Friday, November 12, 2010

You Be The Judge 8/29/10

Judgments have been rampant throughout this Dorean process. Judgment appears to be easily exercised but rarely trained. We all are victims of this wild dog let loose from our carnal nature to attack our neighbors. Is that the judgment we as sons of the living God are destine to practice? It is spoken of us that we are to rule the nations and to govern cities. Shall we lust for that power with the same malicious power consuming a Judge Alsup? Oh how foolish it would be to consider our judgments wise. Here is a thought worthy of thankfulness who is injured more he who suffers under injustice or he who practices it? I have suffered by not with the magnitude of all the wicked who have cast their judgments upon me. This is not a boast of my righteousness but an observation. If ever I was in doubt of my destiny just this distinction made within my soul by the working of God would be enough evidence to verify it. We are not to be apathetic, silent, judgeless bodies but distinguished. Our judgment is to be wise and not evil like the worlds. Those or you who judged me accordingly have not condemned me but found faith alive and well battling unrighteousness. Those who have judged me with adherence to the standards of this would inherit their judgments. Fear not the judgments of this world for soon, in due season, we who are being trained will be revealed as co-heirs with Christ executing His perfect judgment forever.

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