Sunday, July 17, 2005

Open Court

I have openly stated that I think Judge Alsup is a political hack, that Judge Brazil is a Jury tamperer, that Matthew Ernst is a coward and serf, and that the US attorney’s office is a political ass kissing organization. I wanted to take the time here to explain my comments. My first exposure to Judge Alsup was when we used an attorney to bring a civil complaint against some banks. The attorney was sanctioned for bringing arguments before the court which were already settled as a matter of law. We did not know this nor were these arguments the basis of our business model. Seeing the courts behavior we elected to dismiss all our cases and to revisit the strategy. At the court’s own motion the Judge reopened all the cases to insert an opinion that was based on merely presupposition and the idea collected from the internet interpreted by the bank’s laywer. I offered explanation to which Judge Alsup recommended I be silent since he was going to refer me for criminal prosecution. How do you deal with this kind of nonsense? When I realized that his opinion was for the shear political effect and for the purpose of commercial contamination so they could put me out of business then I understood the Judge was misusing his office for a political agenda. This type of man is a coward and needs to lose the very office he has no respect for. His grand idea didn’t come to pass to no surprise because the man thought his imagination of the facts was fact. After the search and seizure warrants collected all our documents facts were now in their possession that clearly showed Judge Alsup did know his ass from a hole in the ground when it came to banking or business. Now that they have found that I have been honorable in all my affairs do you think they would quit? NO! That would be the right thing to do but not what a hack would do. Now he appears again with a civil charge to put me out of business with the same old rhetoric of criminal conduct as his basis. Come on Judge if you have any nuts under that dress put your money where your mouth is. I will even help you bring me to trial as a crook. You and I both know you can’t do it because even with your corrupt machine there is too much evidence in the public record which you can’t control that contradicts your presumption. Next was Judge Brazil out of Oakland who allowed the US attorney the extraordinary measure of striking evidence from the record. This is a judge who doesn’t mind tampering with evidence to assist in the political agenda. Another coward! I will give him this kudos that when I caught him in the act he didn’t pursue it any further and wanted out of the action. Matthew Ernst FBI investigator extraordinaire has set his face like a flint to his own destruction. I can tell by his questions and understanding he can’t balance his check book more or less than understanding the evidence he has taken in. I am delighted to have my fate rest in the hands of such incompetence. You have thought of every way you can to cheat in process, rob the people of a legitimate service, and hope for the promotion at the end of the brown-nosing. The US attorney can’t really turn down an idiot judge’s referral but still they can stand on truth and not buy into the political ass kissing they were invited into. Destroying two lives and a legitimate business is so much more honorable. The average person is above this kind of moral depravation as a young child. People we do not have to fear these shallow, amoral, cowards. None of them can light a candle to one man who lives in his manhood or to one child who understood stealing was wrong. May they all remain confused and continue their pursuit of an agenda completely against their oaths, their nation, and the people until they reach their just reward of excommunication.


partysecured said...

To Whistleblower:

I had the pleasure of meeting you in S.C. In Feb. of 2005 I told you that you made John Wayne look like a pussy.

Well I retort, Actually you make Batman look like Mickey Mouse's stepsister.

It's great to know that someone like you actually exists. You are The Man

Starfish Prime said...


You've said you've been a member since October. Have you received free-and-clear title as of yet?

If so, have you successfully refinanced?

If so, I will join up in 2 weeks.

Letterman said...

"The instrument by which [governments] must act are either the authority of the laws or force. If the first be destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government
there is an end to liberty!" [Alexander Hamilton]

Solvo said...


I HAVE received reconveyence on this property and I am currently going through re-fi. I am expecting to complete it in within a month.

Starfish Prime said...


What has taken so long to refi? I mean, if you have free-and-clear title then it should be easy to get refi'd, wouldn't it? So you've been in this 9 months.. and are still out $3000.00 with no money and still making payments..the CCR site says 60 Days appx for Free and Clear..then refi should come right afer? What seems to be the hold up?

slipfree said...

I just read the Order to Show Cause Court Document issued by the Bankster Puppet Judge that issued it. I do beleive he is "over-stepping" his authority by stating that Dorean agents cannot further register properties or mortgages, etc???

How can a STATE Judge [even though he is repeating what he is told to say, just like the Feds that stole the computers without proper court documents] rule to take away ANYONE'S Constitution rights??

The Dollar Law site will erase and eliminate any posts that states lawful response in defense of the banking fraud which is being perpetrated against general public everyday when they are coerced into signing their fraudulent mortgage contracts.

It is becoming more and more clear that these European banksters are pulling the strings for the search engines like Yahoo and Goggle for the past 2 months.

It is a well known fact that the banksters have had control over CBC, NBS and CBS for many years.

If the so-called judges were to do the job that they took an oath to do, then they would rule on the bank's fraud which they all know about.

The fictitious consideration, constructive forgery, inequity and des-equity..and the other 25 or more violations that are in EVER mortgage contract.

They do not want the people to know about their fraud that the Fed Res started and now so many other crooks feed off of. The Chinese has discovered this "fiat money" your dollar bills that are forced upon you to use everyday which have nothing to back them with substance.

Bush was the first president since Kennedy to request an independant audit of the Federal Reserve in 2003. Ha Ha.... I believe this was just trick to get money from the banks. MBNA donated more money for the last election for Bush than any other drug company that had always held the record for presidential campaign contributions.

So what? Well, as everyone knows the HR 256 was just pasted and signed by Bush which excludes Credit card debt and hospital bills from bankruptcy. This bill originated by MBNA in 1997, and was always voted down, but not after the extreme contributions to make the last pres. election as sure thing.

MBNA has had some many court cases and complaints against them since many have discovered their National Arbitration Schemes and extortion fraud, that they suddenly decided to sell out to Bank of America?????

These judges do not want to hear about the banking fraud, they only want to drink their free scotch and rule like the puppets they are. The over step their authority, but if no one knows how to file the correct court documents to serve justice upon these puppet judges then they will continue to rule the way they are instructed to do.

One thing that puzzles me about Dorean is; they have resolved many mortgages for years by issuing bonds which required the banks to prove they had not committed a money laundering crime or any other RICO violations, and if they could then they could cash these bonds.

None of these bonds have ever been returned to Dorean. They cannot be returned by these crooked banksters because 2 to 5 years ago they have endorsed them and created an asset for themselves, to promote stock sales, but they are the ones that are fraudulent.

If these puppet judges want to make a ruling that will be a legal ruling by the constitution of the US, then they should rule that the average mortgage contract has over 30 violations of law in them.

It will all come to the surface soon! I hope when that day comes, all of these crooked judges and attorney [who know about the banking fraud] will be the first to get a good cell with Bubba the Bid One.....

With so much controvery going on now to evidence the banking fraud that is forced upon the general public, the sabatoge of websites that is being promoted by Yahoo and Google [as instructed by the banksters for them to do], combined with just general contract law that every attorney should know, then there should be no amnesity for these bottom feeders.

God will take care of these crooks, just as Jesus did with the predessors of our present day "money changer" relatives from the past.

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