Sunday, July 24, 2005

“The Desert”

Well I got moved today to a larger county facility. Both Scott and I are in the same place, perhaps we will be housed near one another so that we can work together on our case. Continue to pray for us!
I don’t expect most of you to understand this post, however it’s being posted for the clarity of my battle. I am 4 days into what I call a dry fast, which is no food or water, accomplished by both Moses and Jesus. It ‘tis a supernatural fast that proves that man does not live by bread alone.
"Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
In the natural I will have about 14 days before I perish through kidney failure. Likewise in the natural one mans voice of no has no chance of prevailing, however in the supernatural the singular effort of tyrants shall not prevail. If I perish may the mark of history be that I left a sword of truth, for the masses to display and swing wildly for their freedom. If the LORD shows favor upon me the dread of my enemies will be reported to you.
Already I am being treated differently, while not being Miranda-Warned. Nor have I received any paperwork regarding my incarceration I’ve not been processed as the other inmates. I have not been classified and issued an identifying wristband. What do you make of that? You be the judge! To be continued…


tcob247 said...

looks like a slow suicide attempt.Why not eat and keep your strength for the battle. You are doing what they want, get rid of you. If you can only last a few days and you anticipate being in 30, it is clear to me that you want out of this whole mess instead of fighting. I'm glad I got my quit claim back in the nick of time.......

newyorklife said...


Looks like you are one of those he referred to when he stated:

"I don’t expect most of you to understand this post, however it’s being posted for the clarity of my battle."

Tony said...

Hi are the people in the Office still going to mail out those Quit Claim Deeds ?

tcob247 said...

Hey pal....I know EXACTLY what iI am saying and I don't careif I am one of the ones "he" is referring to. I paid $4,500 for a worthless piece of paper that said my house was free and clear. For this "service" I then continued to pay my mortgage payment. Had I been able to re-fi then I would have owed on two mortgages and lost my house to foreclosure. WHAT A DEAL......
Nothing they ever promised came to pass. Customer service was horrible and dealing with Farrel only got me sarcastic comments and rude language.
Go ahead and call me stupid.....I built my house with my own sweat, blood and tears. I'm not about to continue my mistakes by going down the road with someone who is in jail (for the 2nd time) and lose MY HOUSE. You can if you want.......good luck with that

Temptingeyes said...


why are you still here if you got your quit claim back? what are you bitchin about now? go away and get on with your life--why are you still interested in dorean stuff?

tcob247 said...

who's bithin? Just stating got a problem with it. Am i wrong? I'm not interested, but I find it interesting. I would rather Kurt keep his strength and fight rather than commit suicide and compare himself to Jesus and Moses. God isn't interested in the banking system. He wants people to believe in him.

drhfred said...

“The Greatest Proffer Ever Made”

Mark 10:21 Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.

Here is a man that lacked nothing save one thing as told by the Lord (Jesus) nevertheless the proffer if complied with would Matthew says he would be made “Perfect”. Just as a test of what that all means ask yourself (What If) he had complied. I can’t think of anything more glories that having God think of me as perfect. However this man choose to take a pass because he just did not understand the proffer. Please remember the Lord loved him and because he only lacked one thing, incontrovertibly he was a good man. There are many in the Dorean Group processes that have no idea why they are here. Others just for what they can get, still others that are in waters far deeper then they were ever made to wade in and now are affright, and then there are those that see the battle and realize its cost and remain to fight. All must be call lacking, but good. Service on the other hand is truly subjective and thus if you feel you got bad service, you did. Yet others perhaps a bit more understanding are content with the service and they too are correct as well. If we can’t agree on things we can be civil as we disagree. As for being in jail (Twice) remember Jesus was arrested, jailed, tried, convicted, and executed (A Truly Good Man) because a government feared him. Likewise were not all the disciples jailed, and some many times? Needn’t you remember how the constabulary utilizes the jail as a tool to set their a agenda? It appears that Kurt and Scott counted the cost prior to starting Dorean up, and are doing what needs to be done in order to achieve victory. There will always be the naysayers and those that are cynical, their mouths shall not be stopped even with victory. May I say the battle is not hard if you know just a few things? Who is your enemy, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and what are the best weapons to use? You faithful please don’t loose sight of that. Pray as though it all depends on you, and act as it all depends on the Lord!

newyorklife said...


