Friday, November 12, 2010

Victory Assured 8/1/10

I should not have to support this statement with anything except an affirmation of God’s promises. If one studied the Lord this truth would settle in. Yet most men naively trust in themselves and judge events through their limited experience. Ignorance is not bliss it is just ignorance. Yet I would not have you be ignorant. As you know my connection was affirmed meaning all 25 years must be done. If this was the end of the story it would be safe to say that Dorean will never be relevant in your lifetime. But that affirmation was not the end of the story. It was the end of the government’s argument and power. They have never subjected me to the law only procedure that was intended to stealth us away from the merits of our case. This included a bogus trial, forced attorney representation, leading to an affirmation. As the Lord would have it He let them complete this course to their shame. The law made it clear they had a duty to reveal the truth but preferred the lie. Now we are back in control of the arguments. This means for the moment to attack them procedurally. Once we’ve cornered them they will be forced to hear the merits of the law. The Supreme Court already assured our victory as long as we finish the wrestle match of procedure. Hopefully we’ve proven we’re in this fight to win it. None of our conviction will stand. That includes every defendant. Of course that will be up to the others if they want to follow our lead. You will discover that our case will be famous within the system as to many issues but most notably in regards to the federal fraud statutes. God has answered my prayers. These statutes were criminal in their irresponsible application. Our case will assure that these wild horses are retired as gildings. This is just the beginning. God may suffer His servants but the path will always lead to victory. This government of pirates has been noticed by God and many righteous have been attacked. One of their best weapons being these vague fraud statutes has been extracted by the Lord. The funny thing is that the way He did it was to neuter it toward the innocent but left it potent for the prosecution of politicians. Ironically hilarious if you ask me. The prayers of saints and the tears of the injured by injustice have God’s attention and I feel sorry for the wicked under God’s intervention. If the people pray God will heal their land. We suffered but healing has come in the wings of mercy. Stay diligent and victories like Dorean will become commonplace. Fools mock if you will but ignorance is not bliss.

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