secured Parties?

Name Address




And if you click over here to the underlying document, what's the amount involved in this UCC filing? How about just north of $14-trillion dollars?

dr. ira gilac said...

ho yo fill a fencing state mints from...


ho the puck is E PLUMBUS HUMAN??

he a man or a stwrman o sunthins??

dr. ira gilac said...

read the state mints here:


dr. ira gilac said...

now again, i dun haf a IQ of 162 like dr. flintson, but is seem afta redding all dis dat the DEPT. OF DA TRESONY is fo clsoing on da FERAL REVERSE STYMIE.


ho dat gonna works???

splain it to yo jug beans.

dr. ira gilac said...

This "Agricultural Lien" seems to add the Comptroller of Maryland.

So what's the change here all about? If you have any clues as to just what the hell this is about (the data seems to live on a server of Towson University which is according to it's web site:

"Founded in 1866, Towson University is recognized among the nation's best regional public universities, offering more than 100 bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs in the liberal arts and sciences, and applied professional fields. "

Oh, and part of the University System of Maryland.

First question is whether this is a "real deal" UCC filing, or if this is some kind of elaborate hoax.

As our tipster's email points out:

"Could it be? The Forum dudes have been busy !!! I haven't done any analysis on this. Apparently the lien is NEW... ( the $14.3 trillion UCC filing in Maryland against Debtors: The Federal Reserve System.........) Can we say wacky? Who can possibly eat that many $$ worth of pie?


ok, you have officially phreaked me out. if you plug in that document number and hit search (archive) you get the original filing. which as far as i can tell pledges every person and all real land in the usa as collateral against a $14.3 trillion dollar loan. the owner of record on that property (every person and all real land) is the irs. and finally attached is a brochure for the nawpa which talks about 1000 miles of tunnels and weather engineering and climate control and utilizing the magnetosphere.

omg. it's like someone filed the definitive document to prove all those way out in left field totally unbelievable conspiracy theories. someone please read this and tell me i'm interpreting it wrong."

dr. ira gilac said...

seem like da IRS is gonna becum a benificent/s org gvining out many doolas from da leans intead of taking many doolas from da ppls

brassbird said...

I am looking for the address of
Mr Kurt and Mr. Johnson. Any response would be appreciated.

Joseph said...

Kurt asked: "I do not understand why my appeal was stolen."

Maybe it's because you are in the wrong jurisdictional court that relies only on statutes. You need a change of venue where an appeal is heard in an equity court (chancery court).

The Dorean Group & their clients have "issues and rights in equity", and those rights must be fought & preserved in an equity court, not a court at law.

"A court of equity also is assistant to the jurisdiction of courts of law in many cases where the latter have no like authority. It will remove legal impediments to the fair decision of a question depending at law. It will prevent a party from improperly setting up, at a trial, some title or claim, which would be inequitable. It will compel him to discover, on his own oath, facts which he knows are material to the rights of the other party, but which a court of law cannot compel the party to discover. It will perpetuate the testmony of witnesses to rights and titles which are in danger of being lost, before the matter can be tried. It will provide for the safety of property in dispute pending litigation. It will counteract and control, or set aside, fraudulent judgments. It will exercise, in many cases, an exclusive jurisdiction. This it does in all cases of morely equitable rights, that is, such rights as are not recognized in courts of law. Most cases of trust and confidence fall under this head.

Its exclusive jurisdiction is also extensively exercised in granting special relief beyond the reach of the common law."

Joseph said...

Brassbird: I believe this is current or at least the last information I received:

Kurt F. Johnson
FCI Herlong
PO Box 800
Herlong, CA 96113

Dale Scott Heineman
FCI Lompoc
Federal Correctional Institution
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Dr. H. Fred Johnson
837 Heavenly Place
Milpitas, CA 95035


brassbird said...

Joseph: thanks very much for the info. I have contacted a lawyer
about having the Quitclaim removed
from county records. He is requesting the addresses. I don't
put much hope in this effort.
However I intend to draft an
affidavit and will see if the
county will file it. Also as a
note of interest, when looking at
county records on line, I see
where the past two "lenders" have
not bothered to show theirselves
as lienholders. I intend to use
this fact shortly.

dr. ira gilac said...

fo course nothin hoppens when yo relish on statues.

have yo ever seen one move?


dr. ira gilac said...

even dr. flinston can cofer dis.

brassbird said...

