Friday, November 12, 2010

Regrets 10/16/10

Regret is not an emotion available to me. Its flaw being that it presumes God’s course and plans for your life are not formulated out of His love for you. Our root of sin causes our wills to rebel with the folly of this ignorance. When Dorean was formed the mortgage companies had a pristine reputation in the arena of law. Today this is not the case. Forty U.S. attorneys are going after mortgage companies for fraud. The CEO of Countrywide was just fined $67 million. The courts no longer can trust the affidavit of employees that rights title and interest were secure. Rulings are coming down daily that support and enhance Dorean’s position. We were about 7 years ahead of the explosion of truth arriving. Soon though it will be very hard for the lies concerning us to be sustained by the fraudsters who propagated and sustained them. Regret wants to look at the price. I’ve paid for truth and justify itself. But faith looks to the love of God and sees the justification for this trial. The test measures the quality of the deposits of wisdom, truth, faith and love given you by the Lord and finds them precious. A value far in excess of the personal cost. How can one regret receiving gifts? It’s an awkward emotion out of place propped up by lies. If you have regrets for your participation with Dorean you are blinded to the loving work God is doing in your life. Trust His love and put away regret it does not become those beloved of this Lord.

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