Friday, November 12, 2010

Giant Truth 9/28/10

Psalm 36:20 “The wicked shall perish…” I heard a lady’s testimony about how she so hated her rapist. She actually prayed to God that he would be raped and killed prison. She had identified him and assured his conviction. Eleven years later DNA proved it was another man she had not identified. The innocent man forgave her and she learned from her own misplaced hatred that she was the criminal. Yet Christ’s love displayed through her victim delivered her. Outside of that her error is equal to the righteous judgments of this world. All of it perishes. All of their puffery ends in a puff; their fuming ends in smoke, they make themselves fat and perish in their own grease. Consumers of the good they tried to be, and consumed they shall be. I wonder why saints trouble so much over the plans of the wicked. The Lord laughs at them. Their power is as strong as their judgments. Mere folly! I have never questioned the Lord’s care for me before this giant. There was a contrast in the David and Goliath story. Not between the boy and the giant but between the boy and his king. One saw God’s way and one shook in his boots. The Messiah was in the loins of David and in his faith. The dame remains true today. If you want to be a vital part of God’s Kingdom you must be confident in this truth, “The wicked shall perish…”

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