Friday, November 12, 2010

God Is Speaking 9/24/10

I recently heard a preacher (respectable) state that God has finished His communication with man and it is completed with the written word. As a conservative seeing all the loose cannons fostered upon us with the claim of God directed hearing I can appreciate that restriction. But as a believer I would be very disturbed if this idea was a fact. It would call into question some disturbing thoughts on Christ. His doctrine of groom and bride or friendship would easily become suspect. Take John 17 the Lord’s prayer. It is obvious that the apostles were invited in a very special relationship with God through a contemporaneous walk with Christ. The prayer also makes clear that his relationship is not unique to them but will continue for those who follow after them. How strange would it be for the groom to court his bride personally in the beginning and then leave her for the rest of her days to a literary love note? The Bible if not confirmed by the contemporaneous living groom is solely literary. If on the other hand it is sanctioned by direct confirming “Amen” of the revelator we have the reliable word of God steal that from the bride because of a few flakes and nuts and you have protected the bride by cutting out her heart. A foolish thought only though to be wise.

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