Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Expectations 8/27/10

I recently had two motions denied at the court of appeals. One was to move our attorneys to Amicus and to proceed as consul of record. The other was to reopen the appeal. They were denied very quickly. There are two inferences that could be made from this denial. First they were lost in the mail and when finally received were no longer timely in light of additional filings. Lawyers already moved off the case making us attorney of record. Second a motion to rehear arrived. This may have gained traction making the reopen moot. It has been 6 weeks for their consideration, which may be a good sign, at the time of this writing. If we’re granted rehearing I’ll be allowed to present many issues. There is only one issue I believe in the spirit I must present. That means I must waive all the others. All would get me out of jail immediately upon the ruling. But just this one assures total victory. The risk of course in this strategy is that its an all or nothing approach. If they rule against me I get to keep all 25 years with about a 1% chance of reversing it later. I am correct in argument but that is not a guarantee in this system. I must listen to God closely when the opportunity presents itself. Only a Christian man can brave these risks. If I prevail it will give me a platform in very high circles. If not, a small fry crushed by corrupt power. I will not recommend this course for Scott, but I suspect if he hears from God to brave it he will not hesitate. I regret most clients have little appreciation for the battles waged for their behalf. How much sweeter this journey would have been if all joined in faith and prayer to see God’s victory over a true wickedness that abused our generation. God saw the injustice. He was neither deaf to the cries of injustice or slow to act. He sent word to His children to act and to confront the wicked. Many heeded this call under pain of suffering to see God’s will prevail. They know that God’s way always leads to victory. The wicked never saw it coming because they don’t imagine a God they have to be accountable to. In the end great expectations are justified. The cost is a true measure of the treasure promised. Love has only one course and Christ was a perfect example. Use your life to lift those who were too weak to rise. A good pattern to follow in this system of witchcraft because they can never plot against decisions outside their knowledge. Love never enters the heart of a witch nor an understanding of the actions it will take. Love has all the advantage though it be cursed for it’s affections.

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