Friday, November 12, 2010

The Last Word 9/2/10

There was a man named Stephen who was made a deacon by the apostles. A deacon is not an office of high honor but of high service. Stephen is mentioned in the Scripture in the book of acts. His reference is limited but significant. He was a brave man possessed with the truth. Intrigue of wicked men in power brought a charge against him. When addressing his accusers he preached elegantly the truth of Jesus Christ. Then he was stoned to death. His false accusers spoke but could not refute his truth. Killing him was their last word but his message did not die with him. A man named Saul who later became known as Paul the apostle was present for Stephen’s last word. Paul later went on to write nearly half of the New Testament. A man impregnated by Stephen’s last word delivered alive for all generations what Stephen’s last word held in essence. Stephen’s last word on truth has never been silent. To this day it emanates in hearts, pulpits, churches, and nations. As I fight for truth under the same wicked assault I am encouraged by this history. We never know when we will be defending truth for our last time. Each time has eternal import beyond our comprehension. By Stephen’s example I defy the wicked liars and hold out for the promise of fruit only the truth can supply.

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