Friday, November 12, 2010

Unnecessary 8/6/10

Dante said the hottest portions of hell were reserved for those who in a time of moral crisis remained neutral. There is no scriptural support for this thought but there is an important truth buried within it. The Bible says we are to love our neighbor. This cannot be done with silence in a moral crisis. Dorean was formed out of Scott and I obtaining revelation of a moral crisis. I am amazed at how my critics can label me a criminal when they remain silent as to the fraud bilking their neighbor. Is pursuit of personal gain the only evidence to your neighbor you love them? Their loss or potential loss blind to your concern. Dorean’s message was for larger than one man’s mortgage. Can you even fathom the economic damage incurred by the families of this crisis? Economic is the most shallow concern because there are family separations, divorces, suicides, seductions into crime and a myriad of vices. All this escalating out of your silence. Prison is a system that completely functions on the silence of immoral contempt. It doesn’t work. It jus breeds perverts. Society at large should be greater than a failed experiment. Dorean is a long lesson but in the end it will be shown the sacrifice love will make and the power of the few who speak out in a moral crisis. When they steal form or kill your neighbor it only takes a moment before the proximity to you is realized. That is why Christians remain here after the consummation of their relationship with Christ. We are a restraining force of God’s mercy. The greatest voices in abolition, suffrage, equality, and other righteous choices have always been people of faith. They have the unique quality to suffer for another in grace and joy as their Lord. They know truth for truth knows them. They are not trapped by temporal ignorance and can reason upon facts larger than the problems of this existence. So let the fools mock, Christ knows how to love them better than they love themselves. No mother who earns the hottest spots in hell or who loses their homes to fraud this one truth remains, someone spoke out to say it was completely unnecessary.

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