Friday, November 12, 2010

The Good Witch 8/6/10

Jesus said it well, “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees.” Nothing has changed. Lawmakers, judges and lawyers have invented a system that burdens others with regulations they would never consider bearing themselves. This is a hateful pride and fraud. How we embrace these people in honorable company I cannot comprehend. I am surrounded by immoral but none offends me as much as the frauds who condemn them. Religious leaders who cater to them are aiders and abettors in their crimes. Not just guilty by associations but one advancing the crime. This nation needs a thorough house cleaning. The retards are running all the institutions. Shame on us Christians who disobey the Lord and use their courts to attack our brethren. We should never mingle righteousness in the courts of witchcraft. Far be it from us. Saul went to the witch at endor as a rebel. You do the same. Their little displays about concern of display of the 10 Commandments or right to life are merely white witch adornments used to deceive themselves. The righteousness and white garments of the good witches are not heavenly attributes. It’s time to declare the “woes” boldly in the streets. Cast them out of our churches, and stop embracing their fraud. They may own the world in their feeble imagination but I’ve only heard God promise it to Christ. Step up, step out, and get in step with the work of Christ for this spirited season. This is not a hate speech. The father of the prodigal loved him no less by sending him off into wickedness to dissipate himself. We must love these witches and reserve them to their folly. Separate ourselves and remain true to the truth praying and hoping they come to their senses. Was it you modern scribes and Pharisees the same living Lord notices your contempt.

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