Friday, November 12, 2010

The Power Behind Faith 10/10/10

I have talked much of faith over the years of this battle. Its importance cannot be diminished in regards to a successful outcome. But somehow through their exercise I have come to see the real power that makes faith potent and that separates the real faith from the phony. The real faith is the faith of Christ. A unique and distinguished faith that rest in the fact of God’s love for you. Jesus as a man used this faith to undo the work of Adam and Eve. He struggled with perception made obvious by His references to Psalm 22 of His death. In this Psalm David contrast His perceptions with the precept of wisdom concerning God’s character. Christ struggling through His pain of perception in trust says “Unto you do I commend my spirit.” This is authentic faith that cannot be practiced without the love of God as its support. This example of real faith proves the love is real. The are inseparable. Coming to a true knowledge that you are beloved of God causes this faith to thrive. This love is trustworthy as a fact. A fact that can be trusted beyond the perceptions of our understanding. When enemies with the likes of the U.S. Government, cancer, recession seems to attack we are not dislodged from this great love. Faith is sound and we can allow Christ in us to exercise it the only way He knows how, “unto you (God) do I commend my spirit.” That is the liberating power of real faith settled in a true love.

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