Who made a "promise" to you? I am a client of CCR and there weren't any "promises" made to me.

I know for a fact fle is constantly being hounded by the Feds and if he didn't have that screw you attitude, all of us would be hanging and twisting in the wind with no where to go for information. Not all of my encounters with fle have been pleasant either, but thank god he's still there for clients of CCR and other groups to have a place to get current updates.

I'll take that trade-off any day of the week.

Tulsa John said...

To the people or persons who physically visit Kurt and or Scott

Please post here or make available to the brokers where a person could write to Kurt and Scott

tcob247 said...

drhfred....was that the king james version?
Are you saying that Kurt is the same as Jesus?
The govt arrested Jesus at the request of the religous leaders.
Jesus said to render under Ceasar (govt) what they required.
Don't make this into a spiritual battle. promises????? I wouldn't have sent my $4,500 in if there werent any promises.....geeze , you are kidding right?

newyorklife said...


Where is this "promise" stated in the contract OR any of their calls?

I think your perception of the process is quite distorted.

tcob247 said...

did you send money in for the process?? Why did you do that? Were you lead to believe your mortgage would be eliminated and you would make a lot of money?
What is your percetion of the process? Did you put your house in jeopardy?

Temptingeyes said...

"who's bithin?"

who is bithin? you are, that's who.

"Just stating got a problem with it."

yeah, I gotta problem with it: you're livin in the know, you got problems movin on...

"I'm not interested, but I find it interesting."

In other words, you'd rather watch than play... to each his own...sounds like a fetish to me.

"God isn't interested in the banking system. He wants people to believe in him. "
11:44 AM

we are never born and we never die.. only those that believe they were born, fear death.

newyorklife said...

Sure I sent in the money, and I believe that my mortgage will be gone, but there was no "promise" made to me or anyone that this will be easy, and/or guaranteed.

Tulsa John said...

How soon people forget

Keep in mind, what does or is the Dorean Challenge suppose to be doing? Bankers take a person’s promissory note and convert it into a security and deposit that note, funded by the very person who came to the bank for a loan, into a transactionary account to be given back to the “borrower” as a loan. The bank never gave a loan.

Where is the original note? Who is the crook? Who is committing fraud? Who ignores the US Code? Who ignores the UCC? The law is made for lawbreakers. If we don’t make our voices to be heard, how will others know there is injustice? Paul asked to see Caesar. Paul got is day in court! Kurt and anyone else should be treated at least as a common criminal.

In England, you are considered Guilty until proven innocent. Has our take on this changed in our country?

Gforce said...

This is a spiritual war. Eph. 6:11-12"Put on God's armour(the armour of a heavey-armed soldier which God supplies), that YOU may be able SUCCESSFULLY to stand up AGAINST all the strategies and the deceits of satan. For we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood(contending only with physical opponents),but against the depotisms,against the powers, against(the master SPIRITS who are)the world rulers of this present darkness, against the SPIRIT FORCES of WICKEDNESS in the heavenly(SUPERNATURAL) sphere." Think about it, once the wealth of the wicked is transferred to the righteous, the relative timing of satan's eternal jugdement is then secured. Sequence of events: The wealth of the wicked is transferred to the sons and daughters of God. The sons and daughters of God use that wealth to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout ALL the earth(satellite,TV,radio,churches,etc.). Once every nation has heard the Gospel, satan then has 84 months left of "freedom" before Jesus Christ physically returns to the earth, at which time, satan is thrown into the "bottomless pit". So you see, satan has everything to lose, 6000 years of hard work all going down the drain because of 'two guys working out of a garage'." In the physical, Kurt and Scott seem to be the point men, but in the spiritual, many have sacrificed and gone before them to prepare the way. Many people globally that are led by the Spirit of God support and pray for Kurt and Scott 24/7 whether or not Kurt and Scott's names are even known to them. The generation of people that saw events in 1967 will also see the Second Coming of Jesus Christ(Matt.24). Kurt and Scott----"Because you love me, says the Lord, I will RESCUE you; I will PROTECT you, for you acknowledge my name. You will call upon me and I WILL answer you; I will be with you in time of trouble, I WILL DELIVER you and HONOR you. With LONG LIFE I will satisfy you and show you my salvation." Ps.91:14-16

southernspoken said...

