Friday, July 08, 2005

A matter of trust

Yesterday I talked with reporter Dave Kasler of the Sacramento Bee. He is being fed information by Matthew Ernst FBI investigator. I gave him my opinion to which he responded, "If you have such convictions why don't you turn yourself in?" It seemed like a silly question to me because it was obvious the government was cheating and abusing the system to deal with me. He felt my focus on fugitive status out of Utah was parsing words. After the conversation I was reminded on a gentleman named Mr. Felt who was known to history as "Deep throat". He was the number 2 man at the FBI who had evidence of criminal conduct by Nixon. He did not trust the FBI with his intimate knowledge, he did not trust congress, he did not trust the judiciary, and he trusted 2 reporters from the Washington Post. I have already addressed Utah, which can clearly be seen from the court record. I am not running I am simply being responsible to wisdom and resources. Mr. Felt is a fine witness whose credentials are superior to mine. Nothing has changed these 30 years except now you can't trust the reporters to take an interest in truth. So I will parse words for their legal significance and I will play to win and save the nobility notion for the idealist. One last fact! I have no duty at law to turn in the fiction and no legal duty as the representative to stand in as surety and turn in myself.


Starfish Prime said...
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Starfish Prime said...

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Starfish Prime said...

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Starfish Prime said...

The link above will take you to the "Whistleblower Magazine" -WOOHOO! We should not focus solely on mortgages but issues abroad that are not given the attention they deserve.


drhfred said...

Mark Felt was not only the second in the FBI under J. Edgar, but during his tenure he likewise amassed a good many files as did J. Edgar on the likes of those who were running our country. Nevertheless as not to cross that “Thin Blue Line” that does not allow any of the constabulary to tell of the indiscretions of those in office, he choose not to go to the main stream and be called A RAT. Have you asked yourselves what did motivate him to do what he did and the way he did it? There have been a number of documentaries with testimony of the principles stating it was not for personal gain. Likewise he is purported to have the last two decades in the garage of his mothers home. Just now signing a contract that is valued at somewhere near a million dollars. Perhaps with all he had going for himself he did not trust that from his lofty perch, knowledge, influence, private files, and power base he could get justice. (Fairness, impartiality, fair play, equity) Therefore we should believe he did what he thought was good and right. What he did was for himself, not for you or anyone else in this country, knowing the truth, but choosing to live a lie so as not to be a rat. Nixon was no better or worse then what followed him, he just got caught. Let’s see if there shall be more that are caught as a result of the Joe Banister’s, Bill Benson’s, Barton Buhtz’s, Richard McDonald’s, Chuck Gibson’s, Scott Heineman’s and Kurt Johnson’s.

Jay Vincent said...

Kurt, I believe I have the remedy.

I can get it to you through SJM.

Solvo said...
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Solvo said...
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Solvo said...


SJM, heh?

Now she's a winner. Isn't she the person who told her clients "I have my own problems to deal with, and I don't have time to hear yourr" AFTER taking their money?

This was what she told them after three months of dodging their phone calls.

Starfish Prime said...


Carl F. Worden

Okay, folks, let's move past the bloody events of 7/7 in London, and examine an equally important national news story that is hardly being reported. Just as the Watergate scandal eventually forced Richard Nixon to resign from the Office of The Presidency, the "Plame Outing" portends to do exactly the same for the presidency of George W. Bush.

Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative investigating whether or not Saddam Hussein of Iraq still had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, or WMD. Mrs. Plame's husband is former Ambassador Joseph Wilson.

As George W. Bush was in the process of "convincing" Congress that Iraq still had large stockpiles of WMD and was planning to use them "imminently" against the United States and our allies, covert CIA agent Valerie Plame was confiding to her husband that Bush was lying. Mrs. Plame also told her husband that Iraq had made no attempt to secure nuclear materials from Niger, as was also being alleged by the Bush Administration.

At the time, only one lonely voice screamed from the rooftops of this nation that the president and his administration were "wrong" about Iraq's WMD stockpile, and that was former Marine and U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter. He did get some press, but the Bush Administration put out a rumor that suggested Ritter was on the payroll of Saddam Hussein and could not be trusted. Those who knew of and trusted Ritter didn't buy the lie, and those who just wanted to kill somebody after 9/11 accepted the administration version as Gospel. That's just the way it is nowadays.

But when Valerie Plame's husband, Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador and a most highly respected source for his accuracy, integrity and credibility, came out publicly and stated the Niger/Nuclear story had already been proven bogus before Bush mentioned it in his 2003 State of The Union address, Bush was caught flat-footed in a bold-faced lie. The excuse given for the faux pas was an alleged failure to fully vet the script of the speech before Bush gave it, and as usual, those who opposed the coming war knew it was a lie, and those who wanted to get on with the killing accepted the excuse as an innocent boo-boo.

