Monday, July 11, 2005

Am I a lone voice

It appears the people are waking up to the ridicules agenda of the bankers. Could it be Dorean just needs to hold ground a little longer for the house of cards to come falling down? Remember it is people who can say no to men in black dresses and they will have no power to corrupt justice. I am saying no to Judge Alsup! Here is a link to some others saying no. Will you join them? I hope the swell of voices begins to scare these thieves away from the no longer easy prey. We are about finished our race and we have set a great foundation for all to hold and we as a people will see the fruit of our labor in our hands again.


Temptingeyes said...

Sweet Kurt,

enjoying your messages.

Bless you.

Shepsu said...

They are messing with this site

It is hard to post. I think you have many more. People are getting frustrated. They keep counseling out our post

maybe this one will get through?!?!?

Shepsu said...

We are with you all the way Kurt!

Letterman said...


The hard part for me was getting registered. I had to create my own blog spot just to be able to post to this one. No problem for me but would not be easy for a computer beginner.

Yaboo said...

Good work Kurt!!!

gotlight said...

Your not alone! This is not for the light hearted that's for sure. The downright ugly press is sickening.

I've been with you guys since Nov 2004. And I'm still here. Are they going to use this blog as evidence too!?

Starfish Prime said...


You can bet your sweet chinchonies the Feds and the FED know that this blog exists. They probably know the names of everyone who works for the company .. but why worry about that? We need to stand up for ourselves and put an end to this financial tyranny! PUT ME ON THE RECORD AS SAYING: Libertarian and this will all go away.. :) kidding. (kinda)


I'm so excited!! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!! wHOO Hoo HOoo .. Scott should be celebrating right now. Celebrating the government's further admission by it's actions that they know that fraud exists and that they don't want anyone to know about it. The more attention he gets the more the fraud is made evident to the People. No pain no gain. This blog could be the best thing to happen recently hear Kurt's story from his own mouth and NO FBI agent can raid these entries (at least for now) steal them, hide them from the people, or burn them, or anything but the message will always be here for anyone to see who is interested enough. Behold the power of the Internet yet again.


Solvo said...

It's started in the US

Walla said...

Fight the powers that be!! Keep up the good work fellas.

firefighter said...

Can somebody please help me?? I entered the Dorean process approximately one years ago. To this date, I have been issued my re-conveyance, but unable to get re-financed. Due to circumstances surrounding my job, I need to sale my house immediately. However, I am unable to locate the appropriate party to convey the property back to me from "The Trust". Dorean has been no help in this matter. I have contacted on numerous occasions Tela and Becki Holtzer, with no resolution. According to my contact, a injunction has been issued against Dorean's process forbidding them to issue my Quit Claim Deed. In summary, my life, my job and my entire future hinge on the quick resolution of this matter. If anyone can help, please contact me @

insuranceman said...

Kurt, your not alone...keep your head up. I am with you. I would suggest that you tone down Ferrel - lets keep it professional. We will let you take the stand and we will hold you up. We must respect the position - even if we do not like the person.

I would also suggest a way for agents to be able to check on their clients - it is frustrating to have them call and not be able to tell them anything. I have had clients in since Jan. and we have know idea where they are at in the system. I would be willing to fly out to you to get my clients files and walk them through - just let me know.

Fight the Fight and We Will Help You Keep the Faith.


newyorklife said...


Why don't you contact the person that needs to tone it down and offer advice, especially since insurance salesman have such a great reputation?

Solvo said...
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Solvo said...

firefighter, Your contact is wrong about the deeds. There were 50 prepared yesterday alone, and the office is functional, as a result of the injunction being addressed.

douglasc said...

Kurt, kick some A$$ and take some names for the floggin...

douglasc said...

Additionally, thank you and Scott for all that you are sacrificing!!! And thank you for the constant communication; it makes a BIG difference KNOWING what’s going on and that you are diligent in your pursuit for the finish line.

whistleblower said...

I have never felt alone and have always sensed the ground swell of malcontents who needed a voice. Let's all collectively shout in one accord "that's my money, hands off!" firefighter I know you've been contacted and we will do all we can to help solve your problem.

FraudMirror said...

I am one of your competitors! We use a different system, but same target.

I have reviewed some of your court documents and one of my major concerns is?

Why have you guys not filed suits against these banks that you issued bonds. etc. to?

Some of the court documents are addressed by the judges as; "the bank's silence does not constitute acceptance....blah blah!

I understand the attorneys are using this issue to defend their known fraud and the judge can escape ramifications for their prejudice decisions [controlled by backroom notes being passed around at the court houses across the country] by ruling on this issue.

My BIG QUESTION is; if the banks kept these notes, then they most likely endorsed them and used them "in house" as an asset.

In this position, then the banks would guilty of RICO laundrying....altering secuity documents....forgery....and a few other federal violations of the SEC and the USC codes.

I would file suits against all banks that were issued these bonds or at least for all banks that never returned the "original" [not copies] of these bonds that you gave them.

I am so tied of how the banks' attorneys are pressuring the judges to rule against anyone seeking the truth behind the banks' known fraud, primarilly by telling them that if they rule against the banks, the whole lending system will fall apart.

This would be the best thing that could ever happen to the US. Nothing would be lost, because all of it is fictitious consideration on paper and does not involve any real money.

Good Luck Guys, we fight everyday for our clients against this crooked system. We are also working a a program that would help every pro se client to get real justice throughout the US.

whistleblower said...

Fraudmirror, you likewise keep up the good work. I am addressing the bond issue in a manner bigger that the judiciary. Wait to you see this one. They are all blowing smoke up their own ass becuase I am working like a banker and they are working like serfs. You know the banker has all the advantages.