Friday, November 12, 2010

The State Of A Man 9/24/10

I have recently undertaken the nurturing of a few men. Shocking to me is that full grown bodies do not harbor men but mere infants. In my 36 years in Christ all my maturity seems so simple. My wisdom becoming more profound is more childlike. Yet, there is a scripture that speaks of putting away childish things. How few I meet today in grown bodies have taken this command. I’m surrounded by me whose entire being is chasing their pecker through life. I was once a studly 18-year-old swimming in a sea of testosterone but men don’t remain in that state. I used to steal as a little boy before I understood respecting others and their property. Man don’t remain in that state. I used to toy with girl’s affections to bolster my ego. Men don’t remain in that state. Men make themselves available in relationships. I used to take little responsibility for my life. All my concerns were about the now of me not the me of now. Men don’t remain in this state. God and my life were a concern of my parents. I was not a man accountable for my choices. I had a child’s body and a child’s understanding. My question to my generation is when are men going to appear? I’m nurturing men in the prison who behave in their understanding as children. Kids say the darndest things but they also make many foolish choices.

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