Friday, November 12, 2010

I See You 7/6/10

Can a blind man know his wife? Even though sight is a very powerful sense its absence does not leave us with nonsense. Still we are possessed with the ability to know our beloved. Christ rarely is seen but is for from being absent in relationship to us. He can be known. He can be loved. I have not seen Christ once in my entire Dorean battle, yet, His presence has never escaped me. I have had the pleasure under the heat of battle to learn of me and to come to know Him. Many a critic as well as the enemy have no knowledge of Him. They make their judgments and boost foolishly. For if they knew Him they would never be as they are. It is a tragic circumstance when a foreigner professes to have intimacy of close relations with the one you know. You know them a liar before they finish speaking. Some of you truly know the Lord and have confirmed Scott and I are of the same spirit. Therefore you know as I am known that our hope for victory is not vanity. I know you also and fight to reveal in our generation what every prior generation knew; Christ is a faithful beloved seen or not.

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