The first time I met Kurt, I knew that he was called to be just like David in the Bible. There have been many times that I have spoken to him and we talked about the Lord and what he was doing. You see people have a hard time with battle using nothing but FAITH. Faith is a hard thing for people to deal with because you can't see it, touch it or read it. It is just FAITH. When God calls you to take on a battle that is between him and Satan it is an honor.
I remember when I first talked to Kurt about the money that was taken and he was quick to correct me that it was God's money not his. I have seen him push, refuse money to protect all of our homes, you see he is not greedy nor can you be bought. Imagine that there truly is someone like that and that someone is your trustee. The first time I met Scott I wasn't sure, but now I see that he is just like Job in the Bible. He has lost so much, but yet he still keeps the FAITH and never loses sight of what he has been called to do. What Kurt is doing is something that most of us could nor would not do. If you know anything about fasting you know that it is not suicide. A born again child of God does not believe in suicide and never goes there. Fasting dry is not taking that which is not HOLY from the Dogs. When there is no food or water it is a true stand of faith. It is also a way that the HOLY SPIRIT can talk, communicate without interference. It is also a way that SATAN doesn't understand nor can he see what God is leading you to do. Why do you think that Kurt said pray for WISDOM? God is not going to allow his body to become weaken, but stronger. The moves that he will make will be GODS move. Let all of us fast, pray, annoint ourselves and stay in the word. Let us all pray for God to give the words that Kurt and Scott both need to fight this battle. Kurt when you read this you will know who I am and God has given me this to tell you. GOD SAID HE WOULD BLESS THOSE THAT BLESS YOU AND CURSE THOSE THAT CURSE YOU. I challenge all of you believers to take and write down both Kurt and Scott's name on a piece of paper and put it in your bible at Philippians 4:19: But my god shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. I now lift both of you up in Christ Jesus's Holy name. May the warmth of this message be an inspiration to all that seek him and desire him.

Temptingeyes said...

"If you know anything about fasting you know that it is not suicide."

it's cannablism.

just kiddin folks...;)

seriously, i don't like what kurt is doing..he's nuts..nuttier than a fruitcake..

just kiddin about that too..

we love you kurt...

Letterman said...


God is very much interested in the banking system.

Deuteronomy 25: 13-16
In all your transactions you must use accurate scales and honest measurements…. All who cheat with unjust weights and measurements are detestable to the Lord your God.

If you truly understood our banking system, you would understand that it violates God’s law and many Godly principles in the Bible.

The only time that I am aware of in the Bible of Jesus getting physically angry is in Matthew 21:12,13 and John 2:14-16. Jesus turned over the tables of the moneychangers. He made a whip and drove them out of the temple. These moneychangers were requiring those coming to sacrifice at the temple to exchange the secular currency of the day for temple currency. They cheated on the exchange rates. The temple currency was a token. Today’s bankers are even worse than those moneychangers in Jesus’ day. They purport to “loan” their money or other depositors money, but they are nothing more than moneychangers, exchanging your promissory note for digital currency that takes no more than a few keystrokes to create. Then they require you to pay them 2, 3, 4 or more times the amount of the initial “loan”.


I love your post. Be safe.

Tulsa John said...

Can you Stand the TRUTH?

Or do you prefer a lie?

A good friend of mine is a emergency Room doctor. He has worked in emergency medical medicine for over 28 years. When I first met Dr. Bill Dudney, I was doing a lot of praying for the sick in hospitals. In a business meeting, where I initially met Dr. Bill, I asked him, “as a Christian, how do you deal with emergencies? What do you tell people?

He said, “I work like the person’s life solely depends on my ability, but, I pray and believe that everything I do depends on The Lord.

