Friday, November 12, 2010

The Appalling Appeal 7/26/10

I can only imagine the crushing blow the affirmance of our conviction wrought on many. This word is a strange place unique within God’s creation. Here words can defy the truth of God with the appearance of truth. I’m sure an Appeals Court sanction gives that appearance. But there is no word that can stand apart from the truthful utterance of God. It may have a season for appearance while God test humanity but like all seasons their end is revealed in the beginning. As a matter of fact the opinion of the court does not finalize until it becomes a mandate. For us this is calendared about end of August. There are strategies currently implemented that will forestall this until a more complete ruling can be rendered. What this ruling proved is that this system uses judges and lawyers to fabricate and secure convictions. Your only relief can come from boxing them into an embarrassing breach of their confidence game. Lawyers won’t do this as a whole. It is now complete what they could do for us and for your interest. Now you will learn that your trustees were your true advocates and your advocates were your enemy. We still have a battle but fortunate for us this Supreme Court has come to our aid with recent rulings. Soon I will give you some cases to track that are procedurally ahead of us to allow you to anticipate our outcome.

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