Friday, November 12, 2010

Prison Continues Awhile 9/8/10

The harsh reality of my confrontation with this system is a code of silence. My trail had nothing to do with the facts. Many maneuvers were used to have an irrelevant trial that was merely a drama. The appeal was a continuation of this plan. The appeals court took the position that we were to be silenced. They forced lawyers upon us whose purpose was to pose a question the court wanted to answer but had nothing to do with the facts. The question was “how do we try guys like this?” This question has nothing to do with us in particular but more is a policy question. How do we try guys like this who represent themselves, are not psychologically impaired, and have some intelligence in the law. The reason this question was posed was to answer in such a way as to scare others from attempting what we did. It was not a serious question about how to give guys like us a fair trial or for that matter a fair appeal. It was a concerted effort to assure otherwise. Now robbed of our appeals it looks likely we have years to remedy their tactics. It is not a question now of winning but how they can tax us for our arrogance. Only men of Christ can garner a victory from this place. The selfish would break, cry, and surrender. Even when we are finally heard and it becomes apparent they will have to let us go they will do all within their power to entrap us into a loss or stalemate. As a trustee I must finish without putting my personal interest before yours. The price continues to rise but correspondingly so does the values. Most of you will move on certain victory will never come. All of you will lose interest. The one great thing about God is He never waivers or fatigues with His justice. His servants are renewed in His strength and will finish the course.

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