Friday, November 12, 2010

Perplexity 4-15-10

We are not the first perplexed by the portents before our eyes. Ezra in the second book of Esdras chapters 4 & 5 tries to find answers. How our hearts crave understanding. Ezra questioned just about things he saw with his eyes but soon discovered the eternal instigations were for beyond his comprehension. Even when some revelations came time because the question I find myself led in the same course as Ezra. It is our human nature. Over the course of the events before me in this Dorean process I was exposed to much perplexity about the events and how they transpired. In seeking understanding revelation soon made it clear that heaven was about much greater business than my individual perception. Once this revelation came my conditioned response was “how long?” The answer I received was just like Ezra’s. When a infant has come to term the womb rejects it. There is a time in the events of God when they have ripened to full maturity. At that moment change occurs. This did not answer my question yet soothed my concerns. I will get there and the end is destined. “What about me?” Also inquires in fear of being lost in something greater. But that is not God’s way for nothing and no one is too trivial for detailed attention from God’s love. Revelation will not complete one’s understanding or alleviate the need for faithful trusting but that is a tremendous revelation in itself. Our beloved cores about us and handles His affairs accordingly. Most often for beyond the reaches or our comprehension.

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