Thanks Joeseph for the info. I
contacted a lawyer about disolving
the Quitclaim. He wanted the addresses. If that doesn't work
I will try to file an affidavit
with the county. As a note of interest when looking at county
records on line I see where the
last two "lienholders" didn't bother to notify the county and
that has been well over a five year period. I'm going to us this.
Once again thanks for the help. TL

dr. ira gilac said...

nunc pro tunc

wtf do dat means?

Joseph said...

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30-50% below current market value of your home is not uncommon to get the bank to agree to with this company. They are that good. This is an option the bank will not tell you that you have and you will never figure out who to talk to at the bank or the paperwork to give in order to get this done. Cost is $1500 upfront and 4% on the backend of what the company saves you on your mortgage.

I got my lender to agree to receive 35 cents on the dollar on my home and 4 cents of this goes to the company, so I'm getting a hard money loan of 35% LTV (Loan to value) and the problem of foreclosure goes away. The company made an offer of 25% LTV, on my home, so that offer was quite agressive & seemingly insulting to the lender. Try buying a home for 25-35 cents on the dollar in this market. It probably can't be done unless you are buying homes in bulk. It's possible in some cases to even get the lender to adjust your credit reports to a positive rating , by making it a condition of the offer, however, in most cases the credit bureau will say "settled" which is a whole lot better than foreclosure with a possible deficiency judgment or even a bankruptcy on your record that lingers for 10 years. It's so much better than a loan modification, short sale, or deed in leu of foreclosure or even fighting in court most of the time or paying attorney fees. Why not turn a liability into an asset where you have equity into your home again? And as far as having a hard money loan with an interest rate of 8-10%, don't worry about that, you can always refinance down the road to get a lower interest rate. The tens of thousands that you are going to create as equity in your home makes the temporary higher than normal interest rate for a time, not very important. For example in my case, my old monthly payment was $928.00/month at a 5.5% rate and negative equity in the home. My new monthly payment becomes $240.63/month at an 8% rate with hard/private money & $65,000 instantly created equity. If interested, you can email me at:

Refer in subject line, "Pay mortgage off at huge discount".

The owner of the company use to work at some of the major banks and got his MBA at Harvard, so he learned some inside information with the contacts he created.

Joseph said...

Brassbird: I really don't understand or see your motivation to take your home out of your family trust. What is that going to accomplish for you unless you are looking to refinance or sell your home and you are in a forced situation to do this. Have you looked at all of your possible solutions or options?

brassbird said...

Joeseph, what is the advantage of
continuing on as though this trust
has eny effect. It's just a piece of paper. There has never been
any activity with the trust and
I couldn't tell anyone what activity would constitute an
activity. Banking is thievery. You
mention in your post of dealing
with the "back door" of the bank.
According to county records a bank
isn't even a lien holder on my
house, it's MERS.

Joseph said...

Brassbird: If MERS is the alleged owner/nominee of record, then just file a quiet title action in court, and get your bank/lien holder, who is claiming title (alleged pretender) who no longer has title to your house, off your title by court decree. Once MERS comes into the picture, there is a break in the chain of title. No one after or before that break in title can legally foreclose on you. This has been upheld in many State & appellate courts already, and MERS can't assign ownership rights they never received in the first place. It's like a pawn shop selling stolen merchandise. You can't sell what you never owned.

MERS use to foreclose in their name, but they no longer even try that ploy. MERS who never received ownership rights in the first place, pretends to just assign to another pretender & they usually foreclose. At any rate, the plaintiff/lender whoever that might be right now is committing fraud against you by claiming rights they no longer have if they ever held them ever.

"Standing" is something that the courts do respect, and uphold, and whoever is claiming title to your home has no standing in court so you can't be in danger of losing your home, so there is no incentive to make payments to anyone. I wish my case was as simple and easily defended as yours.

As far as the trust is concerned, your house asset is protected from your personal actions & liability, so that's a reason not to transfer it out of your trust. What you don't want is activity on your house title by someone for example putting a lien against it for personal bills you didn't pay.

OMO said...

"It's like a pawn shop selling stolen merchandise. You can't sell what you never owned."

MERS cannot foreclose, not because they are not owner, but because they are not landlord. Nobody "owns" their home, especially if it is taxed.

If they don't get you on one end, they will get you on the other end, i.e.: the county end.