Friday, November 12, 2010

Rejoice In The Lord 7/13/10

Psalms 32:11 makes its call to us to rejoice in the Lord. I understand this command as an important battle cry but not as a difficult request. For the believer there is no easier expression. Our hearts are in a state of perpetual and increasing joy. If one was to have a life like a boat at sea in tempest every undulation of emotion struck by the waves of change uncertainty, and peril would not dislodge joy from your heart. As I’ve grown now to be a seasoned old veteran of these waters I only become more secure in the promise of my vessel. To be in the Lord is rejoicing and shall forever be so. I no longer have to encourage my heart with this command for it advances by memory now. So many times the peace of arrival and victory over the storm have embedded themselves into my experience that now the heart arrives there before my body. This has been my testimony to you while it appears Dorean is sunk. God knows the day of our deliverance and the shores of victory that await us. No vicissitude of storm can move me, I hope it remains the same for you.

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