I believe our faith must have action. Faith without works is dead being alone. I believe that it is time to begin “screaming” from the “housetops” for justice where Kurt and Scott are concerned. Truth can stand alone.

In a movie “A Few Good Men, Col. Jacobs made the global assumption, “ YOU CAN’T STAND THE TRUTH!” I think the world can stand the truth if they are given the opportunity to know it. Movies and society have made us think that the truth is so horrible that we just can’t handle it.

Liars, cheats and thieves, want us to believe they want truth. By their vary nature they ( liars, cheats and thieves ) have to lie; its who they are.

Get ready to go to through every avenue, churches, groups, media, prayer, peaceful marching in front of the jail that hold’s Kurt and Scott and become visible so what is being done in secret will be made know to all.

Judge Roy Bean said...

I suspect that the bonafide leadership of most churches would condemn (maybe even as blasphemy) some of the religioius comparisons being made here.

The man and his partner, utilizing a VERY OLD and widely discredited scheme with a phony trust scheme in back of it, sought to profit under the guise of fixing something that legally isn't broken.

They did it at the expense of the very people who now refuse to admit they've been duped, and the promoters have profitted without any financial obligation to their clients, all the while, in many cases, perpetrating other bogus schemes.

Doesn't anyone see that this is at least just another example of people taking advantage of people, obviously for some by preying on their religious beliefs?

No one likes to be called a fool; but being fooled under the circumstances of religious affiliation is one of the oldest schemes known to the perpetrators - for one reason: IT WORKS.

The damage to the victims is apparently being ignored by some who seeminly have little to lose by continuing to try rallying the faithful.

To what end? Praying for rescue for the Dorean operatives will somehow leave you with free and clear ownership of your home? Nonsense. Grow up. This is the round earth and it's time to admit you've been had and move to take whatever legitimate legal steps you can, or start looking for another place to live.

tcob247 said...

WOW....there is no need for me to say anything all are way out there....let me know when the 2nd coming of Kurt occures and you all are caught up in the sky to meet him, and live with him forever and ever. looooo looooo loooo loooo
How do you say wacko in the King James version

douglasc said...

And what compels you to post anything-here JRB? Are you purporting to be some kind of hero protecting everyone from a so called scam by TDG; trying to sway everyone here to believe that the mortgage industry is honest, truthful, and righteous? I have proof that the VP of the so-called bank I did business with lied in her pleadings. This means that you are defending liars, cheaters and the like which makes you of the same breed.

midwesttoo said...

lose my house you say JRB? so be it. it is just a house, a temporary dwelling place as is this earth and this body.

Judge Roy Bean said...

Douglas, again, what bothers me the most is that people with legitimate mortgage problems get lured into these Internet-driven schemes because they can't afford effective legal representation - members of the bar that are appropriately trained in fighting the mortgage industry predators.

As soon as the discredited theory motions and filings start showing up, even people who might have been able to prove the lender was engaged in illegal fraudulent behavior are doomed.

If you argue the world is flat, you loose credibility that the mortgage servicer played fast and loose with your payments or isn't living up to the terms of the underlying mortgage documents.

The problem is, the judiciary believes in the roundness of the world we live in.

I work to expose the blunders of not only the judiciary, but the supposed regulators (sleeping dogs) and the the predators (Squaliformes and thier ilk) who take advantage of people every day on the round earth.

And for Midwestoo, good for you. Until you've tried to help a victim who is trying to find a rental truck because their belongings are being put on the sidewalk, keep your hollier-than-thou attitude to yourself.

Tony Tuba said...

Can you name one successful hunger strike? Let's look at this like a football coach on 4th down - risk vs. reward. If Kurt does a hunger strike, what is the risk vs. reward for the bank. The risk to the bank is nothing - the reward is Kurt dies and this stupid game is over. If Kurt does not do a hunger strike, the bank risks losing the battle against Kurt in court or financially out of court and their reward is nothing.

