Friday, November 12, 2010

The Voice of Relevance 7/3/10

Dorean was established as a voice of truth relevant to a deceitful mortgage industry. This has not changed by the concerted efforts of a tyrannical, despotic, economically conflicted, government’s insertion into the battle. Truth is not changed by force but is a force unto itself. Courage discovers this when time prevails. There is a timing in God’s plan that will honor patience. In the story of the Jordan crossing all the energy from the flood waters were heaped upon themselves until the last heel of God’s children left the riverbed. Scott and I are blind to all the maneuvers of God getting His children to their clearing but we are able to catch a scent of the arrival. This leaves us perplexed but not ignored. God is up to something and our faith can resolve itself to trust in the character and love. Laws that are immutable. ABC Nightline has requested television interviews of Scott and I. That means God has again made our voice relevant. From beginning to end truth is a course worthy of our loyalty. The liars will be exposed because it is a low greater than the powers expressed in the machinations of the wicked. Truth runs to embrace courage. Scott and I have braved the worst and now the world comes to us. They were deceived by the changelings while Scott and I remained constant. What we predicted came to pass. Not brilliance just truth. Will the truth set us free? NO, because we were never bound. We have only been incarcerated never did we bind ourselves to the lie. That integrity bought us this opportunity to speak with a relevant voice. That and the liars defeating themselves. For God we have embraced His truth at all cost, for truth we now speak.

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