Friday, November 12, 2010

Life’s Banquet 9/28/10

I have been delighted in my life a few times to sit down for a multi-course meal prepared by a master chef. Each course is delicious and has a tantalizing quality of expectation for things to come. As I pondered the Lord it occurred to me that as His beloved we should very much live in this condition. Eternity makes it clear that our Master in love before the foundations of the world set His heart towards us in full measure. Not one good thing or one precious delight is missing. Still as finita creations our lives unfold in the progression of days in a myriad of courses. Yet each course has been prepared for us out of the bounty of Christ. The downing of the new day should bring with it the appreciation of the fair set before us with the tantalizing quality that all the courses are for our pleasure. Can you live in this honest state of love or are you some bulimic so caught up in your appearance before this world that you constantly revolt with the vomit of thanklessness and contempt? I delight in the Lord’s table and I do not live by bread alone. Each day heaven supplies its bounty as revelation wets my appetite for more. Bon Appetit!

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