I agree there were never any guarantees,but to take this way out to self destruction is stupid. I have fasted myself,but my actions did not affect 4000 people who were promised the race would be finished and the fight would see the last round. Please Kurt let some sanity back in. You don't have to prove your love for the LORD this way,HE knows before you finish your thought. You do need to prove something to the people trying to bring you down. Dying from starvation will just prove to them you didn't mean what you've been saying this whole time. Eat, drink,stand up, and prove them wrong!

oneequalsone said...

Has your awakening begun? This interface your so attached to is temporary; the truth need not prevail it need not anything at anytime for it always was, is now and always will be; you cannot contain the immutable and infinite; have you not embraced yet your inseperability from all flesh bone and spirit?

you are the corruption
you are the fear you fear
you are foreclosure

once you accept the towering truth that you are absolutely nothing, but everything; and every fear you have has been embraced as yourself; only then will you know the highest order;

When you become the Acceptor of fear as being actually yourself will you ever understand a peace that surpasseth all understanding.

Tulsa John said...

Judge Roy Bean

If you are a Judge:

The obvious seem to try to smack a logical person in the face.

If Kurt and Scott were scamming, why sneak and lie and keep them from their day in court?

What about due process? Oh yeah, what about truth?

Truth does not come about by standing on a mountain top and yelling this is truth because I "Judege" so and so says it is.

Truth where the constitution, the UCC code, and the US codes are concerned is written.

Tulsa John said...

Question for "Judge Roy Bean"

Are you a Judge of any Kind?

If so, which court?

thk9901 said...

does anyone know the phone number or email address of the Dorean group. I have not heard from them for about 3months. I want to get my quit claim if it's still possible. My agent who originally signed me up is also in jail.

Please help

Tulsa John said...


It might be nice to note that your agent is in Jail for an unrelated issue to the Mortgage Challenge.

believerandfollower said...


You purport to be a judge, but have you done your own homework? You are quick to judge, the trust and everyone supporting it, but do you even know what you are talking about? Do a little research, see for yourself . . . .

Mortgageman said...

To the victims...

This guy is a con-man! No one responded to the simple math comment that I put out showing the 10's of millions that these guys stood to make on this scam.

I see many entries of people that are now feeling the "TRUTH" of being screwed.

Way to go FBI!

Now I think that the FBI should cast the net a little wider and get all of these "sales" crooks that help to screw these people.

Mortgageman said...


You are dead on! You can see how these clowns are continuing to try and con the last few out of their cash (and their homes). I am sorry that they got you but it looks like you can recover from the damage that they caused you.

Mortgageman said...

Tulsa John:

To get one's day in court, one has to be arrested. Kurt was running and now he is caught. It is amazing how people are still believing this guy about not getting his rights.

Doesn't anyone understand that this guy has been telling one lie after another since he started this scam? Please do not tell me that he is still being abused by the government because he said so.

Someone tell tcob that he is just imagining the crap that these guys has caused him.

imbigo said...

To all you naysayers,

Please dont disappear into cybor space when this BATTLE is won, I dont expect people like you to applogise, but I assure you I will be here to say unto you "I told you so"

To Mortgagegirl, I mean....

why do I care how much $$$ these guys make if I'm blessed by their effords!! Your probly piss off at Bill Gates because you did'nt think of Micro Soft first. Get real!!!

Mortgageman said...


I guess that you think that girls are somehow inferior or you would not use them as an insult.

My point on the money was to refute Kurt's claims that he is not in it for the money. I have heard no one respond except for Kurt's comment that if I am remotely right..."then that is a lot of money."

Please tell me why so many of the customers are in pain and why they should not understand the "TRUTH"?

The truth has been shown in that tcob explained that if he went through with this scam he would have two mortgages and a foreclosed house.

Unfortunately your other clients face this problem. Let's pray for them.

Tulsa John said...

To Mortgageman and other antagonists

Yes, there is a sizeable amount of money to be made by Kurt and Scott at the END of the challenge process. If the challenge does not get the desired results, Kurt and Scott do not get anything. As for the upfront money, they only get $600 per 1st mortgage. That does not count the rent and cost of operations they put out. You remind me of the 12 spies that went into the promise land and came back with an evil report. Ten said we can’t take the land they are too many and too big. Two came back with, “we are well able to take it.” All the doubters died having never seen the victory that should have been theirs. What a pity then, and what a pity now.

