Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strange Days!

Friday, July 8th, Scott was before the court on extradition hearing for the State of Utah. Facts! They had a hearing in the morning to which Scott was not present. Witnesses in the court said the FBI (why are they involved?) and the prosecutor told the court they have an extradition warrant signed by Schwarzenegger that had arrived an hour before the hearing by private courier. The file had been lost all week and was found at the end of the day in a court never servicing this case. In the file were things that needed to be ruled upon and evidence for the Judge. A second hearing was had to which Scott was present and he was there, again without a file. This time a public defender insisted on representation even though her and her office had been sued for malpractice in this instant matter. (of course that was in the missing file) Two marshals were there to take Scott to Utah and hand him the extradition papers on the bus. What matter is it that Scott is denied his due process rights to challenge extradition? This railroad job was thwarted by having people in the hearing who spoke up against their intention and reminding them of the information in the missing file.


firefighter said...

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