Friday, November 12, 2010

Candlepower 9/8/10

Many judge wisdom through circumstance instead of circumstance through wisdom. This habit leas to false understandings. Worst of all we get a false perception of God. Men in my circumstance feel they have fallen out of favor with God and must have sinned. Surely bad things don’t happen to good people. Those who judge me judge themselves as pleasers of God because the status quo is relatively easy. The folly of both these extremes is men looking to judge the character of God through the light of their understanding. It is God who illumines. How foolish to think you can light a candle to see the sun. The sun illumines itself and all below it. If we would use the light of God to view our lives every shadow of darkness and lies would flee. We would not be measuring our candlepower but rather His brilliance. I have confessed on this blog that I am pleasing to the Lord. My suffering is not because I am out of favor. It is actually because of His great love for me that I face this trial. My judgment is not by human candlepower but by the light of my beloved. It is not my measure of sin or righteousness but the working of God in me. He established Dorean because He is just, not apathetic, or silent. When His work is finished many will see the light of His countenance from beginning to end. The shame of candlepower judgments will evidence themselves. Though the burning embarrassment of finite flickers will have run their course. I will have tanned under the heat of a fervent love that caused me to rest in the storm.

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