Friday, November 12, 2010

Tough Trusters 10/13/10

An ancient truth slips past another generation that prefers the ignorance of their progenitors. Distrust is the root of sin. The faith of Christ attacked and conquered this root by its existence. Many people wear the badge of Christian but very few actually receive the honor. The reason for this is the environment of trial. The test we face have the sole purpose of authenticating the faith of Jesus as a power within us. This is a power only made available in a relationship with Christ. In fact it is the dividing line between friend and phony. Christ uniquely displayed the faith upon the cross. Then when the root of sin was laid upon Him and the full measure of all human distrust filled His cup His perception as a man was dishonest. Look to His reference to Psalm 22. In the darkness His trust preserved and broke through to the light He knew to be true. The penultimate word of God is faithful because it is uttered in the ultimate reliability of the love of God. No distrust is justified. It is our trials that bear down upon us that bring our wills to the cutting edge of this choice. If we surrender our will to Christ His faith will triumph over the pressures to distrust. It will grab the reins of our will and attempt to maneuver through our perceptions we fail. We betray His love and friendship. Ultimately we betray ourselves and enter the stage of religious hypocrisy. We’ll bear the badge but not the honor. My delight in this Dorean trial is how it drives me further into the faith of Christ. The root of sin could not prevail over this power what can man do to me? No fear resides. Though my hope tarry it is still valid. It will obtain for this human what it obtained for Christ as a man. My progenitors Adam and Eve passed on to me a legacy of distrust but Christ gave his power to dislodge me from that bloodline to His. Now in every trial as the cross itself the faith of Christ outlives the death of sin. Forever this is settled in heaven. My many detractors are merely distrusters but the sons of God are tough trusters that make it through every trial. To m peers: “See you at the finish line.”

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