Friday, November 12, 2010

Which Way Should I Go 7/8/10

In the 32nd Psalm verse 8 it reads “I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.” John Donne the converted poet made some comments on this verse that bring out some deeper truth. There is much promise in this verse for every wayward heart. First there is the promise of God instructing men can teach but only God can instruct. The word translated “instruct” having a greater meaning of to cause a man to understand. This truly is the divine providence of God. Many a critic have fouled my person by saying I have no understanding. But my teacher causes me to understand. Unique about this relationship is God works as the teacher but the understanding id the work of men. A marriage that sets His kingdom to work. Secondly He teaches. A particular teaching as to the individual recipient and a teaching in the particular way to follow. Not the teaching of a guide by map but a guide on a journey. This teaching is not only to walk but not to stray. Being lost in this promise annihilates being lost in self. Dorean is a long journey but I am not lost nor is Scott. He who instructs and teaches has been faithful. Finally the verse ends with “I will guide thee with mine eye.” Ho how sweet it is to have God’s eye of loving care. This is the assurance we will arrive at our destination. Whether it be Dorean’s victory of heaven’s gate He causes to understand the way. Keep us in the way, and delivers us all the way. This 3 fold promise I have found true. Liars are easily exposed as not being in the way but out of the way.

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