Friday, November 12, 2010

Dorean 8/21/10

As many of you know the name of our company came from the Greek language. Scott when studying the scriptures came across the meaning of this word felt it would be a good company name for the work we were setting out to do. The word, Dorean, means sovereign…free…gift. So appropriate to what we thought of our procedure. Yesterday I was a bit heavy in spirit because I spent the day in legal study. There is such twisted deceit in the practice of this witchcraft that when I seek our remedy I often come away filthy. Under this state I went to the scriptures for refreshing. I went to Psalm 35 because it was next in a chronological study I was doing. It couldn’t have been more perfect a word given at the appropriate moment. What was even more amazing was the word Dorean was in verse 19 translated “Without a cause.” This was a new revelation and not known to us at the formation of our company. How fitting it is now. We had no idea our righteous work would cause us to be hated by so many “without a cause.” But it did and God knew it all along when He named us. He also knew Psalm 35 would be true again for Scott and I. So my words of God’s loving care have another proof. Will you see Dorean for what it is in faith today or be a spectator of a work you could have participated in. You might be hated but its still a gift.

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