Friday, November 12, 2010

Judicial Pardon 7/9/10

IN the recent ruling of the Supreme Court in United States v. Skilling S61 U.S.________ (2010) a very unique thing happened. I will call this a Judicial Pardon. This is not a power listed in the separation of powers but now a political reality. A judicial pardon is not like one from the President. His pardon is not incumbent upon the beneficiary to perform any act. The judicial pardon is more like a way of escape that requires the beneficiary to set his course through it or lose it. Skilling as a ruling was a political way of escape for any of the bankers, mortgage lenders, derivative dealers, hedge food operators, etc. IF they set their course through it they cannot be prosecuted. This ruling defied the traditional behavior of this court. A direction I believe politically motivated. One day Americans will wake up and realize the retards are running our institutions. So if you thought the wealthy politically connected banker would be subject to antifraud statutes as you and your children you now have a ruling to prove otherwise. So when they promise you “change” it is partially true. If they promise integrity, honesty, or righteousness it is categorically false. Power maintains its hold by the allegiance of deceitful agreements and that only God can change at the heart level. Until then the crooks will love each other.

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