Friday, November 12, 2010

72 Hours 4-30-10

I have not done this before but I felt a prodding of the spirit to minister to one particular client. Do not be shocked or even surprised at this. We are but one body sharing the same head and master. A master that loves His body as Himself. WE are beloved, adhered and cherished. What part of this body would not sacrifice itself for the benefit of the whole. This client, you’re my brother. You have seen me make my sacrifice before you and know by witness of God my calling is as much for you as myself. To that witness I speak in faith as the voice of God. You have hoped an enduring hope that I would deliver you from your economic hardship. I have sustained you like the widow of Zaraphath. Never one morsel beyond your need. Even now the lie hangs over your head that I have missed your eminent financial demise. Do you know me? Do you know to what extent I have placed my name above all others and as a witness to each promise? The devil has requested your last morsel for he swears by it you will be crushed and your hope proven human. But he does not know you as I know you. I have seen your faith and how you love me. This day I decree to you my resurrection power. You shall find yourself impoverished with no eyes of expectation wherever you look you shall see no help. I will speak to your spirit via this word that I am your help and those when the Lord helps are helped thoroughly. Within 72 hours I will come to your rescue and no longer will you be like the widow. Your drought is the day of God’s victory.

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