Friday, November 12, 2010

Writ Of Cert 9/24/10

The appeals court actions were intended to forestall my vindication. The next step afforded me is a writ of cert to the Supreme Court. My chances of getting their assistance is about 1 in 40,000. They only address constitutional issues which I have but that does not increase my odds much. I will try and post this writ because it will have my winning issue within its contents. The writ will be asking for a GVR back to the appeals court. That is Grant, Vacate, and Remand. This is just to restore the appeal that was stolen from me. An appeal which prevented me from raising any valid claim in the first instance. The attorneys forced upon us were part of the mechanism used to silence our valid claims. They put forth a silly argument designed to lose and precluded us from addressing the court with a winning argument. These are the tactics of an unrighteous tyrant. One a man of God should never fear. Regardless of their successes to injure Dorean Psalm 35 “The Dorean Psalm” already declares the finish. Above all things God is trustworthy. If you are at all competent of what the lawless call the law it will be easy for you to gain confidence in our ultimate vindication. The games length is all the battle embraces at the moment. This 1-40,000 chance gives me a time break or according to the odds a long delay. I trust the Lord. I’ll be finished when God says I am. I am content with this timeframe.

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