Friday, November 12, 2010

Envy 10/10/10

Psalm 37:1 it tells us to fret not nor be envious. It is said of Queen Elizabeth that she envied the milkmaid when she was in prison. Being ignorant of her glorious 40 year reign that still laid before her was the silliness behind this envy. To me the children of God in Christ are far too ignorant of their heir ship and this kingdom. We envy beggars who have no hope of our inheritance. Judge Alsup has all the trappings of the son of power but he si merely an actor. His father of lies cannot leave to him truth. My Father of justice is not leaving His justice to strangers. Shall I envy this pauper because he appears blessed to the foolish? Do we not know how our Father works? Is it not the ox put to work in the stocks that lives longer and well? The ox put out to pasture seemingly in splendor and rest is short-lived. Their revered is their ruin. It is not the apparel that makes a nobleman but the pedigree of blood. How is it an heir can envy a possessor who will never hold the title? I was a trustee in possession of many of your properties but it was your heir that had all the interest. When title became an issue the law quickly dispossessed me of possessions and protected the heir. How much more is truth in the real law of the only King? Watch how the heirs are treated when the King demands their rights. Then foolish envy will be overshadowed by true envy, from real beggars.

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