Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This is a test of the emergency blowhard system

We are running a little test. This is only a test! I don't believe the federal government can prosecute me because they have already blown the case with jury tampering, they can't prove criminal intent, they are violating their own codes and statutes routinely, and they can't find a banker willing to perjurer himself on the record. I think they know I will ask all the right questions. Maybe Kevin V. Ryan can answer the question why when a referral for criminal prosecution came from Judge (I don't want to hear the truth) Alsup he filed civil. What happened Grand Jury tell you to go get evidence? I will transfer my criminal case from Utah to your court and you can have at it! Of course you don't want to dismiss it because you blowhards have been libeling me as a crook for some time now and that is your justification of all your actions. What will you do with my test?


Judge Roy Bean said...

Would the real Kurt please regain control here?

You know as well as anyone that they can prosecute. In any case the issue is whether they can prevail. Spare us the bullet-proof stance; you've been through the machine before. And lost.

If you have a bona fide defense to the charges and a REAL attorney you haven't blind-sided with the "expert" theory, you may even be able to keep yourself out of another visit to prison.

As it stands, with this BLOG thing you're only adding to the credibility of your opponents.

I shouldn't give this advice to the perpetrators of a scam, but it's time to get off the net and shut the hell up or you'll only drag more people down with you.

Might I point out the successes some of your enemies have had - simply because they listened to professional (and sound) advice about "managing outcomes?"

The perpetrators of lending and servicing schemes have had the wherewithall to hire professional image and legislative shaping firms. They are my enemies - and you are giving them ammunition in addition to aid and comfort. Countless victims of their system are being rolled over because they raise the bogus arguments you espouse.

Your do-it-yourself style and having rabid pit-bulls like Farrel drive the message is contributing to your downfall and making it even harder to fight them.

diggs said...

Hey Judge who's slippin ya funds underneath that big black robe of yours? Or are you just so old school, you still think we have wooden nickels? Loosen up your shirt pops..

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Wouldn't it be something if Judge Bean was really Judge Alsup!

J udge
U ndermines
D orean
G roup
E fforts

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I'm still hearing voices when I drive. I heard some more on the way home from work. Also, it appears I've gone through some type of vortex because the clock in my car is now flashing 12:00 like my vcr clock.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I'm considering legal action against Taco Bell. I recently walked out of the local Taco Bell yelling "I'M FULL".......and promptly got arrested for disturbing the peace. My claim is their commercial is misleading since the people on television didn't get arrested, but I did.

The Warding Eye said...

I need your help! At one point in time I was an MA client, and was one of the first clients that MA sent to you back in March of 2004.

I got my Family Trust and Quitclaim deed recorded and that was the extent of my dealings with your company and my purported mortgage.

Since that point in time I have done my own homework / research and came up with my own plan of action.

I have come into a situation that may cause me some serious problems. My mortgage company is now suing me, and they are claiming that I am part of an “Internet Mortgage Elimination Scam”. They cite you and Scott as the ringleaders in this purported scam and make the association to me because you are named as the trustees on my Family Trust.

The Family Trust and Quitclaim have nothing to do with what I have filed, or the complaint that I have filed against them. It’s just left over Oxford / MA paperwork for them to use against me in their case. Which should have been cleaned up when Oxford and MA parted ways.

I talked to Scott about this back in mid 2004 and he referred me to Jay N., but I could not get a hold of Jay via phone or email. I then sent a request via US mail to your old office back in February, and I never got a response. I also had one of your agents try to talk to someone there and that was a dead end as well.

How can I get my property quitclaimed back to me?
I currently understand that this may not be possible because of the restraining order that you are now under?

Can I use some sort of administrative procedure to get this done? Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The Warding Eye

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Kurt, I joined Dorean in April 2004 before there were brokers. Are pre-broker clients in the first 500 you spoke about last night? Also, I know someone else that joined before the brokers and neither of us received the last two e-mail fast blast from Dorean. How do we know if our files were taken or not in the FBI raids and if we are still in the mix? Just not sure how the pre-broker clients are being dealt with or tracked.


Mortgageman said...

The Warding Eye:

You can bet that you are in some trouble, get a lawyer and quit taking advise from the guy that got you into this mess. This is the outcome of the scam.


I read what you said about the money not being what you are in it for:

I listened in on a recorded call where you said that you could see this thing growing to 1,000 clients.

Let's do some math:

Assuming average home price of $200,000.

1,000 clients x $3,000 = $3,000,000

1,000 clients x $200,000 x 65%LTV (the re-fi)= $130,000,000 x 70% (the Dorean fee) = $91,000,000.

Now let's assume that you have costs and the $3,000,000 is eaten up.
Let's even say that it cost you $6,000,000 so far to process 4,000 clients, thats $1,500 per client. Let's say that that is above and beyond the $3,000 that you charge to administer. You will have to spend $1,500,000 on the 1,000 clients.

You are still left with $89,500,000.

Let's be conservitive and sat that it even costs you 50% more, I would say that $44,750,000 may be worth this noble crusade.

Just want out said...


I already talked to Tila for about a month now, and still no quick claim. On last nights call you said that the queue was empty, so Im hoping mine was in there. But if its not, how long will it take from today to get my quick claim? because my house is in escrow ready to close by this month.

Just want out said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just want out said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just want out said...

Just talked to Tila, and she said min did not go out. I also left you a voice mail, please call me back.

Thanks for your help

Mortgageman said...


I think that you should listen to your elders.

"A fool and is money are soon parted."

A better quote is: " it is a greater mystery as to how they got together in the first place."

truthseeker said...

I'm in the midst of dealing with a "Quiet Title" situation with my mortgage company.I need to stop this process immediately. Is there an administrative process that I can use to stop this action? Please advise.

whistleblower said...

Judge, it is not a bulletproof stance, it is simply a stance. I went to prison on a strict liability charge last time and that is another animal all together than an intent case. Prosecutors don't take chances on case as big as this one politically unless they have a reasonable high 90's percentage chance to win. Imagine if they prosecute as you say and fail. All the credibility for their harassment goes out the window and now damages become recoverable. We’re talking big numbers if mortgageman is remotely close.

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nope said...


I'm sorry for being intrusive in to your blog. But I am Melissa and I am a mother of two that is just trying to get out of an incredible financial debt. See my hubby is away in Iraq trying to protect this great country that we live in, and I am at home with our two kids telling bill collectors please be patiant. When my husband returns from war we will beable to catch up on our payments. We have already had are 2001 Ford repossessed from the bank, and are now down to a 83 buick that is rusted from front to back and the heater don't work, and tire tax is due in November.

I'm not asking for your pitty because we got our ownselfs into this mess but we would love you and thank you in our prayers if you would just keep this link on your blog for others to view.

God Bless You.

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