Friday, November 12, 2010

Dorean Is Personal 9/5/10

Difficult times like those that have arrived in the Dorean process can bring with them stubble and hot air to inflame doubts. Yet there is a powerful pronoun that applied correctly can quench all angst. Psalm 35 properly titles is the Dorean Psalm. IN it is all the truths necessary to address the consequences of Dorean. To be “hated without a cause” is a righteous suffering. Under this suffering there is no greater comfort to a soul then to hear “the Lord is “my” salvation.” To have this personal pronoun knowledge that the salvation of the Lord is individualized and particular to you overwhelms any fears your Dorean experience and muster. Your eyes are opened to see a love rarely known, a special care constant and available between lovers like lovers resting in a hammock, neither has a concern of ill will of the other. Any suspicion or charge is regulated to a whim of folly and given no credence. How much more should we like this Psalmist assure our souls with the fidelity of our Lord’s love? Dorean was a word chose for its descriptiveness and for its exposure of a corresponding truth that settles a soul in love. So though I did not wish for the full impact of Dorean to touch so many lives I can only hope that under the heat of unjust suffering all of you come to the absolute assurance like this Psalmist and myself that “this Lord is “your” salvation.”

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