Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me 7/26/10

This is a nest of birds upon our recreation yard. They have yellow breast and a ton of feathers. When I see them resting upon razor wire, in flight, or going through the fence I comprehend God’s wisdom and man’s foolishness. Men within our government and within this prison are devoid of the simple truth that all creation was fashioned in love. A love that gives bountifully even to an unreasonable bird. How is it that man can breath, drink, and eat without thankfulness. Yet most do. As though they are just in making demand of God to serve their every need. We cannot fathom the heights of our arrogance. Scott and I may be as simple as this bird in our trust but wiser than all the sages who wax elegant in thankfulness. Why am I considered the fool for standing in the opposition of the power of these thankless arrogant men? There is a yellow-breasted bird who would never consider such folly as to advance their cause. A little birdie told me that God is trustworthy and I believe him. I will stand and continue to stand fearless of the fearless.

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