Solvo said...


You are wrong. They do not get $600 up front, they get $1000 up front on a first, and this is why Mortgageman's equation did not warrant a response because he skewed the numbers by $2K per client.

tcob247 said...

9 days to go until Kurt dies from kidney failure (his words)

Tulsa John said...

To Mortgageman

You said, “To get one's day in court, one has to be arrested.”

Scott has been in jail for more than a month without a hearing. Kurt has not been processed yet, why do you figure, he has not been processed like any other person who enters the jail system?

You remind me of the world of terrorism. Let’s not even investigate the truth. Let’s just assume and guess at the truth. Let’s just scare the “people” and maybe they will stop wanting to know the truth. When Hitler took over Germany, people like you were right in their rooting for the bad guys. Society does not learn. Truth is documented, but, you and others like you, want to spout off anything that protects your fraudulent behavior in the mortgage business. Shame shame….

Tulsa John said...


The CPA Audit report was $400. $1000 - $400 = $600.

Solvo said...

That is correct, but let's ensure that people understand the true numbers that are generated. You might upset some people by having them think that TDG was only charging $600 but someone upped the price to $1000 on them.

Mortgageman said...

Tulsa John:

You better tell Kurt to eat or he will die lie all of us doubters.

Are you a criminal or a victim in this game?

Mortgageman said...

Tulsa John:

Comparing a naysayer to someone who supports Hitler? WOW. You are so afraid of the truth that you have to hurl insults to divert from what is happening here.

I keep hearing, "research and you will know the truth about the process".

The truth about the process is being displayed by the victims that are screaming for help in this Blog.

I have a great idea, why doesn't everyone that is involved with helping scam people into this (the Kurt followers) take Kurts lead and join his strike. If Kurt is right again then I think that this blog will be a lot less active in 14 days.

I am not in the mortgage business. I am just a person that hates to see people get hurt by people that are playing on their emotions.

tcob247 said...

A great idea about joining in the hunger strike with him. If they REALLY believed in it (him) they would.
Lets just see how many Jim Jones koolaid drinkers are out there.
DHFRED: remember you said its spiritual warfare not physical. Will you join your leader?

Tulsa John said...


I am a born again Child of God. You probably have a problem with that too. I know the truth, it has set me free. If you don't know, you will not be free.

Mortgageman said...

Tulsa John:

I am glad to here that you are born again. I have no problem with that. I do, however have a problem with scammers preying on others using the guise of religion.

I think that you guys should use the facts (if you have any) that support why this is good for the victims of this scam. People have followed you guys into financial ruin.

blueletterproxy said...

Sure, sure deathpledgeman...

The REAL scam is your profiteering off the sale of "Mortuus Gages" while feeling protected by the bar... oops... I mean B.A.R. (British Accredited Registry), Esquires (Agents of the King) those Tory Lawyer Attorneys that you can only rent from the enemy for a day.

The UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) is the supported Law of this World and is what supports Kurt & Scott as 'Law-abiding' whilst you, on the other hand, don't want to be exposed for being made a fool, by having participated in feeding all of your MortuusGage clients to the private banker wolves.

Your angle is 'save face' & 'save job'.


tcob247 said...

what does a being a born again child of God have to do with Mortgage elimination? The truth is Jesus Christ not exposing bank scammers. You are acting a little bit holier than thou and you know how Jesus did not like that (Pharisees)
Quit trying to mix religion and business

Mortgageman said...


well said.

connielee said...

You left us in the depths of despair. Served with foreclosure and not a care. Trustees claim injustice and full functioning staff but nay have they rescued us from this nightmare. not a call, not a letter or hand holding manner. woe to all to be on guard not to get caught in this snare. Listen for the knock on the door to disrupt your life and lots of strife. Gather up the cat and the dog..and say goodbye to the home that you love with regrets supporting a cause that left you in AWE of its faultering plan to be mortgage free and live happily.

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