At the time, the Bush people were quite full of themselves and riding high in the polls. They saw themselves as virtually untouchable after the 9/11 attacks and their military success in routing out the Taliban Government in Afghanistan, so they let their egos and the power they wield fool themselves into thinking they could do just about anything to anyone, and nobody could do a thing about it. Come to think of it, that's what brought down Richard Nixon. Hmmm...

So instead of just allowing the whole Wilson -- Niger -- Nuclear lie to drift away into obscurity and irrelevance, they wanted revenge. The next thing you know, conservative columnist Robert Novak has written an article that identified Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, as a covert CIA operative investigating weapons of mass destruction! With that revelation, Plame's cover was blown and she had to withdraw. But what most folks don't realize is that when a covert spook is exposed, the enemy always arrests, tortures and kills everyone associated with that spook -- and especially those they thought were on their side. To this day, nobody really knows how much damage was done by the Plame outing, but I can assure you that people died because of it, even if Plame herself is safe.

It is a federal crime to expose the name of an American covert agent, circa the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. It carries a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $50,000.00 fine, which in my mind is just not enough. Considering how many people can be exposed, tortured and executed when just one highly-placed CIA operative is identified, the deliberate outing of such an agent should carry the death penalty and nothing less. Notice I wrote the "deliberate" identification of such an agent should carry the death penalty, and not the inadvertent screw-up of a blabbermouth.

But the Plame outing was deliberate, and for a specious reason: The Bush people knew Wilson's wife was a covert CIA spy, and they put two-and-two together to figure out it was she who told her husband the Niger story was a lie. Is that petty or what??

Next, two reporters were involved in relaying the Plame/CIA identity to columnist Robert Novak. They are Time Magazine reporter Matthew Cooper, and Judith Miller of the New York Times. Both reporters were ordered in court to reveal the source of the Plame outing, and both refused to do so on the grounds of the First Amendment right to free press and free speech. In every case prior, the courts upheld a journalist's right to protect a confidential source, but that was before we ended up with the current Supreme Court that I contend is the worst enemy of the Constitution that has ever been impaneled. Nevertheless, I hate to admit this on the grounds I'm subscribing to situation ethics and I hate my hypocrisy, but I'm happy to report this corrupted Supreme Court refused to hear the appeals of Cooper and Miller.

Cooper's boss at Time Magazine has agreed to give Cooper's notes to the court, while Miller has already begun her stay in prison. But the court has ordered Cooper to testify in open court as to his source, and he has agreed to do so. Cooper's notes reveal his probable source to be White House insider Karl Rove, but that is not conclusive, and we won't get closer to the truth until Cooper testifies. If it is Rove, I doubt he revealed Plame's identity to the reporters without President Bush's permission, but they may take the same stand Nixon took; that Nixon didn't know anything about the Watergate break-in, but he did make a mistake trying to cover it up. We'll see.

But the real reason this Plame incident is so important is that it adds a tremendous amount of credibility to the recently exposed "Downing Street Memo", in which notes were taken at a meeting in Britain that revealed Bush planned to attack Iraq long before the WMD accusations were made, and that the "Intelligence was being fixed" around that policy. The fact that such a petty act of revenge was enacted against Joseph Wilson's wife for the "crime" of her husband telling the American people the god's-honest truth, certainly lends credence to those who contend the Downing Street Memo is a smoking gun that reveals deliberate deception upon the Congress and the American people to go to war with Iraq on the basis of entirely false allegations.

Last time I checked, that was an impeachable offense, and now we have the deliberate outing of a carefully placed CIA spy who was working to protect you and me from further terrorist attacks. Do you join me in asking, "Whose side are these Bush guys on??"

Carl F. Worden

Starfish Prime said...

My Fellow Americans,

The Supreme Law Firm heartily endorses Carl Worden's analysis below,
for the following reasons:

(1) we have now provided our contacts at the U.S. Coast Guard
with evidence that the uranium oxide ("yellow cake") was exported
from Niger -- NOT to Iraq -- but to Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona,
in the Negev Desert;

(2) separately, we have endeavored to circulate reports confirming
that Dutch Intel-1 recently nailed the Mossad (Israeli secret police)
for receiving plutonium at the Port of Amsterdam, which was stolen
by the Russian mafia from former Soviet nuclear stockpiles in the
Ural Mountains;

(3) separate reports also confirmed that the Mossad were directly
implicated in the crash of a cargo plane at Amsterdam's Schipol
Airport, which was transporting ingredients for chemical and
biological weapons to Israel;

(4) the criminal "outing" of Valerie Plame's identity -- as an
undercover CIA operative -- evidently resulted in the assassination
of many of her subordinate operatives, necessarily implicating
the guilty parties as accessories to murder as well;

