Friday, November 12, 2010

Hope 4-29-10

Hope really is a two-faced animal. One is the emotional condition that under girds human fortitude. Two is the by-product of faith’s expectations. As a man in Christ I am familiar with both and more than I desire vacillate between the two. As your trustee I have tried to suppress the emotional condition in myself as well as in the clients. My reasoning for this comes from my experience. The human emotion of hope cannot sustain the endurance needed to obtain victory in the battle for truth and justice we face. Nor was it ever intended to circumstances create emotional responses in every person but only Christ can create hope via faith. This is a hope designed for and conditioned by spiritual battle. Faith possesses certain knowledge about God that speaks to the soul truths worthy of trust. God’s character always advances its promise upon the soul via faith and creates a justified and enduring hope. A spiritual hope that cannot disappoint. It’s function is to escort you to the fulfillment of God’s promise. Its companionship proving vital. This hope is what I desire for you and encourage with my writing. Alsup may be a man possessed with much conniving power but surely faith knows that God is a God of truth and justice. Because of this, hope can have a realistic expectation of delivery and vindication. Most inmates have a desperate hope for relief but it is purely an emotion that dances with despair. Don’t join this dance, let faith’s hope guide you to declare the Lord. Remember that I spoke before the thing and that my love for you is proven. Testify to my glory and to my name. I will make you a voice for those wondering the dessert of despair. “Bless you my beloved!” This is a wonderful testimony about to occur, please bless us all on this blog when fulfilled. Thanks.

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