(5) the "yellow cake" allegation was made by George W. Bush
in his State of the Union address to Congress in 2003;
because this story is now proven to be false, Bush is
necessarily implicated in a felony violation of 18 U.S.C. 1001,
and conspiracy with others to violate same, in violation of
18 U.S.C. 2, 3, and 371 (also a felony);

(6) George W. Bush has already been formally notified
that he is under investigation on suspicion of attempting
to murder a foreign head of state, genocide against the
People and the Nation of Iraq, and treason in connection
with the events of 9/11;

(7) Alberto Gonzales and Donald Rumsfeld have also been
formally notified that they are likewise under investigation
on suspicion of related felony violations of the Title 18,
United States Code, chiefly the federal laws prohibiting torture.

All of this adds up to a pretty long rap sheet of impeachable
offenses, and we haven't even begun to itemize all of the
related RICO predicate acts that were committed in support
of the crimes enumerated above.

Our sincere congratulations to Carl Warden, for staying
on top of this history-making story (see below).

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

Starfish Prime said...


What created the real estate bubble? What has kept the real estate boom going for so long? There are two major factors:
1) Creative mortgages (ARMs, Interest-Only, zero down, negative amortization, etc.) pioneered by two huge quasi-government agencies – FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC – have enabled millions of previously unqualified Americans to buy homes.
2) Artificially low interest rates maintained by the Federal Reserve help to keep mortgage rates at historically low levels, enabling purchasers to afford high-priced homes, creating a spike in prices.

Both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are now embroiled in a massive financial scandal that MSN calls “an Enron waiting to happen.”

A report issued in October 2004 by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight found that Fannie Mae had engaged in a “pervasive” misapplication of accounting standards and poor internal controls while doling out enormous salaries to executives. Further, their accounting system was found to be so complex that no one could figure out whether they were making money or losing it:

“With scandalously bad accounting practices and a ridiculously high price-earnings ratio of 78, Fannie Mae is primed for a fall. If the agency simply cut back on mortgage purchases, they could spark an implosion of the entire U.S. housing bubble even if mortgage rates don’t rise.”

For now, Fannie Mae shares are still touted by many Wall Street analysts, even as the agency continues to “pioneer” new and ever-riskier mortgage instruments, such as “negative amortization loans.”

These new loans allow borrowers to pay less than the interest on their loans – which is instead added to their principle each month. In a ridiculous twist, that puts the least-qualified borrowers deeper and deeper in debt, adding to the danger of a catastrophic real estate collapse in the near future.

The political champions of easy money and creative mortgages extol the virtues of making property ownership available to everyone. But in reality, more and more families are really taking ownership of nothing more than massive debt.

Many real estate analysts are still hoping for a “soft landing” of the housing bubble through which prices would either stagnate or fall very slowly – resulting in minimal impact on both homeowners and our economy as a whole.

But this is unlikely for several reasons:
1) Much higher mortgage rates are just ahead. Hundreds of thousands of new homeowners with ARMS and Interest-Only mortgages will face higher interest rates and credit card rates are also rising as well and inflation is picking up. A mere 2% rise in interest rates means increases of up to 40% in monthly mortgage payments which would trigger a huge wave of defaults during the next few years, forcing housing prices down.
2) The inventory of homes is rapidly increasing. As the Weiss Research reports: “There are new homes for sale now than at any time an history,” although “this abundant supply is not yet being dumped on the market.” The reality is that the recent boom in real estate speculation has funded a massive increase in the construction of expensive condos and new homes that are scheduled for completion in the next few years, flooding the market at precisely the wrong time.
3) Speculators will flee the market when interest rates rise, which now account for up to 30% of all real estate purchases. If real estate prices show any signs of stagnation, speculators will start dumping their properties to avoid losses, flooding the market with more inventory.
4) Massive consumer debt has set the stage for massive defaults. Americans are deeply in debt, and even small increases in interest on mortgage payments, credit card bills, car loans, and other debt could trigger a wave of bankruptcies and foreclosures.
5) Many banks and savings-and-loans are now at risk since they have huge portfolios of risky home loans and even a small increase in mortgage defaults could force cash-strapped banks to foreclose of properties, further flooding the market with inventory.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac finally cutting back on – or being forced by Congress to discontinue – their increasingly liberal housing loans could very well burst the housing bubble. We are already seeing an increase in mortgage defaults just this year! We are also starting to see the withdrawal of foreign investment from the US real estate market as well.

Whatever triggers it, when the real estate bubble bursts, the economic effects will likely be serious, prolonged, and widespread. If the real estate market falls even a little, consumer spending could plummet and many banks might fail, plunging the already shaky US economy into a recession or worse. And thousands of businesses and millions of jobs would be lost along the way.

Solvo said...
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